Kundali Bhagya 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Janki’s operation

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Kundali Bhagya 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Everyone is very worried waiting outside the office, Karan leaves after seeing Preeta, Prithvi signals Sherlin that Janki is surely dead now.
Karan goes to Preeta who is very worried, he says that she will be alright, Preeta says that she has to be alright and nothing will happen to her, they starts to argue after that she says that it is his fault, she says that Janki is in this condition because he did not let her go outside and the robbers fired, she starts to panic getting confused, he hugs her and calms her down saying that she will be alright.
Preeta hugs Bi Jee who comes to the hospital ,s she says that she will be alright because they both have still not met and that she will surely be alright, Preeta again hugs her and say that she will make her alright.
Rishab consoles

Sarla and goes to stand with Sherlin, he says that she should not be tensed because she will be alright, she thinks that’s he is only thinking that Janki must die. Prithvi sees Sarla who is looking at him, he thinks that she is looking at him and he must try to act eve more, he tries his best but Sarla asks him to stop because Janki is in this condition because of him, she says that he did not had to act like a hero and they even killed a guy, he is the reason for Janki’s condition, she asks him to not say anything in his defense, he tries to explain himself but she does not listen, Sarla sees Bi Jee and explains everything that happened, she says that nothing will happen to her and Janki will be alright.
Prithvi gets very mad thinking that it cannot be so because if Janki gets better then she will make sure that he is dead.
The operation continues and the bullet is taken out, her heart beat drops and they try to work on it.
Prithvi bumps into a man in the hall and they start to argue, he says that he does not know what to do with Janki, he has tried to kill her many times but she survives every time and he must think of a new way to kill her so that she dies truly this time. He decides to run away from the situation and get a new name and identity for himself. Sherlin calls from behind asking what will happen to her. She starts to yell at him that he is selfish and only cares for himself; not their child or her. She was afraid they can’t be saved from Janki in anyway. They have a single chance to stay safe, Janki must not wake up. Prithvi smirks and decides to kill Janki. Sherlin reminds Prithvi this is hospital, who will kill her? Prithvi takes Sherlin to doctor’s changing room. He tells her to change into a doctor’s uniform and kill Janki. Sherlin was fearful and not confident about it.
Shrishti tells everyone that it seems Janki wanted to speak to Preeta about something important. Janki surely knows something that they are unaware of. During the checkup, doctor told them something important. The doctor told them that Janki is really improving, she needs a sudden shock to improve. There is a risk, she might either get well or may lose all her senses. She feels that Janki got a huge shock due to which she got better, and Prithvi has a huge share in it.

PRECAP: Preeta calls Prithvi. He stood in doctor’s disguise right in front of her in when his phone bell rings.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Another load of stupid garbage. This serial is going nowhere except in circles making no sense at all.

    1. Makes one wonder how this garbage manages to stay in the top 5 TRP and win awards. Don’t know how anyone can watch this and not develop blood pressure. Well this formular seems to work hence the makers continue with it, guess there’s a large audience out there who love this or maybe fans of the actors so storyline doesn’t matter.

  2. Bull shit serial….Ekta kapoor just come nd meet me….how can u just shoe to the people……..disgusting man….

  3. Please this show needs to speedy up progress

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