Sinhasan Battisi 23rd January 2015 Written Episode Update

Sinhasan Battisi 23rd January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with,raja bhoj stops chandramukhi and asks is this the way a lady behaves with other lady and chandramukhi then says tat this lady has gone crazy pointing to vallari and raja bhoj then says her tat he will tell everything to her but first she needs to calm down and takes herto other room to talk while maharani vallari understands and says tat for his dharma of friendship raja bhoj has played a game of love to bring her to reality and she says tat she is proud of bhoj
While bhoj is seen making chandramukhi explain the truth while chandramukhi demands to bhoj to marry her now and raja bhoj tells her tat he is already married and the lady out side is his wife chandramukhi gets baffle listening to this and says tat he has bettaryed her and now she will show her hattered and runs to find vallari to kill her raja bhoj tries to stop her but she doesnot listens to her and bhoj then asks his soldiers to stop her but chandramukhi kills one of them with her poison and gets face to face with vallari and while she is about to kill her raja bhoj comes in middle and stops her and says tat actually chandramukhi u have not understood the real meaning of love and raja bhoj then asks her to come with her and then shows her the portraits of Sita who lived in jungle with her husband then anusuyi and then savitri who asked yamraj to give back life to her husband and then draupadi, damyanti all who fought for their love then chandramukhi understood her mistake and says to raja bhoj tat she has done nothing compared to these ladies but then raja bhoj tells her tat she should forget about the past and do good karmas here after and do social work help all good people use her posion to kill the bad people and chandramukhi agrees to it and then says to raja bhoj she would like to start with first confessing sorry to maharani vallari
Chandramukhi goes to vallari and ssays sorry to her and blesses them to be always together and then she leaves raja baluch is seen along with his soldiers planning to attack kapilnagar while his one soldier comes and tells tat one of adityanaths mantra is with them and further he will help us open the doors to enter palace and they are about to move further and they see a lady coming from far as she comes closer raja baluchh gets to know tat she is chandramukhi and asks her wat is she doing here as she was in Ujjain to marry raja bhoj chandramukhi replies tat yes she was their to marry raja bhoj but he showed me the true side of me as a lady and then she says tat she will kill him now and then raja baluch asks his soldiers to kill her to pieces chandramukhi starts fighting with them and kill all the soldiers and then she fights with raja baluch but at a point chandramukhi drops her sword in fight and raj abaluch is about to kill her and chandramukhi then attacks him and kill baluch and then chandramukhi decides to herself tat here after she will help all the women and make them strong .
Raja bhoj is going towards the old fort and suddenly is showered with flowers and mahamaya comes down and congratukates raja bhoj for successfully completeing the task of mitra dharma and says tat he has the same quality as raja vikramaditya and now he can proceed to the next ste and raja bhoj moves further and there appears a wall in front of him he then calls out and asks wat is this and then there comes the next devi from the singhasan and introduces herself as (Self respect) atmasan ki putli and asks raja bhoj to cross it but raja bhoj refuses saying tat he will not bend without a reason as his self respect is very important to him but then the devi says to he definitely has a reasonif he wants to achieve singhasan then he has to cross this and raja bhoj then smartly crosses the wall and comes out while the devi congratulates him saying tat he has successfully crossed the first exam of selfrepect and then raja bhoj greets her and asks her to tell him the story of vikramaditya selfrespect and then the devi tells tat all the god has to assign a representative of god who can fight the devils and so they gods are deciding on it and god mangal says tat a person who is strong enough to fight the devils but god indra says tat not just strong to fight but should also have some selfrespect and then god indra suggests vikramdityas name and all the god agree to it and decide to go and meet vikramaditya while vikramditya is seen doing pooja of sun and then there arrives all gods and they tell him about the selection of him as the representative of god and its called narendra ki upadhi and ask samrat tat he has to do a yagya and send a horse in the tri lok and once he completes the circle without any obstacle u will be considered the narendra and the yagya can be done only by rishi vashish samrat then asks where can he reach rishi vashish and the god then tell tat they can find him at dron doing tapasya and u husband wife have to go there to request him to do the yagya and the gods then leave and samrat then says to chitralekha tat god has given him a very huge responsibility and chitralekha then says tat she is very happy tat u r selected for this and samrat then says her tat in this journey he will need her support and chitralekha agrees to support him throughout.

Dashasumedh vishva mitra stops the horse of vikramaditya and stops the yagya of vikramaditya and challenges him to prove his selfrespect.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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