Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th December 2013 Written Episode, Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 27th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

The episode starts with Mayank carrying Gunjan to their room. He puts Gunjan down on the bed when Gunjan realises someone is sleeping on the bed. She tells Mayank and he calls out to the person but there’s no response. Gunjan then tells him to lift the blanket and to see the who is underneath. He lifts the blanket to find Mithu sleeping there. Charu is thinking to herself that she won’t let Mayank be away from her sight. Gunjan is annoyed finding her sleeping there. She tells Mayank that they had such a difficult day and now they have to put up with her at night too. Gunjan and Mayank try to wake her up. She gets up and whines. Kabir is angry that nothing is ready for the presentation and realises Rachana is in charge of it. Vickram is in Mayan’s

bedroom and is singing a to Mithu. Gunjan is angrily telling Mayank that why do they have to suffer with her madness and that she and Vickram should be in their room. Shail comes and asks what’s the problem and Gunjan points to Mithu. Shail asks why are they there. Gunjan tries to wake Mithu again but Mayank tells her to do it gently. Gunjan then asks Shail to do something but Shail says if they wake her then she might get scared. Vickram tells Gunjan to speak softly and that she finds it difficult to sleep. Gunjan tells him to take her to their room. Vickram says its because of Mithu’s medical condition. Mayank says its alright since its only for a day and that he will sleep in the hall. Gunjan says since they are sleeping separately she can put a matrress for him on the floor in their room to sleep. Charu is thinking that with her plan she can keep Mayank and Gunjan apart.

Part 2

Mayank tells Gunjan they he used to sleep like this in his hostel when friends come. Gunjan says their room is also no less than a hostel with anyone coming to sleep in their room. Gunjan thinks she can finally look at Mithu’s face. Mayank asks Gunjan to come sleep with him on the floor but Gunjan says that since Mithu’s condition is bad she will sleep with her. Charu wonders why Gunjan has the sudden change of heart. She hopes that her plan doesn’t go to waste. Gunjan is lying down and tries to lift Mithu’s ghoonghat. Charu gets nervous and turns. Gunjan tries again and Mayank is signalling to her no to do it but Gunjan still wants to. Mayank tells Gunjan to leave Mithu and come sleep with him. Gunjan is about to come when Mithu puts her hands over Gunjan preventing her from getting up. Gunjan then tells Mayank to come and lift Mithu’s ghoonghat. Mayank is slightly hesistant but Gunjan insists.

Part 3

Rachana think that Mithu adn Vickram’s pairing is like one that is made in heaven. Rachana think she should go to college after missing many days. She gets a message from Kabir saying that Rachana didn’t pick up her phone. She realizes he called many times. She calls back Kabir and he scolds her for not getting the presentation ready for the clients tomorrow. Rachana apologizes. She says she didn’t know about it and Nithya didn’t even tell her. He tells her to be there at 9 and hangs up. Rachana thinks she can’t go since she has to go to college. She messages him and says she can’t make it at night but only at 12. Kabir reads the message and is angry saying she will be busy till 12. Meanwhile Mayank is approaching Mithu and is slowly lifting her ghoonghat when she gets up. She asks where she is and how did she get in their room. She apologizes to them and enetered their room and slept on their bed. She asks if they saw her face while she was sleeping if not her vow would have broken. Mayank tells that they were about to see but didn’t and apologizes. Gunjan is annoyed that he told her. Mithu is upset saying that her vow would have been broken and returns to her room. Vickram is overhearing all of it. Charu is happy that she managed to spoil Mayank and Gunjan’s day. She says that Mayank so the ring on the finger of the real owner of the ring and she puts it away. She then takes out a box and says what is in her heart will be shut in the box. She hears someone’s footsteps and puts the box back.

Part 4

Vickram enters the room. Charu pretends to be upset and cries. She tells him what is her fault and that she managed to wake up in time before they lifted her ghoonghat. She says what can she do when she has a medical condition. She tells him that Gunjan hates her and what will happen after their marriage and that she doesn’t mind being insulted but won’t stand him being insulted and that if she is insulted then its like him being insulted. Vickram says he understands she is hurt and he also feels bad and will talk to Gunjan and Mayank in the morning. Gunjan is getting ready for college and Mayank realises the ring is not on her finger and asks her if she is not wearing the ring. She said she told him yesterday and he says that she was wearing it yesterday. He think she is playing games with him and she says that he is daydreaming and says will leave for college. Vickram says he wants to talk to Gunjan and asks what problem she has with Mithu and that she only came to their room to sleep and not take anything. Vickram says she was sleeping and Gunjan tried to break her vow. Gunjan tells him that he didn’t think of them. Mayank tries to stop her but Gunjan tells him to let her speak. She says tha Mithu is not a child that she can sleep anywhere. Vickram says that she did not do on purpose and that Gunjan is educated and knows its a medical condition and that they should lock their room doors. Mayank tells Gunjan not to stretch the matter. Gunjan says she was fast asleep when before they lifted her ghoonghat but once they did she woke up and left. Gunjan says that was good timing and did he not find it fishy. Vickram asks Gunjan why is Gunjan hell bent on seeing her face. Vickram says what is it to her. Gunjan says she just wants her privacy and Vickram says that Mithu will be distant from Gunjan and Gunjan should do the same. Charu thinks that Vickram foiled her plans and she has to think of a new one.

Episode Ends

Gunjan is talking to Seema saying there must be something with her face. Gunjan says they have to find out her secret. The whole reason behind her vow. Gunjan says that both of them together will find out the secret about her ghoonghat by tomorrow evening.

Update Credit to: happygirl123

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