Ishqbaaz 11th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Shivaye gets kidnapped

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Ishqbaaz 11th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rudra says you gave presentation so well, we will get the deal. Shivaye says you have designed it, well done. Rudra says we have time now, we can meet Mittal. Shivaye says I have to go home. Rudra asks why so early, how did I forget that Anika had asked you to come home early, you go home, I will go to meet Mittal. Shivaye says you are getting naughty. Shivaye goes to his car. Someone steals Shivaye’s watch. Shivaye runs after the man. He asks a lady about the man. She asks what happened. He says that man has stolen my watch. She says I think he has gone that side. She shoots….. He falls down. Some goons kidnap him and take him in the car.

Shivaye gets conscious. He looks around. Shivaye asks anyone here, what do you want, leave me. The man says you are just questioning, just I have a

right to question. Shivaye asks what do you want. The man says I m a voice of collective people. Shivaye scolds him. He says let me go from here. The man throws him keys and says one of these keys will unlock the handcuffs, if you are lucky to find it, then you may go. Shivaye opens the handcuffs. The man says you are really lucky, impressive. Shivaye finds the door locked. He tries to go out. The man says you can’t go out of this room until I let you leave. Shivaye shouts come in front of me. The door opens. Shivaye looks out and sees a countdown. The lights come. Everyone shouts surprise and sing happy birthday song. Shivaye says this wasn’t funny. Nani asks are you fine. Rudra says Nani was part of this.

Nani asks who has made this plan. Omru recall. Anika says happy birthday and hugs him. Everyone hugs. Shivaye says I can breathe. Om asks how did you like the surprise. Shivaye says I don’t like surprise. Rudra says you don’t like to attend parties and celebrating birthday. Anika says we should celebrate your birthday well. Shivaye says it was shocking. Gauri asks didn’t you doubt that this is our plan, it means Ananya is doing her work well. He asks who is Ananya. They call Ananya. He sees the same girl whom he met. Anika says she is the party planner, she has planned that adventurous journey. He says it was near death experience. Anika says you are so different, so we have to make it different. They all say that there is still something. Shivaye asks is there anything left. Om says we won’t tell it. Everyone goes. Shivaye stops Anika and asks where are you going. She says enjoy time with your brothers, I will get the cake. She goes. Om asks how did you like being kidnapped, did you feel scared, a little? Shivaye asks what. Rudra says we worked hard, he isn’t happy. Shivaye says I don’t like surprises. Om says its your birthday today, chill. Shivaye says I feel weird, like something major is going is going to happen. Rudra says till we are together, nothing wrong will happen. He feeds special punch to Shivaye. He says this is just for us, it contains that…. Shivaye says really, give it to me. They drink more. He says its good.

Nani asks Shivaye to cut the cake, Dadi has knee pain, she is alone at home, she wanted to come. Om says cut the cake and we shall cut another cake at home. Anika stops Shivaye. Rudra asks him to make a wish. Shivaye says I think we should thank our life for whatever we got instead asking for a wish, I m very happy today, you all surprised me, even if I die today, I won’t be sad. Anika asks does anyone talk such on birthday. He says I mean I m very happy, my family is together. Rudra says I want a nephew, I want to become an uncle. Shivaye says Om, Rudy is talking to you. Rudra says I m talking to you. Om says exactly, I also want to become an uncle. They all say the same. Shivaye says stop embarrassing my wife.

He asks Anika to cut the cake. She says no, its your birthday. He says we are one, not different. Rudra jokes. Anika and Shivaye cut the cake. Everyone sings the song. Shivaye feeds cake to them. Rudra takes selfie. Ananya asks them to stay there till she says action. The guys dress up in fancy costumes and become police. The girls come and act as thieves. Ananya says here are your guns. Shivaye says it means we four are police officers, and girls are the thieves, very nice. Ananya says you have to follow the rules of this game,you have to find the girls, you have to shoot them with laser guns, then girls will become police and you will become thieves, the team which catches more thieves in half an hour will be the winner, we will play this game in play area.

The girls run to hide. Rudra jokes. Bhavya and Priyanka hide. Anika and Gauri recall childhood. They get inside the cupboard quickly. Shivaye, Omru and Jai come. Om catches Priyanka. Shivaye signs Rudra to see. Rudra catches Bhavya and says you couldn’t hide for two mins. Bhavya says I know how to be a police officer, not a thief. Shivaye asks where is my wife. Om says even my wife isn’t here. Shivaye says I wonder where they are. Ananya says you just have 5 mins. Priyanka says you guys lost. Shivaye says wait, I have found a clue. He opens the cupboard. Om shouts hands up. They see Gauri unconscious. Om asks her to open her eyes. Gauri gets up. Priyanka gets water. Om asks what happened. Shivaye asks are you fine, where is Anika. Bhavya says you fainted inside the cupboard. Gauri recalls. She asks is Anika fine, she was inside with me. Shivaye says there is no one, where did Anika go. Gauri says we were hiding together, I remember it. Bhavya says she must be outside. Ananya says I didn’t find her. Shivaye asks how can Anika go missing when we all are here. He checks the cupboard walls and finds a passage. They get shocked…..

Bhavya shows CCTV footage. Shivaye says ambulance, doctor said Gauri fainted because of anaesthetic gas, its possible that Anika was kidnapped in this ambulance.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. 5 more days to go…
    Today epi as usual another day is passed with mystery of shivika dead
    Everything is okay in upcoming track & also current track except Sahil’s negativity jai’s character is ok but I am not satisfied with sahil character its better sahil is not their in upcoming IB

    1. Sindhudi

      Congrats Seleka for being number 1.?

  2. Luthfa

    Kabhi socha nahi tha iss “Ek se doo,doo se teen”sentence itni mahengi paregi.Anyway,could not watch starting few minutes of the episode.Rest looked nice.But Shivaay’s happiness was really artificial.Looked like NM was delivering those dialogues forcefully as he was not happy with the ongoing in real.Sivaansh Singh Oberoi is on the way.This fact is sealed.Still,I am not ready to accept it.Okay,let’s move on.I am happy with my RU Shivika’s journey.And I am really happy and relived that Dhinchaak Ishqbaaaz is going to start from Redux.Thanks makers,for this little mercy.

    1. ShivikaSCNM

      What do u mean by dhinchaak ishqbaaz is going to start from redux

      1. Luthfa

        I meant Dhinchaak Ishqbaaz will start in Redux not in RU.Makers have not ended Redux yet and DI is on the way.That’s why I wrote like that.It’s good that they have not dared sabotaging with real Shivika and IB.Let’s see.

    2. Sindhudi

      Hello my dear Luftha, wow it has been awhile since I said hello to you. How are you dear? Yes I agree that Shivika’s romance is very artificial and I feel they have become jaded. Nakkul can’t show his romance anymore at all as it is very plastic. Anika is doing her best but I think she also had the thought it is left with only a few days before she bids goodbye.

      Lu I hope you can send your FF to Gul or other producers and request them to produce one of your written work.

      1. Luthfa

        Hello Sindhu di,
        How are you di?I missed you so very much though I myself was absent.I agree with you.Actors are professional but the character they play they live through it.Sometimes emotions come in the way of professional acts and it’s normal as they are also human.

  3. ShivikaSCNM

    Omg precap?


      Please do read amd support. Please post your views as comments there

  4. ShivikaSCNM

    3 more episodes then IB is done.

    1. Sindhudi

      Hello Shivika my dear don’t remind me that IB is coming to an end. I am feeling sad but I Guess everything has to move on. Shivika has lost the spark in their romantic life. The romance is so stiff and each of the are giving their best . With using double Anika it is now not up to the mark. Oh I hate this very much. I am not going to watch any episodes of the leap.

      1. ShivikaSCNM

        Me too sindhudi .
        Even I wanted to ask why Anika on screen in IB looking fat .
        Even I’m not going to watch IB after leap.

      2. ShivikaSCNM

        How are u sindhudi what happened nowadays u are not commenting

      3. Sindhudi

        Oh Shivika I have no mood to comment. I still try to come despite this. I just don’t feel up to it to comment anything. I am it even happy watching IB anymore. I am really hoping some other kind producer will rope in Nakkul and Surbi and do another serial with totally different storyline.

    2. Really? Its ending…. sooo bad…

  5. Yeah, S2 starts from 17th Dec. They planned many flashback sequence of shivika to get trp for leap but in gul’s language S2 till this month . Guys my humble request pls don’t watch IB either on TV or hotstar don’t give them trp. They gonna kill our shivika. Atleast we can close the Damm show asap. Ita 2018;Surbhi got best female actress and she reached 1.8m followers. For the very first time NM didn’t get award where he nominated in 2 categories. It’s all happening due to gul.. Pls don’t help her.

    1. ShivikaSCNM

      Hi kadhu… I don’t think so now they will change the story or end the story,this stubborn lady gul is strong so she won’t back off from her so called show(IB 2). Anyways I have decided not to watch the show from 17th.
      I see many fans fighting to shut down the show but no proper response for that,I feel sad.

  6. Sindhudi

    Hello everyone, I am not watching the show. I only watch the repeat and read the updates. Yesterday and today’s episode were nice. But somehow even the romantic scenes of Shivika are no more romantic. Something is totally missing. It is not like before the redux or after the redux. I guess after they know about the leap all the actors are just acting to finish off the show. It is sad that how beautiful the Ishqbaaz story started off and now it has become horriblebaaz with nothing to look forward to. Now that Anika is kidnapped I guess she will not be seen in today’s episode. After all
    they like to use Anika double in some scenes. I am not looking forward to the leap or neither Shivaanash. What talented actors Gul roped in to just kick them out of the show. I know life has to move and many things have to move on but all we fans are requesting is that go back to the old IB and finish off the IB with grace and signify the show so all the fans remember it for life with a happy note.

    Don’t use any of the IB actors for season 2. Perhaps Gul or someone can produce another different serial and use Shivika again totally with a different plot. I wish at least the dream of mine will come true.

    1. ShivikaSCNM

      Yes after redux none of their acting are good,only in few episodes they have acted good.
      I see lifeless in their acting.
      Before redux everything was going good and everyone’s acting was khidkithod??…but now I don’t see that.

  7. Sindhudi

    I don’t think Gul will change her mind as she is so adamant about it. Honestly speaking people like Gul and Ekta should get married first and then produce such movies then they will know how to keep the ratings going up. If you are single this is what happened. When you are single for too long the danger is you become self centred. You don’t care for other human beings feelings. So Gul is exactly portrays that quality now. She only cares for money and how to keep multiplying her bank treasure and does not regard the actors who have worked very late and hard and slogged so much for the show. They even rarely take vacation especially Anika. They actually have love for this IB and passionate towards it.

    So Gul may your leap for into the pits.

    1. ShivikaSCNM

      100% u are right I agree with u.
      I think gul is married.

    2. Sindhu, gul is married to gorky. Who too work with her in her production house & he is also a cinematographer. Moreover, have you seen NM’s new look. They took his beard & his hair style is messy. They are trying to make him like Rudy’s character.

      1. Sindhudi

        Oh thanks Shivika and Kadhambari for the info of Gul being married. Well even if she is married I think her husband wears the skirt and she wears the pants so she dominates and has the last day. Again it boils down to self centredness. She is only thinking of herself and to increase her bank balance

      2. Sindhudi

        Kadhambari I have not seen Nakkul’s new look but whateve it is I don’t think he will look good.

  8. Riana

    5 days
    3 episodes….
    Shivaay’s birthday celebration was good but after that it got ruined as well !!!… Wow…
    Precap is Bullsht !
    I thought they will kill shivika in the flashback as for me it would be a relief if they had ended season-1 with shivika only……. And later like in other shows its showed parents die in a car accident they could atleast showed that…
    But hey… No…. Simply no… The leap story is based on our shivika’s mysterious death only !!!….
    It was a mistake to give so much love to shivika as now they are killing them going against fans… And they call it a beautiful & logical goodbye !!! hahaha

  9. Hi Guys The precap is to reveal Anika’s pregnancy I think.Yesterday SC won ITA award for best actress popular.NM did not attend the event.He didn’t win any awards this time .I feel NM is the one who’s affected the most in this fiasco Il am feeling bad for him.Never imagined things will turn this bitter for everyone just bcos of one person ‘s stubbornness and foolishness.Very disgusting and disheartening.

  10. Priyankashaurya

    somewhere they are copying other shows like zindegi ki mehak ,kasam and others but here their will be no shivak after leap……………so sad…….shivika created magic on screen………but now …….

  11. Luthfa

    Yes,SC is going with the flow really well and hats off to get for that and rest of the member.I am going to miss each and every one of them so very much on screen.And my FF is entitled for only TU and PKJ members.I don’t want to send it anywhere else di.I have readers like you and I am happy and content in it.But thank you so much for the suggestion.Okay,God bless you.Lots of love???

  12. Luthfa

    So sorry di as my reply got scattered.All I wanted to say that my FF is for TU and PKJ members.I have readers like you and I am really happy and content in it.I don’t need anything else.But thank you so very much for the suggestion.God bless you.Lots of love???

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