Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Keshari fights kalyavan.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kalyavan and kanha and kalyavan says keshari now you will come with me too, you and kanha will be the prize for kansa. Keshari says you don’t yet know my powers kalyavan, I will not let you do anything to my prabhu. Keshari takes her form as nagin with all her hair turning into snakes. Kalyavan removes his strong axe and they both stand opposite to fight. Kalyavan attacks his axe on keshari, keshari gets back and saves herself, she then uses her snake poison and attacks on kalyavan. She turns into a cobra and then tries to bite and spit poison on kalyavan. Kalyavan jumps and saves himself, he says I am not maharaj kalyavan for any stupid reason, I have cheated death as well, you cannot harm me keshari. You will die!
There in kansa’s palace, kansa says to

asti and prapti, you both planned and got keshari, she anyway was a Vishnu bhakt! But now that you helped her run, I have to spend the lives and time of my soldiers and as well as my time to find that traitor. Kansa says my dear wives, now if you both don’t want to die, you better find out where keshari has gone! Otherwise this time even jarasant wont save you both! Kansa laughs.
There kalyavan gets angry and attacks keshari, he then picks her by pressing her neck and he tries choking her. Kalyavan says if I wasn’t working for kansa now, I would have killed you here right now! Kanha says stop kalyavan! Leave her. Kalyavan leaves keshari who falls down and gets hurt on her neck. She takes her normal form and feels pain on her throat as her neck pains. Kalyavan says I told you you cannot do anything.
Narad muni says prabhu what happened to keshari? How will she save you now? Lord Vishnu smiles and says devrishi don’t worry, keshari is dedicated towards her god, she knows what she has to do, she is intelligent.
There keshari gets up and takes her form and she kicks and throws away kalyavan. Kanha is amazed to see the power of keshari. Keshari says prabhu, I wont let anything happen to you, my purpose here shall be over soon! Kalyavan comes and uses his wizard stick and he attack keshari with all his power, he then puts down keshari, keshari faints. Keshari’s soul then leaves the world. Kalyavan is tired as his energy drains.
There in vaikunth dham, keshari appears and she does pranam to lord Vishnu! She says prabhu, I am grateful that my curse has been lifted and I have been allowed in vaikunth now, forgive me for whatever trouble I caused to paramavatar shri Krishna! Thank you for giving me salvation prabhu, I have longed for this. Lord Vishnu blesses keshari.
There kanha takes his flute and starts playing it, he then says sit down kalyavan rest for a bit as you look tired. Kalyavan listens to the sweet music and smiles, he sits down near kanha and then keeps listening to kanha’s flute music. Kalyavan then closes his eyes and listening to the music, he sleeps. Kanha keeps playing the music until kalyavan is in deep sleep. Kanha then stops playing and he gets up and looks at kalyavan, he says kalyavan had promised me that he wouldn’t rest even for a bit but now he has slept, as I said, now I shall get back to vrindavan this very moment, I wont stop as kalyavan has broken his promised and he will also not stop me according to what deal we had. Kanha goes back to vrindavan.
There balram asks everyone where is kanha? Nand says kanha has gone with kalyavan, kalyavan took him. Balram says what? Nand baba you should have told me, I would have stopped him if I could. Nand says don’t worry balram, kanha said that he will come back andhe also made a pact with kalyavan that he would come back if kalyavan rested even for a bit while on their way to Mathura, kanha will do anything but not let kansa and his demons do anything to him and the people of vrindavan. Balram says yes I trust kanha. Yashoda says Narayana please help my kanha!
There kalyavan wakes up and sees kanha is gone. He screams angrily and says you kid, you cheated with me, I will find you and kill you.

Precap: kalyavan comes to kanha and says kanha how dare you go from there? You will not go back to vrindavan, otherwise I will kill you right here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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