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Naagarjun 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mohini suffocates due to havan ash in pot. Chutki drops pot while playing and ash falls in front of Mohini. Rajveer comes and asks what happened. Mohini says let us go from here and shows ash. Rajveer calls Noorie. Yashoda brings water. Mohini says she does not need water and has got some important work. Noorie greets bye to everyone and Arjun. Arjun goes in angrily. Noorie leaves with Rajveer and Mohini. Yashoda sees ash on floor and scolds Chutki. Tina says she dropped it by mistake. Yashoda goes to bring broom. Tina asks Aslam if Noorie is Arjun;s just friend. Aslam stands nervously.

Astika gets ready to go to Arjun’s house. Vasuki comes and Astika asks why did he come here uninvited. Vasuki says he knows nothing happens in this world without reason and asks if he

cannot see enemy in Amroli. Astika says he knows how to tackle enemies and leaves. He reaches Arjun’s house and calls him. Yashoda asks if everything is fine, Arjun went to guest house to drop his friend Tina. He says yes and walks out. He sees garud on sky and smirks. Yashoda comes behind him calling, but he leaves. Arjun comes back and asks what happened. She says Astika had come calling him and went out without informing anything. Arjun says he will come back and runs to meet Astika.

Astika travels in his car wiht Garud following him. Arjun runs towards Astika’s house. Astika reches his garage and stops car. Arjun reaches garage and sees garud attacking Astika’s car and gets him out on time. Garud laughs on Astika that he will die today for killing his father. Arjun identifies him as Garud. Garud asks Astika if he is afraid seeing his death in front of him. Astika says he is afraid for his great father who gave birth to a coward who is attacking weaponless person. Garud attacks Astika and he falls on Arjun. Arjun looks in a shock. Astika says he is a common human and pleads to save him. Garud laughs if a boy will protect him and asks Arjun to go away as his prey is Astika and not him. Astika says Arjun he is not a common boy, he is very powerful and can defeat Garud.

Garud laughs and asks Arjun to attack him if he can. Arjun attacks garud. Astika reminisces telling Pranali that he has to take Arjun to naglok as he is not common, apsaras will sing his praises, gods will respect, he is naglok’s weapon. Arjun injures Garud and Garud escapes. Astika thanks Arjun for saving his life. Arjun asks who was that hawk and who are mohini and Rajveer , who is he. Astika says he is a common, who is he. Arjun says he wants to know truth. Astika says he does not know anything, he will know truth himself soon.

Arjun goes back home. His cousin taunts him that Noorie used him and then ditched him just like rich girls do. Arjun strangulates him. Yashoda and Maheshwar rush to rescue cousin and ask Arjun to leave him. Arjun with snake eyes loudly says he is tired and does not cousin to disturb him. They both are shocked to see his snake eyes.

Precap: Astika tells Vasuki that a person’s powers are provoked when he isin trouble, he saw Arjun’s power and cruelty today. Arjun slits his hand and it heals immediately. Yashoda is shocked to see that. Arjun shouts with pain and Yashoda/Maheshwar get tensed hearing it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. i m exiteddd and thanks for update …. they are dragging but i m loving it….

  2. The girl in the lead Noorie should be changed otherwise the rest of the cast rocks \m/…………… Love Astika………..

  3. The upcoming track seems pretty exciting ………

    1. U are commenting with two names…. hmm….

  4. Right…..that female lead Noorie is what makes the entire show less appealing… the current track wow… Arjun is getting his powers….. yay

    1. Some things should be accepted and are to accepted for both Astika and Rajni

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