Udaan 23rd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhaiya ji telling Chakor that he wanted the kids to fail, and realize whats failure. He says Vivaan used to come in Chakor’s words before going to Lucknow, and I was happy when he went Lucknow, but I knew it that he will meet Chakor and do something. He laughs and says see Ragini, I m stunned seeing my daughter, my blood, she has done this, whats this Tejaswini, did you do this upbringing, tell me what punishment we should give her. She says I will punish her, that she does not think to do such thing again. Chakor says no, leave Ragini. Bhaiya ji says no, you are mother and you can’t punish her. She says how can we leave her. He says someone else will punish them. She asks who. He says he will tell after talking to Manohar. He asks him what should Vivaan get as punishment.

Ranjana takes Vivaan. Bhaiya ji says don’t worry, Manohar loves Vivaan and he will not punish him. Tejaswini says I will punish Imli, she fooled me by her crocodile tears. Kasturi asks her to leave Imli. Tejaswini says I trusted Imli. Bhaiya ji says leave her for my sake, its decided we will not punish them, someone else will punish. Manohar says he does not understand anything, but if he says, he will beat Vivaan with my shoes. Bhaiya ji says calm down, so its decided we all will not punish them. Chakor asks then who will punish them. Bhaiya ji laughs and says Chakor will be punishing them. Chakor and everyone are shocked. She asks me? He says yes.

He asks her what does she want to give them as punishment. Chakor says you punish me, and leave all of them. She says they all did this to free me, its not their mistake. Imli cries. Bhaiya ji cries and says the decision is made, Chakor has taken their punishment on her, she will get the punishment now, you all can go. Kasturi and Bhuvan cry. Prabhakar takes Vivaan and leaves. Bhuvan takes Imli. Imli says she won’t go without Chakor. Chakor asks her to leave with mum and dad. Chakor smiles and waves bye. Vivaan looks at Chakor.

Its night, Bhuvan and Kasturi bring Imli home. Imli says Chakor will die there, why did we leave her there. Bhuvan scolds her for being stupid, its impossible to free Chakor. Kasturi says no, she has run twice, she can run again too. They know this. He says there is nothing to be happy about this. She says I m scared, as Chakor has awaken the tiger in his jungle, she is a goat’s child. She worries for Chakor. Chakor is chained and tied to the pillar.

Tejaswini asks Bhaiya ji why did he get her here to have cold air. She asks what is he doing, he is not telling her anything, why is she being punished, he is not asking her anything. He says come with me, and they leave. Chakor feels cold. Manohar scolds Vivaan. Vivaan says he missed him a lot. Manohar says I feel every word is lie. Vivaan cries. Ranjana comes and asks Manohar not to blame Vivaan, as he is responsible for all this. She says if you used your mind, Chakor would have not come back here. Manohaar asks her to take Vivaan and just leave. Ranjana says no, this time I will not leave from this haveli, and not even my son. Manohar leaves annoyed. Bhaiya ji brings Tejaswini to the cage and says Chakor was trying to flee from here. He shows her ABCD written there.

He shows Chakor written in hindi. She asks when did she learn all this. He says mum says this girl will ruin us. This is the first proof of it. She reads Chakor Ki Udaan. She gets worried. He says I forgot Chakor can become seed to made others against us, this is just sample, think she has made Ragini and Vivaan against us, they are our blood, why, they stood for them even though Chakor is stranger for them. Ranjana’s dad asks her to meet people in Aazaadgunj, and take her campaign ahead, as he is trying to make her get the ticket. Vivaan says he is going to see the moon, and leaves. Ranjana’s dad says its right time to use the benefit of your marriage, Bhaiya ji’s sin pot is full, Aazaadgunj should come in your control now. She says yes and smiles.

Bhaiya ji talks to Tejaswini. He says Chakor has something in her that she is making our loyal people go against us. She says we have to stop her, kill her before she ruins us. He says you are doing the same mistake which foreigners did, they have killed one Bhagat Singh and many more were born, I won’t let any more Chakor born here, I will break Chakor’s courage. She asks how? He says we have to break her heart strength, its very strong.

Chakor asks Bhaiya ji to free Ishwar. He says fine, will you do what I say.Chakor gets ready to do anything. Ishwar says no Chakor and sees Bhaiya ji laughing.

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