Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with ,viraj scolds nisha and cousins and says what kind of act was this how could u get the paper signed this way and miss nisha plz u and ur cousins stop interfering now and about the funds I will look at what to do and thanku and viraj leaves.
Laxmi gets shocked when she knows about the connection between arti viraj and nisha ,she says how did none of us knew abt it,laxmi gets angry and upset and says I have to tell nisha this isn’t right,ramesh comes and says what happened what were u seeing in laptop.

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Nisha stops viraj and do u understand anything what do u think of urself how could u solve the

problem by urself,viraj says the academy is mine,nisha says no it isn’t the academy belongs to every person who works hard for its glory and improvement,we all are part of lakshya academy and u tell me which academy serves its employment as laksha academy and let me tell u we aren’t doing it for u but for lakshya academy and plz everything is not always done for u sir, lakshya acdemy is ours as well,viraj gives nisha the form,while nisha goes her phone falls down,viraj picks it up,and keeps it with him.
The auditions begin,dolly calls leela and tell her that she isn’t performing alone but is with her cousins,leela asks her to step back,dolly tries to convince leela,leela starts yelling at dolly,dolly explains her that she is doing it for a good cause but leela cuts the phone,nisha and umesh come to call dolly but they see her upset and scared,dolly tells umesh and nisha that leela has asked her to step back,nisha says give me I will talk to her,umesh says don’t we shouldn’t fall into that,dolly says she does this always she never listen to anyone I so hate her,nisha says dolly di its ok we know u are with us,others come and say yes dolly di u cheer for us,bunty shows nisha that her shirt is spoilt,kirti says no worry I have an extra shirt go change,nisha says ok u all go I will change.
In the auditions,it’s the time for last years winning teams performance, cousins say these guys are very fabulous,suku says don’t worry we the team lakshya are the best,the judges ask to keep quite,the judges ask team dream the winner what is there plan,team dream says we agree our team is changed but we will even this time and our new captain this is year is miss priyanka(virajs sister),nisha gets shocked seeing priyanka,and sees gayatri taking to the owner of team dream and hears the owner say I allowed priyanka bcoz u said u will hand lakshya academy to me if we win and so I would even allow u gayatri in the team.
Judges like priyanka and her teams dance and select them for the next round, gayatri says I wish viraj was here I would show him the real talent, cousins are worried abt being very poorly prepared,nisha says guys we have to do it we cant lose,umesh says don’t worry when we cousins are together nothing can go wrong,nisha says ok lets reherse,priyank comes and says miss nisha what are u losers doing here,nisha says miss priyanka just shutup bcoz we aren’t here to party but to win and laksha academy will win, priyanka says no ways let me warn u dream academy will surely win,nisha says oh u started astrology as ur side business and one more think just rmemver u have always been a loser when u challenged me,priyanka says u will see dream sport team win,nisha says we will see.
Its team lakshya academies performance,nisha says im very nervous,kirti says I will go first and suku will follow and then nisha and umesh will enter,laskha team is on the stage,kirti asks judges for a minute and says guys we all are the best and its time to show our talent,judges say I see u guys lack confidence,kirti says no mam its just that we aren’t over confidence,judges say why are u holding hands,nisha says we aren’t friends but cousins and are always together and hold hands so that we never leave each other and walk hand in hand.

Cosuins begin their performance.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. I hate dis Priyanka and this oh my my selfish.can’t they think of VIRU’S the way bua its Viraj’s Academy not urs.Waiting eagerly for watch NIRAJ Dance Performance.Love ❤ u NIRAJ.

  2. SS

    @ aaliya my name is shashi nd i am from chattisgarh nd a student of 9th class……>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>what about u aaliya

  3. SS

    haa waise angle ne sahi kaha pure saal sirf ek hi mahina to milta hai enjoy karne ko consins ke saath …………..par jo bhi ho consins ke saath maza hi kuch aur aata hai

  4. Aliya n ss aap dono presently kahan rehti ho b coz time contry ke hisab se set karna hai … So aagar aap presently india mai rehti ho to 4:30 se5:30 bcoz mai yeh time par hi free hoti hoon . India ke 4:30means dubai ke 3:00n 5:30means 4:00agar aap yeh time pe aaskte to tikh hai varna mai mera time table change karti hoon.

  5. tajun

    Star Plus’ new show has become favorite of the youth in no time.This daily soap is different from the others as it is not a saas-bahu saga but a story based on a girl named Nisha and her cousins.

    In the ongoing episodes, it was shown that Viraj’s academy is going through bad phase and is about to get closed.But audience shouldn’t be disheartened as in the coming episodes everything is gonna change.

    This is what source informed us,”Viewers have seen that Nisha and cousins come across an ad in the newspaper regarding Rajasthan Youth Talent. In the forthcoming episodes, viewers will witness Nisha and cousins participating in the Rajasthan Youth Talent show just to try their hand to win. The amount that the winning team will get will be used for a noble cause. Meanwhile, since Nisha as Aarti asked Viraj to stay back and not shift to London, he ponders upon it and finally stays back. On the other hand, Nisha and her cousins participate in the talent show and is all ready to perform. Viewers will see the entire team performing on Tenu Yaar Na Mile Toh Mar Jawa. Just then comes in Viraj and joins Nisha for the performance. The two will dance on All is Well. Eventually, Nisha with the help of all her cousins will win the competition and give the amount to Laksh Acadamy. Laksh Academy, since it is not doing well, needs funding to carry on.”

    Audiences are sure to enjoy Viraj and Nisha’s dance.

  6. SS

    hey guyz kya tumlogo ne nisha aur viraj ki jodi ko vote diya agar nahi diya ho to aabhi jodi on starplus pe jaao or vote do

  7. SS

    angle, aaliya kya aap dono ne notice kiya ki kal ke episode me nisha ka phone niche gir gaya or viru ne phone ko utha ke aapne paas rakh liya tha iss sentence ko parhyiye-“while nisha goes her phone falls down,viraj picks it up,nd keep it with him”

  8. Hath fracture hone ke wajeh se too kam bhi kana nahi padraha hai u gyz will pity for me but u know it seems too fun kam bhi nahi padai bhi nahi aur mum ke hath se khana khane milraha hai

  9. SS

    angle agar viraj kuch bhi mesg kare aarti ko aur agar nisha ke phone pe ye message chala jaaye or phone se ring baze or viraj pura ka pura parh le tab to maza hi aajaayegaa kyun ………….tumhe kya lagta hai

  10. Pata nahi yhm par koi asma ne mere liye negative comment diya I felt sad yaar . Maine kuch nahi kiya ss kya tume lagta hai ki maine yhm me kuch bhi galat kaha

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    nahi angle mujhe nahi lagta ki tumne koi galat comment kiya hai tumne to bas rithushree ki tarif ki ………..leave it yaar sad mat ho plz

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    ok angle mai aaugi …………………………………….or mai NAUC tab se dekh rahi hu jabse nisha ke ander jo darr tha use nikalne vaali thi or tum

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    no angle balki bohot achha lagta hai dusro ko jab hum aap kahke bolte hai cahe vo chota ho ya bada it’s normal ok …………………..and i am going my serial is start now that is IPKKND2 nd i will meet u at 6:40 ok bye bye

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    Ss aap yahan pe kaise comments karte Ho please let me know this.whenever I send my comments it is not displaying yaaar.y this happens to me only.

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    guyz chalo humlog ek dusre se ques. puchte hai ………………….pahele mai puchti hu tumlogo ki kon si hai

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