Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Indra dev fights kalkey.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha and kanha talking about the flood. Kanha says radha you cannot tell anyone about the flood, if anyone knows that there is going to be a great flood then people will panic and they will leave the village. Kanha says leaving the village is not an option, because the people wont be safe then, they have to work together and I will find a solution to save them. Radha says yes, but if they know then even then they can think about taking precautions towards the upcoming flood. Kanha says no radha, the people have already tried to leave the village and I know them they will leave the village the moment they hear about this upcoming flood. Kanha says we have to save them in the boat, it is truly how they will can be safe in this flood. Radha says then we better get

to work, the flood will soon come.
The gods see kalkey’s motive and say we have to stop kalkey but he is too powerful, if kalkey is not stopped then entire brij mandal will drown. The gods say lets go to indra dev and tell him about this problem. The gods meet indra dev and say devraj, kansa has given kalkey life and he has come back, now kalkey is going to destroy brij mandal, he is bringing a great flood as he has control over varun dev’s powers. Indra dev says then we have to stop him, I will kill kalkey using my Vajra astra. Indra dev goes to the mountain where kalkey resides, indra dev says come out evil kalkey, stop thinking of bringing the flood. Kalkey comes and says you will stop me indra dev? You gods are nothing before my power. Indra dev removes his Vajra astra and says I will strike such a blow that you will die kalkey. Indra dev summons his lightning and attacks kalkey, kalkey is unaffected and he laughs and says I told you now I am even more powerful than I was in satyug. Kalkey attacks indra dev and throws him away. Indra dev retreats and says now only prabhu Vishnu can do something.
Narad muni says lord Vishnu, what will you do? Lord Vishnu says devrishi, kalkey is going to bring the floods but only kanha knows what he is going to do, kanha will punish and kill kalkey for sure but kanha knows his leela.
In vrindavan, kanha stops jwalasura by killing him with the sudarshan charka. Balram then says kanha, now we don’t have any wood where do we get it from? Because mahavan’s wood has been burned by jwalasura. Kanha says we have one option, you all go and take away the doors and windows of all houses in vrindavan, that is the only option. Balram says okay and he and his friends start stealing the doors and windows of houses in vrindavan.
In the village, people see their doors and windows are being stolen and they come together. A man says who is stealing our doors and windows? What do we do now? how do we protect our houses? Another man says in our village, only kanha and his friends can do such a thing. Some people agree and say yes, we have to tell nand as this way all our windows and door will be stolen. The people go to nand’s house.
Nand says what happened people? The people say nand baba, ask your son kanha. Yashoda and kanha come out. The people say kanha is stealing all our doors and windows, come and look at our houses, the doors and windows of our houses have been taken away by someone and we suspect kanha is that thief. Nand says kanha what are they saying? Kanha says no baba, I have done nothing. Kanha says to the people, I have been with father and mother since morning then why would I steal your doors and windows? Someone else must be doing it and don’t worry I will find that thief. Yashoda says yes, my son has not stolen anything so you people don’t come and blame him for everything. the people say okay and go.

Precap: gargacharya tells kanha to take the form of matsya. Lord Vishnu sends a fish in the pond in which kansa bathes.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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