Million Dollar Girl 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti sits in the shop..Two customer”s come and asks for Banarsi zarri saree…Avanti taked it out and shows..a orange colour..Avanti shows saree but they dont like the colour.. Avanti shows another saree of Rs 10 thousand but they dont like…Mother says that she is taking for her daughter’s marriage…Daughter tells that 10 thousand is over budget…She have to buy bangles and bindi also..Avanti tells the girl not to worrry as she in her shop..Bangles and bindi also available…Avanti calls Vicky and Tj tells them to bring..Vicky tells that he has born to help Avanti only..Avanti tells to come fast…TJ and Vicky brings Saree and Bangles…Avanti takes out necklace and gives the girl..Girl tell it doesnt matches…Vicky gives red bangles which does not matches the Saree…Girl tells she want only green bangles..Avanti tells Tj to bring bangles from go-down..Tj comes..Avanti tell the mother to drink tea…She agrees..Tj brings Bangles…Mother and daughter buys the saree”s and goes..Mother says that it is very good offer as bangles are also free They will tell the locality..Avanti tells that offer is only for today..They go..and tells to people…..Customer’s comes…All customer buys the saree..All saree’s are sold..Avanti..TJ..and Vicky..count the money…Avanti gets happy tells that she got 30% profit more..Avanti tells she got very much profit..but her father didnt got…Tj tells that Her father was honest..not cunning and intelligent like Avanti…Vicky tells thay he is feeling hungry..Avanti tells that she is soo stupid…Avanti tells that in Saree”s shop there is soo much profit…Avanti tells all setup is and all…Avanti tells she has decided..only selling saree”s…long car..jwellary she will be become rich.Avanti gets happy..Avanti tells that she wil give good news to her mother…Avanti calls Kavya but kavya tells that She has gone to sell the shop to Virat…Avanti tells that she have got only one solid way to make money and she will not waste that..

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Avanti’s mother goes to Virat’s shop…Virat welcomes her…Avanti runs..Virat tell Avanti”s mother that 15 lac check is ready..Avanti’s mother is about to sign..Virat tells its tough to give own shop to someone..Virat show model of mall to Avanti..tells that he want to take banarsi saree to different leval….by doing contributions..Virat tells that he cannot force…Avanti is about to sighn..Avanti comes and snatches the paper…Avanti tells that she will sit in the shop.and earn crores..Avanti”s mother tells to give the paper..Virat tells Avanti that before she was selling underwear..after that medicines and saree..Avanti calls him Hero..Virat tells that he is not to talking to her…Virat tells that he is talking to aunty Virat tells that she will get rest money later…Avanti tells Virat to give lecture in government college..Avanti tells that he will not give her shop…Avanti’s mother to tell Avanti to talk properly..Avanti tells she wil only start the shop..Avanti tears the papers and goes…Avanti’s mother tells sorry to Virat..Virat tells its okey…Virat tells that till tommorrow paper’s will be ready…
At home Avanti goes into.kitches and hides all the utensils from which her mother beat her..
Avanti’s mother comes and gets angry..Avanti tells to cool down..Avanti’s mother tells kavya that Avanti teared the paper…Kavya tells Avanti is crack…Tayaaji comes and tell Avanti”s mother ti give her one chance..Taayji tells that to hide and sign the papers…Avanti tells that first time Taayaji took her side..Avanti tells something is fishy..Avanti tells she have to do something…Avanti hides and goes into her mother’s room and puts her thumb impression on paper’s..Avanti thank’s god and goes…

precap:Precap:Avanti throws papers on Virat and tells that Shop belongs to her now..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. Lol Vicky says Avanti “Born to help her”

  2. Nw its going nyc!

  3. Eager to read today’s epsiode what Virat will do!

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