Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, jwala says wow nishu bro u are looking awesome lets have a pic,kabir says its my bday so I shd be in photo,dolly wispers to nisha,nisha look he isn’t be able to take eyes off u and see he loves u so much,nisha says u go then,dolly says cousins lets go for night walk,cousins leave,kabir walks to nisha and says 7 out of 10,nisha says what,kabir says rating,nisha says have u seen urself not even 2,kabir says oh really,kabir walks close to nisha and releases her tied hair,and says now its 10 on 10.
Sumit comes to gangwal house with the bag,leela says thank god u are here,sumit says sourabh had come to warehouse but I managed,leela says good,vimla sees them and asks what are u doing here sumit why didn’t u go to party,sumit says I will,vimla says give the bag and

go now,sumit says no its fine I will freshen up and go,sumit leaves and dashes to ramesh.ramesh asks sumit why are u so scared,sumit says nothing actually have to go to nishas place so was in rush,ramesh asks whats in this bag,sumit says moms stuff,leela comes and says oh sumit u got my stuff good let me take it,ramesh says sumit I will come with u,sumit says ok sure let me get the gift,ramesh is thinking abt the contract.
ramesh and sumit abt to leave,virendra stops them,and says I had some work, actually prakash is here will u drop me,ramesh says I am busy little,sumit says I can drop u,virendra says ramesh actually I don’t trust sumits driving plz drop me,ramesh says ok ok I will,virendra says sumit u go ramesh will drop me,sumit leaves,virendra asks ramesh why is he upset,ramesh says no just tired.
Dolly asks nisha did she propose,nisha says I couldn’t,kabir is having fun with cousins,sumit comes to party,jwala asks why are u late,sumit says just busy,sumit wishes kabir,sumit looks at dolly but she ignores him, sumit aks wheres the cake,nisha says where is sourabh,jwala says call him,nisha tries to call but sourabhs phone is switched off,sourabh is trying to get out of ware house.sumit takes dolly to a side and says how dare u ignore me,dolly says plz sumit don’t trouble me,sumit holds dollys hand and says dare u talk to me like this,nisha sees this,bunty comes and takes dolly with him,cousins are discussing abt why didn’t nisha tell kabir,jwala says god when will nisha say I love u,aman says ya,bunty says I have an idea,and shares it with cousins.
Viraj with sarees and says mom what do u think which color will suit nisha,viraj is having a nishas picture,and says miss nisha mom says u look good in everything,viraj is talking to his moms bracelet,he says mom few days more and nisha will be here with me and I told nishas dad everything abt nisha and kabir and now I am just waiting for the day when nisha will come to me and be mine forever,I thought I had lost nisha but for the first time my fate was with me and nisha will be back to me and so will u be soon be with me and we all will stay together.
Nisha goes to sumit with coffee and drops it on his hand purposely and says oh I am so sorry,jiju is it paining to much, I am so sorry,sumit rushes for ice nisha stops him and says oh look u have a mark on ur hand I have seen the same on someones hand,sumit says what do u mean,nisha says u know what I mean and next time u hurt dolly di u will have to deal with me.
Cousins are playing,sumit leaves,jwala says lets play a game,kabir jiju u stand in middle,suku says so we will play passing the parcel and the one who will be out will have to do something with kabir jiju,game starts, bunty is out,jwala says bunty will dance,kabir and bunty dance together,next is nisha,aman says oh nisha will have to kiss kabir,cousins says oh yes nice cmon nisha kiss him.

PRECAP;kabir is holding nisha in his arms,nisha says plz kabir dont leave me and go I cant live without u, I love u kabir,kabir says I love u too.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. jo

    But kabir prayed in front of the candle “when i go also plz god keep this family safe”?????????

  2. Liya

    Dream dream this dream necessary ah?writers atleast dont make it as nisha’s dream instead make it as kabir’s.

  3. Vinu ( monjanss)

    liya and anu u r gud girls and liya tell abt me to anu bcoz she dnt know me
    my intro itself with bad words for her

  4. Liya

    Ok bro.anu,vinu bro is very good.he is frm kerala as u understood from all those theries but actually he was helping us.he is studying mba.(i think so)

  5. Vinu ( monjanss)

    hi all I am back paavam John pedichu odi poyi kashtaayile illenghil kurachukoodi theri kasaram

  6. Vinu ( monjanss)

    guys plz don’t reply to John comments if earthquake also happens
    and John if u hav guts come to sns

  7. Vinu ( monjanss)

    plz frnds don’t reply to John comments
    and John pulayaadinte montemone vaada snsil

  8. Vinu ( monjanss)

    liya e nikk ariyillada enthu cheyyanam enne but ini prashanam undaaya nja ente machanmaare vilikkum

  9. Vinu ( monjanss)

    John evde ninne theri parayathe if u hav guts come to sns and stop the faker play
    if u dare me

  10. Vinu ( monjanss)

    and richa its true tat he is abusing girls plz give a symbols in ur names plz

  11. Vinu ( monjanss)

    guys I am going John want me to be away frm u all bcoz he is jealous abt boys friendship with girls so I am going

  12. Vinu ( monjanss)

    and one thing frnds we know the original and duplicate face of our frnd so we shld know who is fake and who is original
    and anu no sorry no thank u to frnds remember da

  13. ---Shera¤¤¤

    Bye vinu bro.enikku ivide kure peerundu.shera yum that stupid yum kuttukar nookaam

    • ---Shera¤¤¤

      John u used my name too.v r frnds.remember how riya and me helped sad.bye.

  14. ദുഖിതയായ ലിയ

    Njan ente homework poolum cheyitheetilla.dinner kazhichilla.nee anubavikkum patti.

  15. ¤_¤§richa§¤_¤

    Ok bi let him cmnt u all dont respond he vl shut himself nd just rest 4 today v vl meet tmrw frnds

  16. hg

    Omg,what is going on here? i just came here 2 say hai 2 richu and susi.but ths john,pls john dont do ths.all r teenagers,they r vry younger 2 u.i guess u r old and mature.they r lik ur little sisters.Dont hurt them.

  17. john

    I know I have done wrong. Yes I used those words and things and it’s very hard to forgive me. But girls plz try to understand my situation too. I’ve been going through a rough phase. I know u all will be thinking oh how stupid he’s lying we will never forgive him. I completely understand. And whatever u thought about me I’m a flirter all of that I accept it. But that’s not the truth in reality. I agree on tellyupdates I behave so rudely and u just can’t believe how nasty I turned. Tbh I seriously didn’t understand what all of those words meant cuz I got them off the Internet and just copied and pasted. I want to share something – I have experienced a lot of pain in life and for a period of time I’ve been feeling like why do I feel so much pain and others don’t. Well obviously I don’t know about all your lives but it’s like cuz I have experienced a lot of pain and I thought no one else didn’t I wanted to hurt u! But u know what, honestly I had no idea that I had insulted u to such an extent that i will hurt u so badly until I came to realise the translations. I know it will be difficult for u to trust me but plz understand. U don’t have to forgive me immediately take your time as what I have done is a complete mess. I really regret it and that’s why I’m taking this time to apologise. I’m sorry. I want to change. My life has been sour but I can’t do anything about it. By hurting others gives them pain and give itself pain soon too. I want to be nice, I want to be your friend. Forgive me plz my friends.

    • nisha gangwal

      abe o sad story ki dukaan band kar apna ye stupid drama hume pata hai ke tu yeh sab hamari sympathy lene ke liye kar raha hai agar tu bhik mange ga na to bhi tujhe hamari sympathy nahi milegi jhoota kahinka ab katle yahan se

  18. Vinu ( monjanss)

    entammo EnnA kadhayaada oola johne enik ishtaayi John but no one will believe sorry machane

    • ദുഖിതയായ ലിയ

      Ok bro.m doing my homework of politics and havent had my dinner too.nji…

  19. john

    It’s fine guys. It’s understandable. I’ll always be waiting for the day u will forgive me. Bye girls and vinu Machan I’m sorry yaar, sweet dreams!

  20. hg

    ayesha, the show ends with nibir.i am viraj and taher fan.i just came 2 know abt ths news.nirajians said,by taher radio intervs,it is confirmed nomore niraj.its dont hate viraj.just enjoy the last episodes of the show ur fav pair going off air by the end of may

  21. sweetie

    People please!
    This is getting out of hand. I’m a malayalee and I feel ashamed of everything I’m reading.
    People these pages are for us to comment about the show and characters. Not swear at each other.
    Please stop all this.
    Just think how many people are reading this!?!!

  22. Kuru

    What it must be a dream! Kabir loves nisha!?omg yay! But if it’s a dream that’ll be really disapointing???????

  23. ishra

    OMG this show going off air by the end of may.pls don’t do that as iam getting crazy day by day

    • Kuru

      I’m going insane!!! Nibir better realize their feelings soon because I am losing my patience??

  24. Ahcir(oriGNAL)

    Gud mrng frnds hv a nyc nd a peaceful day nd hy hg nyc 2 c u agn nd thnx 4 d news

  25. richa

    Sry i forgot 2 ch name nd hg dr is d nws true nauc going off-air ? Were did u gt it dr? Nd hy hg u knw wat i feel its gud nws atleast this serial will end with a shrt nd sweet stry nd not with a meaningless story like of those supr dragged serials going on these days whose story is being forcefully dragged.

  26. richa

    Hy su dr ma early brd gm to u nd agn sry i cant come 2 hangouts due 2 sm reasn dr i vl c u soon der ok dr til thn tc

  27. amyra

    guys…there r many news materials and points i would like to share now… -_-
    1. NAUC is going off air by may end…acc to the latest news reports…i’ve been writing mails to star plus n m awaiting their reply…so for now…the news is confirmed… 🙁
    2. that NIBIR precap is a DREAM SEQUENCE -_- 🙁 as far as i know…i read it somewhere that nisha will try to propose to kabir but she will be unsuccessful….so guys..i think u got my explanation…
    3. as hg is going to be nibir in the end…so plzz stop hating viraj…i am a nibir fan..true…but viraj’s character has been butchered to bits which was actually not required…he could have simply moved on….so plz don’t hate him…i don’t know y CVs r doing this… -_-
    4. i don’t find any point in the argument of nirajians that nisha is characterless n the show should end just because niraj dint unite….plz stop hating the show for such absurd reasons -_-

  28. john

    amyra,u did write mails 2 starplus right
    so now u will direct dis show?
    its our wish to love/hate d show
    keep ua opinions 2 uaself
    dnt try being smart

    • amyra

      excuse me??!! i don’t find it a proper way to reply….moreover…if u do hate this show so much…better stop watching it n commenting on its posts…cz there r many others watching this show too who would never want this show to go off air… -_-
      secondly u dint read my post well i suppose….i have told both the niraj n nibir grps to stop hating the other grp…so its a mutual n totally unbiased opinion n view point of mine…n moreover…u r none to tell me to keep my opinion to myself….its a public portal..n m free to put up my views unless n until they don’t hurt the sentiments of others…so u better know ur manners — :/ >_<

  29. Vinu ( monjanss)

    John machane ntha ninakku ellavareyum pranayikkano? ?
    u told love u all that means u love me too so u r a ggggaaayyyyy gay haha nannayittundu

  30. john

    laugh ua self for ua crazy talks
    mg mg started
    dnt u have any work?
    do something useful atleast once in a while
    use brain
    dnt b like brain dead

  31. Vinu ( monjanss)

    I am not a possessive man like u to follow every girl’s and ask them to come to ur bed
    and I will do whatever I want who r u to tell it maanamkettavane

  32. amyra

    n plzz…guys…one very humble n kind request…plzz its a portal where u need to comment about ur thoughts regarding this show…so plz don’t comment in different languages, restrict personal talks, n mainly…plz don’t argue or fight! its a very humble there r many more ppl reading these written updates…n it feels really absurd reading all this…plzz…its a very humble request…m very srry if i hurt anyone with this comment..or i’ve been rude…
    thank you! 🙂 n keep enjoying NAUC! 🙂

  33. Vinu ( monjanss)

    amyra if u r talking to John he will never leave u and will follow u in all sites so plz dnt talk to John u may think Tat it is rubbish but there is truth behind it if u want to know more look johns previous yesterdays comments and requesting to take a gud step

    • amyra

      i know…i’ve seen his previous comments…n also on the KYY page…i know..its not rubbish..n it is the fact..i know…thank you so much for ur advice…. 🙂 😀 i’ll take care… 🙂

  34. Vinu ( monjanss)

    amyra u don’t know the truth wats happening here and don’t know much abt John so u r telling like tat if u felt bad sorry to hurt u

  35. Vinu ( monjanss)

    @amyra when u tell the truth to John he will never agree and will tell tat he loves u he is fond of girls and irritating girls much

  36. amyra

    yaaayyhh…m the opener of the new page today!! 😀 🙂 first time!! *_* 😀 ^_^

  37. john

    amyra,u r like my sis.thnx 4 understndng dat people shld restrict their personal talk here

  38. john

    shut up vinu
    i dnt treat gals in cheap way
    i have mother n sis so i know d values
    if someone else have same name it doesnt mean al r same

  39. richa

    Amu dr u hr? If u read it KANII said hy 2 u she told us 2 say hy 2 u 4m hr side wbn u cm hr

    • amyra

      hey richa…. 🙂 say kanii hi frm my side.. 🙂 n does stuti have ur mail id??i have to talk to u about some important issue… regarding the exams… 🙂 n if stuti doesn’t can u plz hint me about ur id?? i don’t want u to post it here…i know its not safe…n did u read my update regarding nauc in the previous page?? 🙂

  40. richa

    Amu dr u hr? If u read it KANII said hy 2 u she told us 2 say hy 2 u 4m hr side wen u cm hr

  41. richa

    Nd hy amu 4m me also dr nd pls tl us d starplus reply as fast as posible nd tc nd study wel dr

  42. ?♪susi♪?

    Gud morning frndzzzz….have a fantastic day…..richu,devga,liya ,maanu,pragu,mans,Kani,ss,nibir stuti,nika,blossom,amyra,gree,hg,ramya,aish,priya nd all nibir fans..nd nauc fans..
    Nd richu its k dr….??????☕☕☕☕???

    • ?♪susi♪?

      No problem john….my day started… With happy moment…???so I won’t worry ..nd
      Gud morning john…ur day also will be fantastic day…..?

  43. richa

    Thanking u
    ur siecerely

    • ?♪susi♪?

      K dr …today I also can’t able to comment hr… my network also troubling lot… k biii….☺

  44. preeti

    now john u r spoiling nauc.first u r spoiled many girls are not commenting in sns because of u.please leave nauc.don’t spoil this.and u will never change.because u r a idiot and stupid

  45. richa

    Nd frnds pls dont use ur regional lang here use propr non abusive eng ok as v all hr cn undrstand a common lang i.e. Eng frnds
    AAP Sab ka din mangalmaya ho dhanyavad

  46. richa

    U john stop it hw cud u do that again u emotionlss freak u sware on ur parents last time u were here that u vont reapeat it u hv no values

    • richa

      ok i vont reply to them but i only said that in my note that not 2 reply to them………. nd if u mean 2 ur cmments i vont b rude with u now u cn use this user name dr now my frndss here can differentiate between us easily as i hv put a pic now dr 🙂

  47. Max

    A new day,
    A new sunrise,
    A new freshness,
    A new motivation,
    A new meeting
    But with my same girl.
    GM guyz.
    hve a nice day

    • richa

      oh no need of thnx max i just read smething goodwhich cheered me up in this strange morning today dr

  48. ?♪susi♪?

    Ya richu my network is troubling a lot..when I posting a comment… It shown after 2 mins dr…wht to do???????

  49. $$ pragna $$

    I was completed 12th yaar and now holidays.and Iam sue yesterdays precap is dream

  50. richa

    So sad su dr i m feeling vv bad 4 u dr hw vl u manage d day no net no star plus sply at nyt no nauc dr:-(

  51. ★kanisha★

    I just hate this ntwk prblm really I’m so so so angry with this network ….
    I just loved♥ the precap … really .. I wish it will be in real….. listen I’m writing this at 1:15pm so let see how much time it will take to be visible to all :-/
    really hate this netwk more than summit….

  52. amyra

    n do read the last line carefully in the spoilers….it says how will nisha n kabir make the family understand that they love each other….. 🙂

  53. nika

    Reading the spoiper i am tooo happy and exited it is written nisha and kabir new found love ♡♡♡

    • amyra

      richa dear check ur mail please.. 😀 n yeah i’ve sent a google + request to susi devga n kanii… guys if u r reading this…plz check u r mail IDs!!! finally i found u all in google + as well!!m so happy!! 😀

  54. richa

    Ok gud nd nyc u got all amu bt kani vont b available as she said she vont mail 4m nw 🙁

    • amyra

      yes… 😉 n u can chat on hang outs right?? so i think u would have seen my hangout wala mssg i had sent u… 😀

  55. richa

    I dont exactly knw y dr bt she said 2 us all she vont mail nw so i thot i shud tl u dr nd ys she is nt replying 2 mails atleast myne bt may b she rep 2 u

  56. ★kanisha★

    hiiii amu diii … but I did not get ur mail… but sorry bcoz in Google+ I’ll not accept sooooo so so so so so sorry…. 🙁 …. plz … and I can mail and also can receive mails but no hangouts and no in Google+… OK sorry plxzzzz so sorry… 🙁

  57. amyra

    uffo then richa send me nika n kanisha’s mail IDs in gmail plzz…. 😀 thank you!!

  58. richa

    M tryin amu dr bt a notificatn is cmng 4m gmail dat they r fixing a prob nd i shud log in latr:-( i vl snd u as soon as i cn log in dr

  59. ★kanisha★

    OK now final byeeeew biiii 🙂
    WE ALL ARE STAR.. ★★★★★★★★★

  60. richa

    Sb ko 1 dusre k id mil jayenge ok frnds bs ye gmail ki notificatn aani bnd ho jaye nd pls pardn me 4 dis m sry:-(

    • amyra

      are richa…y r u getting disheartened…machine hai toh kharab honi hi hai…server hai toh crash hona hi hai…its totally ok…send me the mail IDs whenever it is possible…don’t worry n there is no need to hurry… 😀 😛 😉


    Hey kisi ne notice kiya star parivaar awards 2015 ke nominations mein NAUC nahi hai.Nisha,Kabir kisi ko bhi nominate nahi kiya.Why???

  62. DOLLY

    hi guys.. I am not using any character name. I used to chat here before. According to me that ishq nahi asan should be at 6:00 pm as at that time manmarziyan of the previous day repeats.Nauc hasn’t even completed 1 yr. Plz CVS don’t end it..Many people like to watch it all around the world including me..I am a fan of nisha kabir.. About the Trp nauc mostly comes top 10 infact with kabir it has reach for 1.8 to 1.9.. plz understand how the viewers will feel if it ends..

  63. DOLLY

    So guys if that isq nahi Asan goes on air it should air at 6 pm n not replace nauc ryt..nauc should continue

  64. amyra

    hey guys…its a confirmed news…NAUC is ending this may end…or in june…it will be replaced by “phir bhi na maane…battameez dil” model asmita sood, pearl V puri, suyyash rai n vindhya tewari along with many other actors like nivedita saraf, ashlesha sawant, payal nair, indresh malik n roshni sahuta will be seen playing pivotal roles in it…!! this drama is an adaptation of the 1985 english classic “The breakfast club” moreover…on contacting Jayant Rawal(who plays the role of virendra gangwal in NAUC) he said that the show may end in guys…be ready for it…because it is confirmed…sorry for this bad news!! 🙁 :'(

  65. Liya

    Yeah,nauc should continue but many of my frnds r confused thinking whether ek haseena thi will replace it .do u remember the last epi of eht?

  66. DOLLY

    WHAT!! where did u get that from? plz which ever serial goes on air shld air @ 6:00 pm plus that veera has lost track I hope that ends instead of nauc

  67. RIA

    Pls dont end NAUC.Dolly ne kaha 6pm to free hai na .the new serial could replace manmarziyaan’s repeat telicast.

  68. RIA

    .Dolly ne kaha 6pm to free hai na .the new serial could replace manmarziyaan’s repeat telicast.

  69. RIA

    Tomorrow i am visiting a temple.So i will pray 4 NAUC.i hope nauc don’t go off air.

  70. Liya

    Chechi,v have age difference.what can i call [email protected]

  71. DOLLY

    hi guyz I just that upcoming serial… It’s the finalized name of isq nahi asan… we nibirians shld unite and stop it from replacing nauc

  72. DOLLY

    hi guyz I just read that upcoming serial… It’s the finalized name of isq nahi asan… we nibirians shld unite and stop it from replacing nauc

  73. RIA

    Ok richa kya tum mazaak kar raha tha??.SBS means Saas bahu aur saazish.Usme tv ki news hai.NAUC ki latest episode ki news hai.

  74. Liya

    Athu,riya,achu,sakshi,blossom chechi,aishu chechi and one and only vinu bro.they all r malayalies.

  75. Vinu ( monjanss)

    okke ria more abt me I am frank to speak anything and I lyk to be freak always and to be friendly always

  76. Vinu ( monjanss)

    liya u r much concerned abt me thanx for doing tat nd happy to hav a sis or frnd lyk u

  77. richa

    Ys sbs at abp nws nd sbb on aaj tak @ 2:30 pm nd which cmnt u talking abt im joking @ ria

  78. RIA

    Mmm.athra [email protected]

  79. Liya

    Sis aanu ennu parayunnu enittu Thnx parayunnu.hmm m lucky to have a bro like u.the support u gave me na m really thankful 4 that.

  80. DOLLY

    guys wat do u think of that serial at 6:00 pm… plz comment we need to stop nauc from going off air . we want it to air for another 2 yrs or more … nauc is the best.. it’s a non-boring serial.

  81. DOLLY

    guys wat do u think of that upcoming serial at 6:00 pm… plz comment we need to stop nauc from going off air . we want it to air for another 2 yrs or more … nauc is the best.. it’s a non-boring serial.

  82. Vinu ( monjanss)

    ria u can call me anything I don’t hav any spcl names
    nd no I don’t c nauc but used to watch ssel
    and I came here by a request of my cousins

  83. Vinu ( monjanss)

    were r u going Ria and okke Richa wait for results and tell Me the results I will be happy

  84. Vinu ( monjanss)

    bye richa were is liya??
    and blossom u didn’t tell me the age nd were r u frm

  85. Vinu ( monjanss)

    John I will talk to u da
    and I am not scared of u I am making everyone hate u blo*dy dumpster

  86. Liya

    Njan maximum 15 hindi serial kaanaarundu.innele avan kaaranam önnu vaayichilla athukondu i was reading the updates.

  87. DOLLY

    we need to comment on star plus pages not to let nauc go off air. do this for all the nauc fans!

  88. Vinu ( monjanss)

    sarlya da liya kutty avane nokkanda and Ria don’t talk to John plz ippo Nee templelil povu allemghil vide ninna Ella moodum povum

  89. DOLLY

    guuz.. we need to comment on all star plus pages not to let nauc go off air. do this for all the nauc fans around the world!

  90. Vinu ( monjanss)

    okke liya enik thonni NinAkku pani undavum nne
    and John poda kallathirumaali

    • ❄blossom❄

      Persons with self respect won’t try to degrade others&won’t care abt the nasty comments of persons without any sanskar &who dnt possess an identity.

  91. Vinu ( monjanss)

    kazhikka food ria Dr
    and shera avane vattu maathram alla he is abicted to girls

  92. RIA

    Paavam vinu angane ulla questions [email protected]

  93. Shera

    Manasilaavum.dont u remember bro?lastday avan netil ninnu malayalam theri padichu vilichathu.

  94. richa

    Guys pls dont reply 2 dis abusive cmntr ok nd vinu ria sheru frnds u pls cntrl urslf

  95. Vinu ( monjanss)

    nja innu undavilla bcoz assignment thudangiyittu theerunilla
    appo nee tu vil vanna johnnodu samsarikkandannu elllarodum para tto

  96. richa

    DVU DR PLS GO 4M HR 4 NW DR ITS NT SAFE HR DR OK PLS DNT CMNT HR DR Ok i mail u latr if u back nd i thnk its fake u bt stil nd mail me if u real devu

  97. Hey no one here …. So sad ? bye….. Coz my net was over I did not come yesterday and ya today also I can comment lil bit ….

    . ? nibir ?

  98. Vinu ( monjanss)

    okke appo oru post by Shera telling tat liya ria shera onnanennu paranjittu

  99. Vinu ( monjanss)

    okke ria
    and lips eyale nja ntha vilikka I don’t hav tat symbol
    onnu Peru matta

  100. Vinu ( monjanss)

    venda appo Sheri nja pova
    bye to all my frnds hav to do my assignment it’s my dream work so c u all later today if possible bye

  101. Vinu ( monjanss)

    Ria I don’t hav girlfrnds
    girlsil frnds und but no gfs
    plz let me live peacefully

  102. ?♪susi♪?

    I m real…nd I got amyra mail…she also in hangout dr nd I m so happy…@richu dr

  103. RIA

    [email protected]

  104. Max

    As Sun started setting,
    My heart starts melting!
    You hug me and bid farewell!
    It casts me a bad spell!
    My eyes got tears,
    And heart shrinks!
    This painful evening,
    It is also beautiful feeling!
    Mornings make you feel my love!
    Evenings realise me, value for love!
    GD Evn guyz

  105. amyra

    goodness me !!!guys maine ajke epi ke kuch stills dekhe…OMG OMG OMG!!!its gonna be super s*xy!!!!! god i can’t wait anymore!!! now we r gonna see some real romance onscreen today on NAUC!!! do watch it guys!!! don’t miss it…!!! i can’t post those pics…nhi toh mai post kar deti…its on fb…so agar mai link dalu toh bhi only those wid fb acc will be able to c… 😛

    • ?♪susi♪?

      Suberb news…. but fr me so sad. News…1_week.. I m going to miss nauc…???

  106. ❄blossom❄

    Even iam gonna miss nauc epi as it’s gonna rain ovr hr so poor signal. ???

  107. ★kanisha★

    I think the precap will be true bcoz now every thing will happen in hurry I mean , sumit’s plan , Kabir&viraj’s truth ( brothers) and nibir love each other….. so I think nibir accept their love …. but I don’t want a leap…. realllly ….
    goodnight :-…. susi di amu di richa di nika…. and all nibiriansssss and also to nauc fansssszzz

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.

Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.