Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, nisha says thanku to viraj n asks him how did he know, viraj says I had read it on application form.
Laxmi n ramesh are tensed, dadaji comes n asks why are u tensed, ramesh tells him nisha isn’t home, they hear horns sound n go out, dadaji is angry at nisha coming home late, nisha says dadaji he is, dadaji says I know him his viraj singh rathore n says I know viraj ji ur a big man n have lot of work but girls of gangwal family don’t work so late, n its nishas fault that she didn’t tell u this, viraj says plz can I call u dadaji as nisha does, dadaji says ok, viraj says I know that but im sorry are car had broken so anyways how is ur elder son, dadaji says he is good but how do u know it, nisha says dadaji viraj sir sent dr shreshta, dadaji says thanku

n says its time I should in bed good night.
Viraj says to ramesh n laxmi that they have a grt n brave daughter n she saved his life today, ramesh says thanku n says sorry for what dadaji said, viraj says its fine he is elder to me n miss nisha u have an holiday tomorrow, nisha says sir I want to come, viraj says nisha I said no , viraj says ramesh here is amans house papers, nisha told me abt aman n umesh, nisha says dad sir gave amans uncle money, viraj says I take aman as my sister n thanku for helping her n now I shd leave, n leaves.
Ramesh sees aman n says why didn’t u come out u could say her thanku, aman says viraj bhaiya doesn’t like me seeing crying n cries, nisha says aman now relax, aman gets very happy.
Cousins from terrace see viraj n dolly says he is so handpump, jwala says dolly di its handsome, umesh take ur positions n where is kirti, suku says she is helping sourabh practice as nishas lover.
Ramesh n laxmi bring her to her room n leave, nisha says how bad no one remembers my bday, instead viraj sir is good he atleast wished me, nisha finds something fishy n enters her room, nisha changes n walks out, n sits on sofa, n relaxes, cousins play bday songs on their mobiles, nisha gets very excited when see dadi n her cousins surprise her.
Nisha hugs dadi n says I knew u people must have planed, dadi says I had to wait so long all bcoz of ur boss n what boss is he who made u wait so long, nisha sees ourabh stare at her she goes to her n says whtas wrong sourabh why are u looking at me as if I stole ur pencil, sourabh gives her rose n says this is for all our memories of of….., bunty prompts him, n sourabh says friendship, nisha says ur mad n leaves, suku says girls like funny boys like me so change in plan, sourabh says whatever kirti u tell is ritesh funny, kirti says forget me concentrate on nisha, nisha sees kirti from window n finds it weird to see kirti sad. Laxmi n ramesh call nisha n gift her jacket, laxmi says tell me about that incident, nisha says not now first cake, ramesh says ok lets go. They cut the cake, n celebrate nishas bday, nisha about to give sourabh cake he offers her one more rose, nisha says sourabh u fool are u stupid giving rose foolish person n leaves. Dolly says oh this plan flop , sourabh says what to do I cant see in her eyes, aman says wear glasses n propose her.
Sourabh wears black glasses n proposes laxmi instead of nisha, laxmi n ramesh tease sourabh, nisha asks jwala why is sourabh behaving so weird, jwala says I don’t know n leaves.
Sourabh goes to cousins n says enough for today I cant do this anymore, suku says yes today nisha is some other zone, dolly says I asked her but she didn’t, bunty says even dadi asked her n she didn’t answer, sourabh says other plans we will see tomorrow.
Laxmi calls nisha who has locked herself, nisha doesn’t open, laxmi says open the door let me see ur wound, dolly says she is ok as she is very happy, ramesh says n the reason is she could shoot today, cousins get excited n ask nisha to tell them how did she do this n what all happened, but nisha doesn’t open the door, laxmi says she must be tired lets talk to her tomorrow. Nisha in her room is lost in her thoughts thinking about viraj.
Umesh takes aman to a side n says see aman u have no time to talk to me n holds her hand, aman says what are u doing someone will see us, umesh says no one will come all are sleeping, mohan enters n sees them, aman walks away.

Suku, umesh, dolly, texts viraj from nishas mobile inviting him for party, nisha sees this n gets angry.

Update Credit to: Tanaya


  1. wow there r really superb.especially viraj and nishu rocks as always.and sourab dont get into cousins words then u known wt nishu will do to u going superb.thank for fast update yaar.waiting for viraj coming into nishu party.

  2. Nishu

    Arey yaar can anyone tell the movie name of the song vch was played wen nishu was lost in thoughts of viraj…

  3. SS

    aaj ka episode bohot hi mazadar tha …………………………………….yaar nisha or sorav vala scene bohot funny tha…………….. ……………………………….and waiting for tomorrow when viraj will come nishu birthday party …………………………………….. precap is very good ………………………………………………………………….and love you both niraj…………..

  4. Sc

    What was the name of the song when Nisha was lost in thoughts. Anyone?
    Email me at sawraw87@ Gmail.
    Desperately looking for it

  5. bulbul

    Vraj by nishu
    tumhe dekh ke ekbarphir jine ki ass jag jati he..
    Tumhari bhatose ekbarphir sapne dekhne ki ummid jag jati he
    tumhare muskuranese
    ekbarphir bharosa karne ka dil karata he
    tumhari hatosehi ekbarphir o jakhmhon ke nishan mitana chahati hu
    tumhari akhose phir ekbar dunya dekhna chahati hu
    tumhare sath ekbarphir udna chahati hu
    tumhari hath pakdke ekbarphir chalna chahati hu
    tumhara akelepn mitane ko ekbarphir jina chahati hu

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