Udaan 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Udaan 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chakor trying to save Bhagya. She keeps some thorns and puts it on the road, to puncture the car. The race arrangements are done and MD Ishwar comes with Abhi and Aditya. Chakor asks Sheru to do as she said, and hides with him seeing the car come. The car passes by the thorns. Chakor says nothing happened and laughs seeing the car tyres getting flat. Abha and Aditya think Chakor will win but where is she. Ishwar reminds his promise to just see the race. He welcomes Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini, along with NRIs. He makes Bhaiya ji have the garlands.

Aditya says dad does not look good shaking hands with them. Ishwar says after Tejaswini inaugurates, the race will start. The driver checks the car and tells Bhavani that tyre got punctured. She asks him to hurry up. She asks Bhagya to calm down. Chakor tells Sheru to divert them and she will save Bhagya. Sheru runs with Bhavani’s purse and she goes after him. Chakor comes to Bhagya and holds her hand smiling.

She does not how to open door and tries. She opens the door and asks her to come out fast. Bhagya smiles and hugs Chakor. Chakor asks her to come before Bhavani comes. Bhavani and driver run after Sheru. Sheru drops it and she is glad as it has money. She says Devi Maa and runs back to car. Bhagya smiles and runs with Chakor. She gets tired. Chakor says she will hide her and then go in race. Bhagya says she will not go to temple. Bhavani is shocked as Bhagya is missing and calls out Devi Maa.

She cries. The driver asks did she go temple. She says no, she can’t go there. Bhagya asks Chakor to think. Chakor says she can hide her in Arjun’s home and asks her to run fast, she does not have time. Arjun waits for Chakor. He says if she gets more late, he can’t show his face to anyone. The driver says they will go back to village and she refuses. She says take me someway far where Bhaiya ji can’t reach me. The driver repairs the tyre and takes her.

Arjun says under 9 race will start after bhoomi pujan. Dadi hides her face and comes to see the race. Arjun waits for Chakor. Kasturi also hides her face and comes. She meets Dadi and they try to find Chakor. Imli also comes hiding her face and Kasturi and Dadi see hr. Imli asks you… They all sit together. Chakor asks Bhagya to run fast. The under 9 participants are called and Chakor is called too. Arjun gets worried. The man says where is Chakor. Imli says come soon. Chakor asks Bhagya to have water and says Kangan take care of her. Kangan asks her to go fast, as race will start, she will call Arjun and say you will reach there. Chakor thanks her and leaves.

Bhagya sees Kangan’s legs and wheelchair. Kangan says like she was locked in temple, she is locked in this wheelchair. She tells about her accident and the bangle of that woman. Bhagya hugs her. Kangan says that woman was very bad. Tejaswini is wearing that bangle and inaugurates the university. Everyone clap. Bhaiya ji does the bhoomi pujan. Ishwar says we should go to commence the race now. Bhaiya ji says sure, you are going to manage the university now. Kastuti thinks where is Chakor.

Kangan calls Arjun and tells everything. He says fine, I will try to delay the race. He sees Ishwar and goes to him. He requests him to delay the race for 10-15mins, Chakor is stuck somewhere. Ishwar says this function will start and end on right time, I can’t waste everyone’s time for one participant. Arjun says you know Chakor and how much this race is important for her. Ishwar says I don’t know, this function is imp, excuse me. Ishwar announces the commencement of the race. Bhaiya ji asks Tejaswini to see that Arjun and Ishwar were against him, and now they are fighting with each other.

Suraj says its good if Chakor does not come. Arjun says Chakor and waits for her. The race is about to begin. Chakor is on the way crossing the roads. Yeh hounslon ki udaan hai………………plays……….

Kishori speaks against Kasturi and calls Chakor a cheater. Kasturi says they all are here to see Chakor’s race and shows Dadi and Imli, they are sure Bhuvan will also be here, Bhuvan says yes, even I m here to see her race.

Update Credit to: Amena

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