Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Gods and demons play dice.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 28th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh and kartikeya in the palace. Ganesh says it seems brother no one is happy that we have come here, they aren’t welcoming us. Rishi shokracharya says no ganesh ji, the demons are happy because now we demons and gods are brothers and our doors are open to all. Shumbh says ganesh ji and kartikeya ji, you are welcome here all time, please let us do your service. Ganesh says yes samrat shumbh, but here indra dev and all gods why are you all quiet? It seems everyone has taken silence, why isn’t anyone having fun and dance and songs? In Kailash when we celebrate, we have dances and songs and we have lots of food. Shumbh says ganesh ji we were spending time with the gods. Ganesh says what were you all doing devraj indra? Indra dev thinks ganesh ji has come here, otherwise

I would have taken that beautiful apsara, svarna lata to me. Svarna lata looks at indra dev and smiles.
Indra dev says ganesh ji we were all playing. Ganesh says what kind of play? Shumbh says we were playing dice. Ganesh says what? You mean you were all gambling? Shumbh says no ganesh ji, ganesh says but this is gambling. Shumbh says no ganesh ji, it is just a play between friends and remember the first ones to play dice were mahadev and mata parvati themselves! So it is not wrong to play dice. Ganesh says okay, but where do I and brother kartikeya sit? Nishumbh comes and shows them their seats and says ganesh ji and kartikeya ji, please sit here and enjoy this function, we will not give you any chance to complaint. Kartikeya says but what will we do here? We don’t like playing dice. Shumbh says we will arrange anything for you. Kartikeya says remember, ganesh loves food a lot, so there should not be any lack of food for him. Rishi shokracharya says don’t worry, we know ganesh ji loves food, we have prepared very delicious and varieties of foods and other sweets for ganesh ji and you kartikeya! Ganesh says there should be dance and songs? I think brother, samrat shumbh needs to learn how to arrange and party and a function. Kartikeya says you are right brother, ganesh says though I will enjoy the food here. Shumbh gets angry but says ganesh ji, we will give you as much food as you want! Ganesh and kartikeya get served with food and nishumbh says please enjoy our food.
The demons and gods sit for playing dice as ganesh and kartikeya sit far away from the playing place and have food. Kartikeya says ganesh, indra dev has done stupidity, ganesh says don’t worry, let them play, they will suffer their consequences.
Shumbh arranges the dice and they all sit opposite to each other. Shumbh says devraj indra, first you start! Indra dev says yes its just a play, so we will enjoy. Rishi shokracharya says we lied for you and the gods devraj, otherwise ganesh ji would know what was happening here. Indra dev smiles and then he throws the dice. Shokracharya uses his power and changes the number and makes indra dev win. Kartikeya says but it fell on four places and not six. Ganesh says brother, rishi shokracharya has powers, making a dice change its number is a mere thing for him, these demons are tricking the gods.
Indra dev exclaims, wow I won! Shumbh says yes devraj and he looks cunningly at shokracharya. Shumbh plays and then he throws dice, shorkacharya changes the numbers again and makes indra dev win. Indra dev says wow I again won. All gods exclaim and say indra dev you won again. Shumbh says as a result of that, I shall gift you all the gold of rasatal lok. Indra dev says what? All gold? Svarna lata says what all gold? What will we have then? Indra dev says shumbh ji, don’t give us the gold, we are just playing as friends, it doesn’t matter who wins and loses, let this be a game of friends, we don’t want the gold. Shumbh thinks if this doesn’t happen then what we have planned wont work. Shumbh says no it is my gift for you, let it be like that, shumbh gives all gold.
Kartikeya says we have to stop them, this way shokracharya will later make the demons win and the gods will lose everything. Ganesh says no they wont, but they are getting tricked for sure. Ganesh keeps eating food.
There indra dev thinks it would be better if I got svarna lata. Then they continue playing. Suryadev says devraj, I think we should finish playing as its time, we have to go and continue our work. Indra dev says yes lets stop this play. Shumbh thinks if they stop then we wont be able to win. Shumbh says no please, we should continue playing more, its fun, when do demons and gods sit like this?

Precap: indra dev plays and loses many times. Shumbh wins airaavat, and many animals and the army too and now asks for indra dev’s weapon Vajra astra.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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