Kumkum Bhagya 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts Pragya dreaming about Abhi getting him bedtime tea and serving it to her on bed. She wakes up and sees Abhi really sitting next to her and sipping coffee. He asks if she was dreaming about him. She says yes. He says let us go to your mom’s house. On the way, Abhi eats pani puris. Pragya says her family must be preparing so may food items for him and if he will not eat, they will stuff it into his mouth. He says she has to rescue him. Once reaching Sarla’s house, Pragya asks him to apologize Suresh if he wants her to rescue him. He says he will not apologize double battery. She says he has to. He agrees.

At Sarla’s house, whole family continues talking with Abhi. Purvi jokes if he needs cough syrup. Abhi says yes and says he needs soda tough. They continue their talk. Abhi says he is hungry and needs food, he thought they would have prepared a lot of food for him. Sarla smiles and gets in to get him food while Purvi gets him daadi’s cough syrup bottle/alcohol bottle.

Bulbul asks Pragya if she had any special moment with Abhi. She says her respect for him increased after the incident. Bulbul says she wants Abhi and her to unite, for that she has to forget Purab and let Aaliya marry him. They both get teary eyed and emotional. Abhi hears their conversation and angrily walks towards his car while Pragya runs behind to stop him but to no avail.

Abhi while driving his car reminisces Aaliya requesting him to get her married to Purab and thinks he has to close this chapter at any cost. He calls Aaliya. Tanu asks her to pick call, but she does not. Abhi’s driver on the other side gives Purab a file and says Abhi wants him to sign it. Just when is about to sign it, he gets Abhi’s call who asks him to meet him immediately. Purab says driver he does not have car. Driver says he will drop him. Purab gets into car.

Rachna gets Akash’s call who asks her how is she, etc. She asks him to keep away from her as she does not want any problem and cuts call.

Sarla asks Pragya why did Abhi walk out angrily. Pragya says she and Bulbul were talking about Purab and Abhi heard it, before she could explain, he angrily walked out.

Purab waits for Abhi and thinks why did Abhi call him. Abhi comes there and says he wanted to to anything for him yesterday after he proved Pragya innocent. Purab says he can give his life. Abhi says he has to marry with the girl of his choice. Purab says he cannot do that. Abhi says he knew he would not accept and all his promises are fake, he is not the Purab he knew. Purab says he can do anything for him, but cannot marry as it is not under his control. Abhi asks if he does not believe his choice, then how can he brag that he can do anything for him. He says he will forget his friendship and knows a worst enemy is better than lying friend. Purab says he is not lying and says if he really wants him to marry, then he will to any girl who points at. Abhi thanks him and says he will have to speak to Aaliya and sort out the differences first to continue their relationship further. He calls Aaliya.

Precap: Abhi says Purab that some relationships have to be forgotten to make new relationship, so he will announce his marriage in front of Bulbul and her family.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hope to see prabhi togethr

  2. bulbul shld gve a chnc 2 her love n cant let aliya take her share of hapines…

  3. i knw he will ask purab to marry bulbul

    1. Yes…u r right meenu……

    2. Well, we REALLY Hope So……

  4. I think purab will marry bulbul

  5. Love u abhi

  6. purab bulbul se pyaar uske liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai
    same aliya purab ke liye kuch bhi kar sakti hai
    but bulbul purab ko chhodke sab ke sab kuch karti hai
    i think purab deserves better girl than bulbul..

    1. No plz you can’t compare purab’ s eternal love with alia’s phychotic obsession. and also bulbul do loves purab bt it’s just that she gives more importance to her family’s happiness than her own’s.well thats what makes her one of the protagonist in the show right!!!! Well I just love rabul and purab and bulbul are made for each other!!!

      1. I think you can compare as Aaliya can do anything for purab whereas bulbul doesnt do anything. Also bulbul a supporting actress, pragya’s the protagonist

  7. abhi is gng to unite purab and bulbul

  8. bulbul remember me charu of pyaar ka punchnama
    she only cares her family & her so called sister
    she is using purab & cheating on him
    whenever problems come, she remembers purab after she says we can’t meet anymore.
    let alia marry purab then she will know the value of love & purab.

    1. Oh plz why purab should marry alia? That really doesn’t make any sense…why he should suffer the most???? I agree that bulbul definitely uses him but she never cheats him as she never gives him any kind of false hopes about their relationship and it’s always his own will to help her.I think they are true lovers and just needs to be together.

      1. You both do know that bulbul and purab aren’t going to be together. Bulbul and suresh will get married and Aaliya and purab will get married as kkb is based on a book and thats what’s gonna happen

  9. This track seems to be nice for rabul but worrying too…..as in the promos they showed that alia gonna plan her fake suicide to stop purab and bulbul’s marriage.I really hope that this time kkb writters show us some matured stuff and get rabul married. It’s high time for abhi to act mature and pragya supporting her sister also good winning against bad.

  10. so why she always goes to purab for help? i also used to love rabul..but writers killed the potential of rabul’s track.. rabul is only reason why i watch kkb.

    1. Their are many people who watch this show only for rabul…and I am one of them. I know kkb makers tried to kkill the potential rabul had.bt I guess they reallised their mistake when they saw sudden decrease in the trp s..at present I am just worried about the current track.and just hopping rabul marriage happens, because I do feel that when purab and bulbul are on screen they are just magical.

  11. abhigya are leads of kkb
    purab and bulbul are supporting characters

  12. abhigya are leads of kkb
    purab and bulbul are supporting characters
    when show started kkb was of both abhigya and rabul but now it is of only abhigya

    1. But that how it’s suppose to be because they are the leads

    2. kumkum bhagya

      Listen dude purab and bulbul are not supporting characharacter s they are parallel leads. If u wanna check u can do it on Wikipedia or on balajis official site.as we rabul fans have already done this.also sriti herself said in an interview that arjit and mrunal are parallel leads of the show!!!!

  13. Rabul is the only reason why I watch kumkum bhagia … I just love their jodi. But why bulbul always kind of ‘uses’ him…

  14. 2 mahine baad episode dekha to behanchode kahani wahi ka wahi hai…

  15. I can’t see aliyah wit purab… purab deserved bulbul, on top dat dey love each other yaar, if bulbul n purab dnt get married I swear dey will ruin the show n trust me nobody will watch it anymore!!!

    1. I know I will watch it for sure because I am crazy about shabbir

    2. I don’t know about others but I will never watch it for sure.purab and bulbul just needs to be get together…it’s high time.I really love rabul.

  16. I think abhi is gonna get purab married to bulbul

    1. Abhi will try but hope things won’t change after alia’ s fake suicide plan..and in this situation bulbul taking all blame on herself marrying that uncle Suresh..leaving poor purab heartbroken. I really hope that nothing of the sort happens nd just wish after all the drama bulbul marries purab only.otherwise I swear I won’t watch this show ever!!!!

  17. Let's do this together!!!

    Please vote for KKB for best serial 2014! Let’s show the others what we can do πŸ˜€

    Can someone please post this up on kumkum bhagya fan facebook pages (as many as possible)? The more people we get involved, the better we will do πŸ™‚ (I unfortunately don’t have facebook)

    Sorry if this post keeps annoying you but I want KKB do as best as it can πŸ™‚ We’re already doing quite well!

  18. Ab kumkum bagya achcha chal raha hai itne dino baad aise hi chalte rahe ye show !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love abhi and pargay

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