Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh, kartikeya go to rasatal lok.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 27th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya in patal lok with rishi markande. Kartikeya says how can indra dev and the gods do this? Have they forgotten the difference between gods and demons? They are sitting and enjoying the dance of those demonesses which they don’t yet know that those apsaras are actually demons. Kartikeya says they are being tricked ganesh! Something has to be done. Ganesh says something will soon be done brother! The gods have been tricked and they themselves have forgotten the right thing that they should have done, by looking at some apsaras they have been filled with all the negative characteristics.
There indra dev and all gods see the apsaras dance. Indra dev looks at svarna lata and thinks I want this apsara, she is so beautiful, I haven’t found one woman

so beautiful as her, I will gift her this flower garland. As the dance continues, indra dev takes svarna lata at a side and puts the flowers on her hair. Svarna lata acts blushing and says devraj, you are so strong, I feel so much love for you, I love these flowers, they smell beautiful. Indra dev sits back as all the demonesses entertain the gods. Shumbh looks at rishi shokracharya and he thinks rishi, these gods are just like us, it is all fake that they act, they have been trapped in our trick, finally they go after what they want and they blame us demons for having demonic thoughts. Rishi shokracharya thinks this is the way they should be trapped, the demons will rule the universe as the gods can be beaten easily using such tricks.
There kartikeya says ganesh think of something quickly. Ganesh says brother, we shall go to rastal lok, there wont be any problem because we are amongst gods and as demons and gods are becoming brothers, we will be welcomed too. Kartikeya says it is right and he sits on his peacock, ganesh sits on mushak and both of them ride to rasatal lok!
Both land down and they walk inside the palace. Suddenly the dance stops and the demonesses get aside. Indra dev and all gods stand aside. Shumbh gets up in anger and says to his soldiers, you fools how dare you allow these kids inside? who are you both? Why have you come here? We will punish you for trespassing here! We will kill you. Rishi shokracharya stops shumbh. Indra dev says samrat shumbh wait! They are the sons of mahadev, he is kumar kartikeya, he is the commander of the army of gods and he is ganesh ji! He is the god of intelligence and pratham pujya devta! Everyone do pranam to ganesh and kartikeya. Shumbh says forgive me ganesh ji and kartikeya ji, I spoke before I could know who you both were. Ganesh and kartikeya do pranam to rishi shokracharya, he blesses them. Indra dev and all gods get worried as ganesh and kartikeya would know about the women dance. Shumbh does pranam and says please come in.

Precap: ganesh and kartikeya say what was going on here? Shumbh says demons and the gods were playing a dice game.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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