Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, viraj tells nisha that her mom had told him that its ur bday so im sorry for not telling the truth, laxmi calls nisha n tells her granny is calling her.
Ramesh is thinking abt what gayatri said abt viraj, laxmi asks ramesh why is he tensed, ramesh says im worried abt nisha, laxmi says ramesh for now be happy that nisha is overcoming her fear, ramesh say she is but im afraid that she doesn’t fall into more pain, laxmi says we have to let her go through it the councillor said nisha needs to experience n feel all the relationship steps so let her I know ur scared for her but let her be, ramesh says umesh told me that nisha is in love with viraj, laxmi says I know that but she has to learn from her mistakes, ramesh smiles.aman n roopan go to guest house

to give Tiffin, both give ritesh parents food, aman keeps a mobile for recording at ritesh house n leave. Ram gets a call saying they got a buyer for kirtis flat n says how fool are these gangwals, sunita says yes now we will sell the flat n go away. Aman knicks the door n says I forgot my keys n takes mobile with her.
Cousins thank viraj n gayatri for coming, gayatri leaves early n viraj wais for nisha, nisha comes n says thanku to viraj for giving her a chance, viraj saya ur lucky u got cousins to support u n I hope u will be allowed. Viraj says gn n leaves.aman comes running to cousins, viraj comes back as he forgot his mobile viraj sees aman tensed n asks what is it, aman tells them about recording N what ritesh n his parents plan is, kirti starts crying, dolly says its ok the good thing is ww know the truth, nisha says we need to handle it right way, viraj says thats not easy I think his family is very cunning n we have to catch them eed handed, kirti says I wont leave ritesh n wont let him take that flat,viraj says kirti dont get emotional n asks kirti who that flat belongs to, kirti says it was with me but dad transfered it into joint between me n ritesh, viraj says that means u cant do anything to property without his permission, nisha says I have a plan n shares it with all, viraj says its good n takes leave.
Kirti starts crying dolly n nisha try to console her nisha saya kirti u should be strong now, n asks kirti to call ritesh through an unknown number, kirti changes her voice n calls ritesh n says my boss viraj singh rathore wants to buy ur property, ritesh says sorry we already have an buyer, kirti says ur property is near our property n so our sir is ready to pay double rate, ritesh agrees to proposal n arranges a meeting.
Nisha gets virajs mail for his female friend, viraj says he is very happy today as he spent his day with a lovely family, nisha chats with viraj n shares her experience of joint famliy.

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gayatri says to viraj that he is taking lot of interest in nisha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. I have heard that Ritesh(Mohsin Khan) is grabbing a new show so he is leaving NAUC that’s y they r portraying as a negative character.
    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode especially Viraj answer.

  2. sree

    ab nisha,cousins aur viraj milkar ritesh aur uska family ka band bajayenge…wo log ritesh ko uski hi chaal mein phasayenge….ritesh, your count down begins here.

  3. sree

    mujhe laga tha ki aaj niraj moments kam hongi because of ritesh’s matter.but i was wrong yaha toh viraj khud plan ki hissa ban u niraj…

  4. wow nishu viraj and cousins rocks the show yaar.and viraj is replying for email friend superb yaar viraj.i like the name email wale female.hope to c more scene of nishu and viraj.thank for update.

  5. Sri376

    I like this drama because finally star plus has created a drama not just about joint or nuclear families but a different scenario about cousins hats off to this drama

  6. Simmrita

    Guys when i watched the precap i felt as if viraj has his selfish reasons to give her the interset where as nisha loves him

    • SS

      ritesh ki family kuch jayda hi aapne aap ko smart manti hai ……………..aur ritesh vo to subhanallah dekhona kaise fool ban gaya………………………..stupid kahi ka…………

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