Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Akshara telling Karishma that they were all acting to make Nman realize. Karishma says sorry, I scolded you being angry, I m very sorry and hugs her. The elders decide that whatever Akshara does is after thinking, and we hope she makes things fine. Akshara brings Karishma and signs Devyaani. Vishwamber says we should leave now. Rama says we will also leave now. Dadda ji calls everyone, and brings the kids. Bua ji says what happened. Dadda ji says no one remembers its my birthday today. Bhabhimaa says its tomorrow. Dadda ji says kids reminded me its going to be midnight 12, I will cut cake at 12. He is happy with the kids. Bhabhimaa says he is happy, he will be annoyed if he knows there is no cake.

Akshara says I will make it, don’t worry. She makes the cake and everyone like it. They all sing birthday song and Dadda ji cuts the cake. They all smile. Naksh hugs him and says I love you. Dadda ji asks for gift. Naksh says later after the party. Dadda ji says fine. Bhabhimaa says Naksh got smart and managed everything. Bua ji says Dadda ji worked all his life, and they are upset that Dadda ji stays unwell. Akshara says the good thing is he is with us. Naitik says he is feeling proud of Naksh, he took my place in Dadda ji’s life. Rajshri says we will leave now. Muskaan asks Alok is he coming tomorrow. Alok says tomorrow, why.

She says about Sankranti. He asks does she know flying kites. She nods no. He smiles and says fine, we will learn together tomorrow. She smiles. He leaves. He bumps into Rashmi and Gayu. He takes Gayu and hugs her. He greets Rashmi and leaves. Raman is glad seeing Alok, Gayu and Rashmi. Naksh says he will sleep with Dadda ji as he wants to wish him first. Dada ji says you have to wake up first to wish me, lets go. Akshara asks Girja to do all work. Naitik hugs akshara seeing everyone go, and romances. He says he loves her, don’t know she loves him or not. She says I don’t. he says fine, give me few mins, I will male you love me.

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They sit in the cold weather. She asks him to say anything. He says fine, and tells something in her ears. She laughs. Its morning, everyone wish happy birthday to Dadda ji. They ask about Naksh. He says I forgot him. Akshara asks him to go and sleep again. He says fine, and sees Naksh sleeping. He sleeps by his side again. Naksh wakes up and Dadda ji acts like sleeping. Everyone look on. Naksh says Dadda ji is still sleeping, its his birthday, wake up Dadda ji. Dadda ji acts and Bau ji jokes asking Bhabhimaa to see him. Bhabhimaa says yes, he is Naksh’s Dadda ji. Naksh wishes him happy birthday and hugs him.

Alok comes home and shouts Naman. He asks Naman how can he be so careless, he has big loss because of him. Naman says you are mistaken. Alok says I did mistake to work with you, if I know you are stupid and cheater, I would have not worked with you. Naman says I m not cheater. Naitik asks what happened. Alok reminds that he told he won’t work if he does not get profit, and Naman said he will talk to client, I have given the order and came to know Naman did not talk, its my loss. Naman says I spoke to them. Alok asks am I lying, I had big loss and you have to pay for it. Bau ji says Alok, listen to me. Alok says uncle please, don’t come in between. Naman pushes Alok down on the floor. Everyone is shocked. Devyaani asks Naman whats this reaction. Naman says I m sorry, I did not wish to hurt you. Akshara signs to everyone. Alok smiles.

Naman asks what happened. Akshara explains Naman that like you did what you felt is right now, Karishma did what she felt was right that time, this was a drama to explain you and make you realize that person does wrong in anger, which he can’t do in senses. Naman says this situation is different. Akshara says no one is perfect, even you lied to us a lot, if Karishma lies once, why did you become angry, we have forgiven you always, why did you leave Karishma then, you should give her a chance, you should forgive her. Naman says I m sorry everybody, for today and yesterday, I don’t know why I did it. Karishma and everyone smile.

Akshara and Naitik ask him to apologize to Karishma. Alok says just go. Naman goes to Karishma and says sorry. Karishma says I m sorry, and hugs him infront of elders. They all turn. Naitik reminds Akshara that this happened with us too. Naman and Karishma see everyone and move back. Karishma thanks Alok. Naman says you are a great actor. Alok smiles and goes to talk on phone. Muskaan asks Alok did he think to do acting. Alok says no, I can think if someone comes with me. She smiles.

They all get ready and bring Dadda ji dressed in suit. Dadda ji says Naksh made me wear this. Muskaan says yes, we did this together, so that his look is best on his birthday. Bhabhimaa hugs Naksh and says you love Dadda ji a lot. Naksh says I love you also, don’t worry about Dadda ji, I will always take care of him. Everyone smile. Everyone compliment Dadda ji. Everyone wish him happy birthday. Akshara tells about Pongal. Dadda ji and everyone wish happy pongal to Chitti. He thanks everyone. Muskaan and Alok have some sweet moments. Shaurya says lets fly kites. Mohit asks but where is it. Naksh says you told you will bring. Naitik says not this time. Everyone ask how to celebrate then. Akshara says we will make kites. Naitik says yes we decided this, and the best kite will get a prize from Dadda ji, two people will make one kite. The couples smile, and Rashmi gets sad.

Rama smiles seeing Alok and Rashmi. Akshara is shocked seeing Alok say I love you to Muskaan.

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