Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st December 2018 Written Episode Update: All people blame kanha as thief.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 21st December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with people saying nand ji we think kanha is only stealing our wood and he and his friends have also taken our doors and windows. Yashoda says radha please tell us the truth because if you hide something then it means even you were a part of this stealing with kanha. Radha says kaki, actually kanha has done this for a reason. Radha tells all people, I knew this and we are doing nothing wrong, the wood has been taken to build a huge boat. People say what? For a boat? We wont allow that, we wont allow kanha to use our doors and windows to build a boat, lets go people. The people go to stop kanha. Nand and yashoda follow and radha says I have to go and tell kanha. Radha goes to kanha.
Kanha is near the river bank and radha comes and says kanha, kanha! Kanha says

what are you doing here radha? Radha says kanha the people know about the boat and also the flood, I told them. Kanha says why? I told you to keep quiet but you still don’t them. Radha says I was forced kanha, they were blaming you for stealing the wood but they did not know the true reason behind it. kanha says radha, it was okay if they thought I was a thief but this boat is for all of them, so that everyone can be safe, now we have to stop them lets go. kanha and radha go.
Nand and all people come to balram and friends. Balram is shocked and thinks how did everyone know? Balram says what happened? The people say stop all this, you have taken our doors and windows to build such a huge boat? Nand is angry and says balram why are you all doing this? Balram says I have to tell you now, baba we are building the boat because there is going to be a huge flood and to save all people, we are building the boat so that everyone can be safe in it. the people panic and say a flood? We will all die then, we have to go and pack our things people we have to leave this village, come on. Nand says no wait! Where are you going? Nand says balram you children have gone out of limits, who said there will be a flood? Nand and yashoda go to stop people. In vrindavan, all people are running helter skelter taking and packing their things. The people load the bullock carts and say lets go. nand says no stop everyone, don’t leave the village kanha and balram are just children and how can you believe what they are saying? They don’t know what they are saying. The people say nand baba, look in the sky the clouds have been thundering since there was the first rain here and since that rain, everything has been going wrong in brij mandal, maybe there can be a flood and this village wont stand it, we have to go, even you take balram and kanha and come with us, lets leave this village.
Kansa is with bhadraksh and bhadraksh says bhagwan it was no fish, you had hallucination. Kansa says no, that was a matsya and I am not wrong, I will kill all fish. Kansa then sees some fish flying towards him and he says no look at that, these fish are coming towards me, I will kill them. Bhadraksh says no bhagwan, there is nothing! Just remember, Vishnu has don’t this to you before as well, he showed you hallucinations and you got scared. Kansa remembers and says yes Vishnu you cheat, kansa laughs and says this time it wont happen!
Nand and yashoda go to balram. Nand scolds balram and says balram are you mad? Because of you and kanha now the people are leaving the village, there wont be any flood and you listened to kanha, you should have made him understand. Nand says I will break this boat now. nand is about to hit an axe but kanha comes and says stop father and takes the axe. Kanha says father, there is going to be a flood. Nand says who told you? all people are scared. Kanha says look in the sky, the clouds will rain any moment and it will be such that there will be a great flood that shall wipe everything, that is why we built this boat to save everyone. Yashoda says kanha, you are talking anything lets go. suddenly kalkey comes in the sky and his shadow, says brij wasi people, I will soon bring the flood and kill you all run and go where you can but you cannot escape my wrath. Everyone now believe kanha. The first drop of water falls on kanha, kanha says this is the first drop mother. Everyone is scared.

Precap: The great flood comes, all people are leaving the village, they say we cannot go anywhere. Kanha and all people are in the huge boat as the flood has drowned everything.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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