Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Duje Ke Vaste 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Shravan sits in the car. I will tell Sumo everything. Aditya asks him to wait and sits inside. Please drop me too. my car is busy in dropping people. Shravan says I am going to CP. Aditya says it is perfect drop me on the way please. Shravan does so without a word. Aditya thanks him but Shravan drives away without saying anything. Aditya wonders if what this man is. He always he short tempered.

Shravan is driving when Aditya’s phone rings. Shravan is irked as he takes a u turn.

Sumo is talking to Nirmala ji. I am so happy you are here. Don’t go without meeting me. I am bust at the moment. Nirmala ji says I know. You are doing it on by yourself. They agree to meet after wedding. Nirmala ji tells Sumo to take care of Nanu. Sumo is in thoughts.

Aditya is talking to the chole kulche vendor. Shravan gives Aditya his phone. Aditya thanks him. Now that you have decided to be my angel then I will make you meet my angel. She is my girlfriend no. 1. I don’t make anyone meet her. You are really lucky. Shravan says thanks but not interested. Call your mom ok. He sits in the car. Nirmala ji comes to the venue. She can be easily seen in the car’s rear view mirror. Shravan is looking at his phone when she heads inside. He does not see her and neither does she.

Nirmala ji hugs Aditya. Why aren’t you picking your phone? I have been calling him. Aditya tells her that he forgot his phone in the car of his friend’s brother. He is a big Sadu. He never laughs as if something has gone terribly wrong. Nirmala ji says I know what you have told him. Aditya says I dint say anything wrong. You are my first girlfriend. Nirmala ji smiles. Who will agree to meet me if you will talk like this? When will you make me meet your love interest? Aditya says it will happen real soon. Khichdi is boiling. It will be ready soon.

Shravan is upset on Aditya but realises that he is angrier on Sumo though. She isn’t understanding anything He tries her number again but she does not pick up. He wonders why this is happening.

Sumo tries to cheer Nanu but he is worried for her. She reasons that he has raised her to be strong. Why worry then? nanu says how will you get married if Manju and everyone leave for America. I am old. I wont be able to do anything. Sumo explains it well to him. I am strong enough to tackle anything. If they go then I have you. I don’t have any worries till you are with me. he reasons that he isn’t blessed to be immortal. I will leave you one day. She gets sad. Don’t say so. I wont let you go anywhere. You cannot talk like this. Think what will happen to me. How can you say so? Promise me you will never say it again. She helps him in lying down and massages his legs. Nanu stares at the ceiling blankly. Sumo repeats she wont let him go. nanu thinks it is destiny. no one can change it. I wont mind it once you marry to a nice family. Sumo is upset thinking about Nanu’s words. She caresses his face when he falls asleep. She looks at him emotionally and then goes.

Sumo comes to her room. No Nanu, I cannot think about me without you. I don’t care about society and its norms but you will always be with me. She notices Shravan’s missed calls. She calls him back. Shravan stops the car to talk to her. He gets concerned hearing her voice. What happened? She lies that it is nothing but he is sure she has been crying. She lies again. He asks her if she thinks she can lie to him. why do you even try? (tumhe lagta hai tum mujhse kuch chupa sakti ho? Tum koshish bhi kyun karti ho?) She too thinks about it. It is very difficult to hide something from you Shravan. (Tumse kuch bhi chupana bahot mushkil hai shravan). Shravan speaks of the childhood times when he used to come to her after getting hurt. I knew you might not be able to do something but you got to know. I gave you that right. Wont you give me that right today? She cries. How can Nanu say it? He asks her again. she shares what Nanu said. He is everything for me. I don’t know what I will do without him. I wont be able to live without him. He assures her he wont go anywhere. Your love ties people in such a manner that they cannot leave you. don’t think about it. people say so in weak moments or troubled times. Nanu loves you. he wont go anywhere. She is worried if something happens to Nanu. I will be left all alone. He tells her not to even think that ways. I am there. I will be with you. they both go quiet. She says I am fine now. Tell me why you called. He says I forgot. She knows he is lying. You think you can lie to me? Why do you even try? Say it. He agrees to tell but some other time. It isn’t that important. She asks again but he stays put. Don’t upset yourself thinking about all that. Everything will be good. Stay positive. Take rest now. She says hmm. He tells her to sleep. She points out that she will sleep when he will keep the phone down. He sweetly says I wont do it till I hear you snoring. She says I don’t snore. He reminds her that she cannot win with him in arguments. You call me egoistic. She smiles. You want me to lose? He sweetly requests her to do so this time. She smiles sweetly and agrees.

Pushkar tries Shravan’s number but it is switched off. Everyone at home is worried. Varun calls his friends to check about Shravan and so does Pushkar. They find no clue. Lala ji asks Pushkar to call Sumo. You should have called her first. She is his best friend. Kamini adds fuel to the fire. You should have called her first of all. She is Shravan’s best friend after all. They might have sat down to discuss the preps. Ramnath panics upset. What will they talk about at 2 am? Kamini shrugs. Pushkar calls Sumo.

Sumo is in deep sleep. She is surprised to see Pushkar calling her at this hour. Pushkar asks her if she has any idea where Shravan is. Sumo denies. I had a word with him at 11:30 last. Pushkar shares that Bhaiya left at 11 pm from home. Sumo is shocked to realise that Shravan was in car when he was talking to her. Pushkar ends the call. Sumo wonders where Shravan was going to at that hour. why dint you reach home yet? She gets up up and picks her car keys. Massi asks Sumo where she is going at this hour. Sumo tells her that no one knows where Shravan is. I will just check.

Sumo, Pushkar and Ramnath are looking out for Shravan on road. They hope Shravan is fine. Sumo thinks he wanted to say something to her. Maybe he will be on the way to my home. She finds his car and informs Pushkar. He agrees to come right away. Sumo knocks at the car’s door. Shravan has fallen asleep. He is surprised to see her there. What are you doing here? She shouts at him. Have you lost it? What was the point of putting me to sleep when you were in the middle of the street? Everyone is so worried and I. She hugs him and cries. Please don’t do it ever again. He agrees not to do it. Pushkar and Ramnath come just then. Ramnath is upset seeing them thus whereas Shravan looks happy.

Precap: Ramnath says I hope you dint forget your promise Sumo. She says I promised you that I will never tell my feelings to Shravan but it not that the feelings will be over. Love has happened after all. What to do now?

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. kittu(AKA member)kk for ireena di...missing u..??

    Thnk god…modu uncle is back???

  2. kittu(AKA member)kk for ireena di...missing u..??

    Plez kill this system of moderation

  3. Marie

    Hello guys..!
    Ep was dammmmmm amazing !!! Loved it..! Yay…!!!!!! Sumo is back hurrah…!!!
    Today’s ep was sooo lovely bt emotional as well…Nandu n naati bonding…r awesome….n dialouges hai too emotional nikki n Nandu u nailed it….! Hats of to u…..

    N Aate hi kamal kardia hats of to nikki bemari se uth kar foran shoot Karna shuru hogai….
    Sumo n shraman = shraman both rocked today…..ufff m very happy finally after a long tym they HUG it WS an unexpected scene Lekin ho Gaya so lovely ajjjj ka ep…!! Was damm amzing…
    Their talk on phone n sumo’s concern fr him…..our handsome Munda n beautiful lady !! Finally their moments cm thank god….
    This ramu ka baccha ye phir aagaya !! Errrrr I will kill him kyun kabab Mai haddi ban jata hai…

    N Precap sumo nai sahi ka jawaab dia ravnath ko….SHAKAL dekhne walai thi…! Hahahaha
    Abhi toh bht drama hona baki hai …… Adivan (adi n shravan) scenes were also funny….
    Waiting waiting waiting…….
    N thank u soooooooo much Pooja di fr fast update…. 🙂 🙂
    By guys
    Love u all….!

  4. Oh…god…amazing episode…
    And Nikki..she was just adorable…ye side nunchi kuda tanu..asala..jwaram vachina ammaiy la ledu…chala..chala..chala…….enjoy chess..e roju…???????
    (Kisi b side sey vo bimar nahi lag rahi this..ye ladki..bahut..bahut..bahut..enjoy..kiya..aaj..????????☺)
    Sori..vo kehtey..hai..ki jab emotions mey behjaay..tho..basha par control nahi rehti..????????aur..kisi ko bhi pehle..apni..mother tongue..hi yaadh aati hai na..so I told in Telugu???
    Well…I’m very sorry for those David and areeba..whom I suggested to take gap..sorry..yaar..I really don’t knw they will shift best episode of Monday to this Friday..
    Abh is dhamekadhar..episode ko weekend par aayi huyi gift hamper samjungi..my????????
    Par dar lagta hai..kahi ye kisi aaney wali pareshaniyon ki sanketh na ho..vaisey yaadh hai na..pichli baar bhi jabhi laga. ki kuch acha honeywala..hai..hamesha bada twists aaya hai..?????????
    Well.precap also too interesting..sumo hamesha..ramu ko much this jawab dethi..hai..I like this quality..in her..always??????
    OK guys..gd nyt.for all of u..kittu..areeba.preeti..minakshi..anshi..sonai..maria..lovelylady..sumo..and evryonenazia..we will miss you..

  5. Uff..is moderation service maintence..in cheezon ka kabhi kuch ho hi nahi sakta?☺??
    Thank god..at last ho gaya..abh take..aankey…jabardasthi..khol k rakh rahi tgi..ye dekhney k liye..comment post hua hai ki..nahi..abh jaa rahi hu..soney..
    Gd NYt☺

  6. Aaj ka epi was awesome ……
    Talking about the precap
    Sumo gave a fitting reply to Raamu kaka…

    But I am afraid that Raamu kaka will now plan something… But somehow I think this time the plan will back fire…. And he will get exposed….. Plz plz…. Raamu should be exposed…..

  7. Wat is the prob with this site????? I was so so soooo happy to c our ShraMan like this i was so eager to comment n this site god…..kk leave it…

    Coming to epi…. By god wat to tell i am am so much happy right now I am flying seeing there convo hug….. Unexpected things brings more happiness …. It happened with me …. I am really very much happy today….finally sumo is back … N yaar It was a treat to eyes to c todays epi….again this epi added to my fav n best epi list….. Shravan was so sweet polite n cute at the same time… I got little emotional regarding nanu ….. I was touched with there bonding….. I loved it to core….

    N guys pls pls pls do reply is there any way to save some epi of edkv on my phone permanently?????? I badly need many epi so that I can watch anytime …..

    Good night all….

    Pls do reply….

    1. Asmita...

      Hey Roshni… If you save video by youtube directly it will get saved offline… So do 1 thing… Download “vidmate”… You will not find it on play store… Type vidmate in google search bar and download it… Here is the link

      After downloading, install it and thn open it… You will find 1st icon of youtube, click on it… When youtube is opened, type which episode you want to download eg. “Ek duje ke vaste episode 107” … And search it… Thn you will find an arrow option of downloading below right side.. click it… It will ask the quality of video eg. Hd quality, mp4, 3gp… Select whatever you want and click on download… It will downloaded directly in your phn memory and you can shift it to memory card too…

      I tHink this is sufficient info… Still if you find any problems… I am a msg away only dear… ?

  8. Lightsabre

    Last scene was goin gud… until… vo pagal ramnath ne nazar laga di???.
    Pushkar shud hav seen them hug and then pointed towrds the ‘opposite ‘ direction and said ” sir… vo dekho.. sorry.. mera veham dha. Vaha kuch nahi ??? ” and then shud hav driven away n cum bak later! ? ab ek lawyer ko chutt bolna sikhana padega kya?!???

    Uh.. is ramnath gona blackmail sumo again abt callin off preetis weddin?! Hopin for nirmala to fix the situation. N… adi… hmm… bechara beech mein bhasa hai. Sum1 shud tel him the girl is taken?.. tht too by his step brother!

  9. Loved todays episode especially shraman scenes the part when they were talking on the phone and the part when she huggeg him ?

  10. kittu(AKA member)kk for ireena di...missing u..??

    HUG HI HUG..
    HUG HI HUG..

    HO NA HO..

    Wooow…yipeeeeee…finally…awesome blossom… Tadaaaa…m jumping guyssss…
    BALLE BALLE…oye hooo

  11. kittu(AKA member)kk for ireena di...missing u..??
    1. Hahaha what a link kittu. Adi ko to bakra bana diya.nice.

  12. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CojSt-sW8AQd5a2.jpg:small
    Hey guys I only get this pic of hug…plez could anyone post her their hug pic…plez

  13. kittu(AKA member)khushi di,ireena di...where r u???kk for my Ireena diii??

    Tell me first of all…
    Is and k paas apna kuch Hai bhi ya surf kehne ko ahuja ka beta Hai…
    Obviously no words for hug…nd love their convo.. Hug ho to aisa ..jabardast…killer…nd ramu nd kamu..ha ha…love nanu..nirmala ,so cute ma.Really our shravu deserves her.Want to see u soon with shravu… Lalaji, tussi kamaal ho.
    As I know u guys r much better than me in writing cmmts,so guys u do.I come here for u all..nd somewhat for edkv.. But u the most..so..
    @NAZIA,okay dear. I got it…JSC,ryt?All the very best , this seems to like 10th board…okay dear..well I hope it won’t end,I ‘ll not I but we’ll miss u dear.try to come soon..nd ha u can call me Di..??..I like this authority… Ha ha
    @Beas…now welcome back my YKY…now keep commenting here as usual…?
    @Arbi…kahan Hai tu..kahan Hai tu..?
    @Priya 15 ,Di …wow u r back…thnx Di..nd how were yr xms…???I missed u di…
    @DJ ANSHI….wow Nice songs..now its my turn…..
    (Teri Meri kahan,gabbar)

    HOTA SABSE RUHANA….????…nd ha,tujhe kaise bhool sakti hoon..love u dear…

  14. kittu(AKA member)khushi di,ireena di...where r u???kk for my Ireena diii??

    @Sona Di..why will u miss me???after all m here Di…

  15. kittu(AKA member)khushi di,ireena di...where r u???kk for my Ireena diii??

    @Roshu Di…no idea Di….

  16. @Kittu…yaar Ab to sunle..this is the 3rd time when m commenting on this pg,for u…I know u won’t forgive me..sorry..bola na..dekh Teri sry k chakkar me yahan tak aa gayi…anyways.. Leave this..
    Baar baar din ye aaye …
    Baar baar dil ye gaye…
    Tum jiyo hazaro saal..
    Ye Meri Hai…Arzooooo…
    Happy b’d to u…taraaaa….
    Hey dear…now forgive me… I know this was not our topic of fight… But plez.. Nd have a prosperous year ahead…nd will cmmt tomorrow on yr B’d ….
    @Guys…sorry m new ..was a silent reader… Me nd Kittu r classmates.. But on any topic… Uff..actually hamari ladai ho gayi Hai..okay…so I wanna say sorry but she is not paying attention… That’s y I came here…nd thought to celebrate her b’d here?…Ab skool me ye mujhe pakka pitegi….
    @Sorry everyone…. Kittu had told me abt this pg,so I went here…nd found a superb bonding…. I really wanna join u all….could I??… Nd ya u all have a unique potential…
    Bye everyone…

    1. Rashi welcome our edkv family. Enjoy.

  17. Love edkv nd shravu a lottt ,he he..what a hug..

  18. Today i m super dooper happy ….kitne dino k baad ye shraman moments ki ek jalak dekhi…waise i m aalia a new member of edkv fans…hi everyone i m really enjoying all d fan fictions …u all r superb writers hats off 2 u all…

    1. Most welcome aalia.

  19. Priya15

    @KITTU.. Hey dear my xmz were good.. I m fyn.. Wt abt u??? I missed u all too..

    Epi was nyc especially precap.. I think it was a slap ans to ravannath…. Forgot to say guys it’s funny to watch shravan jealous in past few days episodes…

    ROSHNI Di.. How r u??? Ur clg opened??

    Wr s Ireena di.,Khushi BHAGYA di, minakhi di and all others???

    1. Hii priya I am Here. How r u? And how was ur exam? M sure very easy.and welcome back.we all miss u

  20. Awwww…………….. Aaj kitne dino baad ShraMan moment hua !! Vaise kya koi gari me bhi so sakta hain ?? Oooo I just loved that hug……………Hazaro baar dekhungi me ye episode !!

    @Beas Kal mere papa ne mere sath EDKV beginning to end dekha !! Yeah ! that hug scene also but I didn’t changed the channel !! Tu aapni halat bata Nani ke ghar se wapas aane ke baad !!
    @Sona di Why will u miss me ?? I’m here after 1 week gap !!

    @ Guyzz
    I think I will write less comments this month as my father said that he’ll not recharge the broadband connection !! To mujhe chori chori chupke chupke unke phone se comment karna parenga jo bohot mushkil hain !!

  21. Brilliant episode…..waise I am .un a new member of EDKV fans

    1. Hii,mun I think eske pehle bhi aapne comment kiya tha right.welcome back.

  22. @Rashi…. Wait a min… U wanna say ki kittu ka bday mere bday se ek din pehle h?? Omg… K… Thanx dear n welcum… 🙂 🙂 …. N as u see I m anshi…. N I really hope u cmment daily.. 🙂

    Happy bday in advance
    -Ur anu..DJ Anshi… N ur ATW.. 🙂

  23. Omg this was An unexpected Episode By God….?Mujhe bas Shraman ka Phone convo nd Hug hi yaad hai …..Omg…that hug man ?? Woh Gadha Khambe jaisa khada tha …bhai Agar ladki Hu kar rahi hai to Thoda sa tight pakad leta to kya bigad jata uska? Precape Mein Sumo ne kya jawab Diya yaar ….too good. ? Ramu ko kuch aur plan karna chahiye?? Well Hii guys…. Good morning….This modu uncle Ka to??

  24. @Rashi …that means Kittu ka b’day kal hai???????ok Thanks for Telling us….woo……?? @? Yeh le @Kittu For being 1st On this comment box Jo bhi maangna hai manglena iss Gift Box se.Aur Teri B’DAY ka to kuch aur hi plan hai…..Ati rehna bas??

    1. @ minakhi,anshi,rashi kitty’s birthday tomorrow .wow .very nice.we celebrate tomorrow.

  25. Whaterver the crime the story writer commited for the Last 15 days is forgiven for this one Episode. That does not mean he can write rubbish again.

    Now Pushkar why dont you tell this incident to Adi and make understand the love between Sumo and Shravan and save Adi from broken heart.

    Now dont twist the story based on Nanus health and senti and try to marry off Suman.

  26. Sumo

    a brilliant ep.. I mean.. Nikita is soooo amazing..
    n namik is so handsome??

  27. RANdomfANCreationz

    love edkv a lot my fav show currently is edkv n ishqbaaz i always get confused what to watch hate the fact they both have same timings n worse is my recording system is spoiled -_- even though i m busy always try ma best to manage time for edkv n ishqbaaz, like krpkab n baazigar also but fav is edkv n ishqbaaz

  28. RANdomfANCreationz

    today the way sumo hugged shravan was so cute i could watch the second half only i thought and first 5-10min i thought shravan will mu that aditya n sumo r bf gf thats why shravan nvr cme or he meet with accident :O happy 2 know he is fine and finally shravan got to know sumo cares for him that ramnath cant do anything but he will definately take chance t create mu bteween shraman n aditya once he gets to know aditya is nirmala’s adopted son

  29. @asmita Ty tysm dear…. Will download that now only

    Priya15: Nahi priyu still I am in vacation from 10 I guess clg will start …. How was ur exams

  30. Awesome episode!? loved it.
    @Sonai Nahi yaar mujhe kal edkv dekhne me koi problem nahi hui as I went to my granny’s home ?. Teri papa ne tughe episode dekhne ke baad kuch nahi kaha .

    1. Haa bohot kuch kaha …………bad me bataungi just remind me OK. Main to tension ke mare still ho gai thi samaj me nahi aa raha tha ki kis taraf dekhu TV ya Papa !! Par during the hug moment I felt like Chahe Duniya Ka KOI BHI AA JAYE ……….AAJ ME DEKHKE CHORUNGI !! NOTHING CAN STOP ME……….BE IT FATHER OR GRANDFATHER !!!

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