Paanch 30th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Paanch 30th January 2014 Written Episode, Paanch 30th January 2014 Written Update

The episode starting with Roshini getting flashbacks of what happened with Gauti and all the moments she spent with Gauti. She is in tears. She tries to call him again and again but there is no response. Gauri sees this and asks who is she calling. Roshini tells her she was texting.

In the canteen Nikhil clashes with Gauri and Yudi. They ask him where did he get zara-Nihaal video from. Nikhil does not respond. Nihaal gets a 2 day suspension and 10,000 fine for barging into Nikhil’ room and attacking him.

The Paanch is in the canteen. Roshini goes to get dinner but when she return she sees Gauti sitting with them. Gauri notices the tension between them. Gauti leaves the canteen as soon as he sees Roshini.

Its late night and Nikhil, Shivani and Rosh are in her room. Shivani forces Nikhil to take her for spa. He agrees. When Shivani goes to washroom, Nikhil and Rosh start chatting. Nikhil’s words give Rosh an idea to make gauti understand. She runs away. Nikhil tells her that he’ll not go to the date with Shivani.

Roshini traps Gauti inside the washroom( The precap scene). She tells him that what he thinks of her is important to her. She doesn’t care about anyone else. ( A very cute Tashi scene) Gauti tells her that he loves her. Some guys knock the washroom door so Rosh runs away from there. Gauti stops her and talks to her in the corridor.

Roshini’s dad asks Nikhil when will he tell Rosh that he loves her. He gives Valentine’s day as the deadline.

Precap- Nikhil is excited to say about his feelings to Roshini. Gauti tells Roshini to give him an answer if she loves him or not. Rosh blushes.

Update Credit to: Supriya

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  1. Paanch is a very unique serial. i like it. its getting interesting too.. it seems like nikhil is going to become popat.. poor thing.. he looks good atleast much better than gauthi.. and kai gauthi.. gauthi is a name of a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thanks for the updates though. credits goes to –

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