Patiala Babes 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Ashok Returns Home With Mita

Patiala Babes 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mini plays board game with her cousin. Door bell rings. Maami goes and opens door and sees Pinku mamaji. She asks what did Sukhi say. He says everything is alright. She relaxes and says she will prepare paneer pakora for Mini. Pinku walks to Mini and says he met Sukhi in market and asks where is Babita. At Ashok’s house, Lovely opens door heaaring door bell and sees Ashok standing. Biji sees him and asks he was to come tomorrow, if he came alone. He shows Mita. Mita greets her. Dadaji walks to them asking who is it. Mita greets him. Dadaji warns Biji to not let Ashok in, he is dead for them and warns him to return back to London. Mita asks Ashok if they should return. Ashok asks her to wait and tries to emotionally blackmail Biji. Dadaji warns Biji if she falls into his emotional

trap, even she can leave with him, he will think their together was till now, anyways their life will end soon. Neighbors starts badmouthing. Ashok asks Lovely to do something,. She walks in and tells Dadaji that whole society is badmouthing about them, so he should let Ashok in. Dadaji says never. Biji starts her emotional blackmail and convinces him.

Pinku speaks to Babita and says she did right by walking out of Ashok’s house, how can Ashok betray her. Mini says papaji is bringing his girlfriend home. Pinku says didi will not go back until Ashok’s girlfriend is there. Mini says he is right. Pinku asks not to tell about all this to his wife as she is pregnant and cannot handle stress. He then says he is going to meet Ashok tomorrow and discuss further.

Lovely takes Ashok and Mita in. Ashok tries to touch Biji’s feet. Biji walks back and says he did wrong. Mita tries to touch her feet next, and she backs off again and says she brought Ashok and Babita in after marriage performing their aarti, now he brought second woman, god should not show this day to any parents. Sukhi returns home and confronts Lovely why did she let Ashok and Mita in, he cannot see more injustice to Babita, how can Biji and papaji let them in. Lovely they did not speak to Ashok and Mita; seeing neighbors badmouthing, she got them in. Sukhi asks where will they sleep now. Lovely says Babita’s room, anwayws they are live-in couples. Mita tells Ashok let us go back. He says she insisted to inform family and should face consequences. Lovely walks to them and asks Ashok to sleep in Babita’s room and Mita in Mini’s room, good they left home, else they would have created huge drama. Ashok says he will sleep in Mini’s room and let Mita sleep in Babita’s AC room. Next morning, Biji serves breakfast to Ashok. Ashok asks her to have breakfast. She says she is not hungry and even papapji did not have food since last night. Mita should she will not stay here and face insult. Ashok says they don’t have any option. Mita yells she saw his concern for Babita and Mini. He says it is obvious.

Pinku fumes in front of Babita and Mini that Sukhi is not picking call at all, he will go there and meet Ashok personally. Babita tries to stop him and asks Mini if she heard what mama told. Mini says he is right. Her friend calls her and asks if she is not apply in Delhi university for further studies. Mini says she will apply in Patiala university and realizes she left her certificates in old house. Babita asks go there and get it as it is her grandparents’ house.

Precap: Mini goes to Ahok’s house to get her certificate and stands shocked seeing Ashok with Mita in Babita’s room.

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