Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Tarkasura is eaten by a snake.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 19th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ganesh saying, tarkasura and kartikeya ji continued playing the game of snakes and ladders. Ganesh says but this time, tarkasura had only 4 numbers left to reach 100, he had already come to 96. Ganesh says indra dev helped in making tarkasura lose the game, indra dev had realized that he was affected by negativity since the start of this journey and now that he had realized his negativity, indra dev had a plan to make tarkasura lose in the game.
Tarkasura plays and says now it is my turn to roll the dice. Indra dev says now I give up, I am giving in to maharaj tarkasura, enough of all this, we have been fighting since the start but still maharaj is winning and now I am by his side, I cannot risk my life and die worthless here. Tarkasura laughs and says see now

even your king is leaving you. Vayu dev gets angry and says indra dev, how could you do this? I never expected that you would do this, you are a coward and have betrayed the gods. Indra dev says just shut up, I am the king of the gods so you don’t question me, I had to do what I had to do, so even you better get some brains and take the right decision.
Taraksura laughs and says look kartikeya, in some time I even put your gods against each other, slowly no one will be with you kartikeya. Indra dev says I am so happy maharaj tarkasura, you will soon win. Atyasura comes flying and says maharaj, I wanted to be here as you win by your side, I am excited. Tarkasura says okay now I will throw the dice, tarkasura takes the dice and with his power, he concentrates and thinks it has to be a four so that I win. Indra dev says maharaj you need a four to win, then you will get the sword too. indra dev says but remember you need a four and not a 2. Atyasura says a 2? Why a 2? Obviously he knows he needs a 4 and not a 2. Indra dev says no I thought he would be confused that it would be 8,9 or 6 but it has to be four and not a 2. Atyasura says yes maharaj, not a 2, a four. Indra dev says yes remember not a 2, concentrate on not throwing a 2 but a four. Atyasura says it should be a four and not 2. Tarksura gets confused and says I forgot, yes it has to be four, no a 2, yes a 2 or a four? Tarkasura then throws the dice and indra dev says it fell a 2. Tarkasura is shocked and says no! tarkasura moves forward and comes on a snake. Tarkasura is eaten by the snake and he falls into his own traps.
Ganesh says now tarkasura was tested the same way kartikeya ji was tested in this game everytime he was eaten by a snake.
Vayu dev says indra dev, how could you change sides? Indra dev says no, I haven’t. I was always on our side. Kartikeya says yes I know, indra dev did this to confuse tarkasura so that he would fail. Vayu dev says forgive us for blaming you devraj, but your plan was good and it worked. Suddenly the gods turn more into trees, kartikeya says you are slowly morphing into trees, once tarkasura comes out we will easily win. Kartikeya plays his chance and gets on a ladder, he comes ahead.
Tarkasura there faces his own clones and deals with ego and jealous first, then he deals with lust and moh with women and then tarkasura faces with anger, he fails in all tests and comes back on the chess board to the start of the game. The gods are happy. Tarkasura is shocked.

Precap: Kartikeya gets the sword of tarkasura and is about to break it. The armies of tarkasura and the gods charge to fight.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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