Kalash 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
DEvike is shocked to see Ravi and shelly making out, she is stunned and leaves. she says i never thought he can be so cheap, he started in office only, she calls sAket and says i didnt find Ravi anywhere, if i find him, i will ask him to cal you, she ends calls, she says office is place of work, its a pure place and he started his filth here too, first that girl in marriage, then on chaat stall and now this girl, its dangerous to be with him, i can never go with him to home, he will be the last person for me to accompany to home, i am not save with him.
Ravi gets up from couch and says to Shelly that are you mad, it cant happen between us, Shelly says there is time in our marriage and when i dont have problem then why are you thinking, Ravi says but you are fiance of my friend, she says i thought you are of modern thought, Ravi says so that doesnt mean any girl can come closer to me, you girls have wrong thinking, i like girls but who are single, not committed, Rithvik loves, respect that, i am not that guy who will stab others, Shelly says you know i love you, you are boring, you dont have any girl in life, i wanted to make your feel special.
DEvika is going back home alone and thinks why i am thinking about that Ravi, its his life, he can do whatever he wants, its all dark on road, she is waiting for auto, some guys are drinking on road, they look at her with lust, DEvika runs away from there.
Ravi says to Shelly what you mean i am lone? even if i am alone i dont need you, Ravi says to shelly which love you are talking about, i dont need love of a person like you who can ditch her fiance, i have my family to love me, i dont need anyone else, Shelly says which family you are talking about? you are step son of that family, Ravi says what non sense, you cant say like this, how dare you talk like ths, Shelly says thy take advantage of you, you mother only wants you t work amd make money for her, Ravi says dont talk rubbish about my mother, she has given me birth, she do everything for my good only, i am happy that she want me to work, i am proud that she ask things from me, she has hopes from me, my mother is best, you dont know about relations, Ravi asys before i forget that you are girl and call rithvik to tell him your reality, leave, Shelly leaves.

Scene 2
Devika comes back office again, she thinks to call Abhay and ask him to pick her up, she finds shelly leaving office, Ravi comes there too, Devika thinks why i saw his shameful face, Ravi thinsk what Devika is doing here, Saket calls Ravi and ask him to take Devika to home, RAvi says i am not in good mood, dont ask me to do all this, Saket says i am just asking you to drop her, Ravi says ok tell her to not disturb me, Ravi gives cell to Devika, Saket says to Devika that Ravi will drop you hom, and dont talk to him, Devika says no need, i will call Abhay, Saket says dont disturb him, go with Ravi, Devika says ok.
Ravi sit on bike and says to Devika that now should i request you sit on bike, Devika reluctantly sit behind him, he ask her to grab him else she will fall, she says i am fine, he says you dont want me to drop you, i will not force you, he starts bike and uses brake, Devika falls on him, Ravi says i told you to hold tightly, Devika thinks i know he is doing this deliberately, i will not say anything. Ravi brings Devika home, he says this is last time i am dropping you home, she gets up from his bike and is about to leave but her dupatta is stuck in bike, she is shocked and this Ravi has hold it, she says i know what kind of man you are leave my dupatta, she turns and finds it stuck in seat, he says you react without even seeing, what you mean that i am cheap guy? what have i done, why do you hate me so much? DEvika says you use girls, you have no respect for feelings of girls, Ravi says what if truth is something else? what if girls use me, Devika says girls are not cheap like you, Ravi brings her closer and says all girls are not like you, soem girls use me too, use boys, Devika sys i dont trust you, she leaves, Ravi says what kind of girl is she.

Scene 2
Devika comes home, she says Ravi thinks he most handsome in world. Saket comes to Devika’s home. he comes to Devika and shows her engagement ring, DEvika is shocked, Saket says we are doing engagement tomorrow, i am very much happy, tomorrow i will get my life partner, her ask what she wants, just tell him, Deviak says to Saket that you asked me what i want then i want you to allow me to fulfill my dreams, i wan to do job and i want my husband to be with me, will you give your hand to fulfill my dreams, Saket thinks she is demanding now, i will see her after marriage, Saket says no problem, i will be with you in everything, i want you to be with me, Devika says if you allow me to do job after marriage then i have no problem with early engagement, she leaves. Saket comes to Savitri asn ask about arrangement of engagement, she says there are alot of things to do and time is less, Saket says i will handle everything, you just invite your relatives, she says you ae angel for us, he leaves.
Vikas says to Anuja that Sakethas called me to give big contract, he ask Ravi is he free, Ravi says today is off, Vikas ask him to come with him then, Ravi agrees. Saket is leaving the house when he strikes with a girl, he says cant you walk properly, she says are you blind that banged with me.

PRECAP- SAvitri and Sanjay are about to beat Ravi and Vikas, Saket comes and ask what is happening? Saviri says these guys are not good, Saket says i have called them, they will do arrangement of engagement, Savitri says what, they are thieves, Vikas its you who didnt pay my money, Savitri is about to beat him, Saket says he is my brother in law.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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