Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bhabhimaa telling Akshara that Naksh should get married now, many relatives asked me in Yash’s marriage, Naksh should forget the past, its been many years, he smiles to show everyone, but his pain is seen in his eyes. Akshara says I tried to talk to him and explain him life can’t be lived alone, he needs someone. Doctor asks Naksh is girl related to him. Naksh says no, I found her on road and got her. Doctor says its physical abuse case, maybe domestic violence, you need to inform police, it seems she was beaten up and wounds were old. Naksh goes to see her and asks nurse where did that girl go. Nurse says she cleared bill and went, she left a letter for you. He reads thank you stranger for help and sorry. He gets puzzled.

Gayu comes home and tells Akshara that clients liked designs. Akshara asks her to manage everything, as she is best, I will see Naira, I m in tension. Gayu says no one worries for me, everyone takes tension for Naira, it was big thing for me also. She gets sad. Naira gets cupcakes she baked. Mishti asks did you make it. She says Papa told me that smile can make any problem fine, I forgot it for some time, but remembered this seeing smiley, thanks Papa, we will have cup cakes now. She gives cup cake to Akshara. Akshara thanks her. Naira asks everyone to sit and have it. She says sorry, you all did not smile because of you. Bhabhimaa says but you made us smile. Everyone cheer up Naira and smile. Naira says thanks everyone, I m not sad and will fulfill Naitik’s dream soon. She thinks of Kartik making smiley on coffee.

Kartik gets info he needed and gets glad. He says now Naira’s work will be done. He gets Naira’s call, and thinks its Mishti. He says I love you so much. She says its me, Naira, not Mishti. She argues. He says you are arguing with me, it means your mood got fine. She says thanks for that smiley, I thought of Papa and his words. He jokes. She says now I understand why Mishti likes you, you joke so bad. She ends call. He says I don’t know when did I fall in love with you, someone ask me what did I see in you and liked you, I did not know to think, thanks Lord, I will manage the work now. He calls Gayu. Gayu smiles seeing his call and answers.

He says I have to talk something talk, can you meet, its urgent, please don’t refuse, you were busy in office, so I called now, meet me at café. She says fine, I will come. He asks her to come soon. He says Naksh, sorry brother, I know you don’t like, but I need to help, Naira’s dream will get fulfilled. Akshara talks to Naitik on phone and asks him to come back soon. Karishma says tell Naitik and Naman to come back soon. Bhabhimaa says scold him, say you are angry. Akshara says I m very angry, come back today itself, when you come back, I will talk then. Bhabhimaa says sometimes scolding is necessary, see how he comes running now. She says anyway, I just want them to come back, I miss Naitik, Naira and Naksh are also missing him a lot.

Gayu does makeup before meeting Kartik. He sees her and says you girls can do makeup anywhere and anytime. She asks him what is it. a bike goes and he pulls her, asking her to be careful, her life is very valuable. Khoyi khoyi….plays……….. He says plan is ready, but we can do this, I thought I can trust you and you will agree as its for Naira. He tells her plan.

Yash hugs Rose and says sorry, I had to go out. Rose says you did good to help Mohit. He asks how was your day. She says okay. He asks did anyone say anything. She says nothing. He asks her to say. She sees Anmol and says nothing, I m missing my mom, I m worried will I become good bahu. Yash says you are already good wife and bahu. They hug and say I love you.

Gayu says its wrong Kartik. He says everything is fair in love, Naitik loves Naira and wants this dance academy to open, its not wrong, I want to pay for their favors, there is no other way. She says its risky, things can get worse. He says no, please do this for me. She agrees.

Akshara asks Naksh where was he. He says I was busy. She asks why is he worried, for Naira’s exam? He says no, I m tired. She asks did he do Naira’s work. He says not yet. She says fine, she will forget in some days. Kartik and Gayu reach dance academy and say they are scared to do such thing. She asks him to think again. He says no more thinking, come. She says there are many people here. He says yes, do smartly, we won’t be caught, you are here. She says no. he says please…. She says fine and goes to talk to peon. She says my purse was left here, did you see.

He says no. she cries and says it had imp things. Everyone come there. Peon asks everyone did they see her purse. They ask what did her purse have. Kartik hides and goes. She makes everyone busy. Peon says calm down, we will find it, give phone number. Kartik reaches upstairs and signs her. She says thanks and asks where is washroom. Peon says strange, she was crying and then got calm. Gayu goes to Kartik. Kartik says you are great Gayu. They look for the files. Khoyi khoyi….plays………. She looks at him and smiles. Naira gives cup cake to Naksh.

He likes it and asks is her mood good. She says better, I thought if I m sad, everyone will get sad. He says you became Gyaani. She sees the letter and he takes it. She asks is it of your GF. He says no, some stranger. She teases him. He asks her to go and shuts the door. He says don’t know, why did that girl run away, if all that happens with her again then… Gayu sees the file and shows Kartik. They find the shelf locked. He says we found it, but how will we take it.

Naira gets call from dance academy. Akshara and Naira hear the man on different phone lines and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. nd few songs vm create our karan nd hina aka naitik nd akshara like ore piya, iqsh hua

  2. yrkkh team aesa nhi kar sakti aap log ki team kahi par bhi shooting kare it doesnt matter mujhe to karan mehra aka naitik nd naman ka fight scene dekana hai plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz aap log karan ke saath aesa nhi kar sakte pehale toh woh show se exit higaye nf ab unka fighting sequence bhi nhi dekah payega ge kya hum mujhe woh track dekna hai bus last time karan ko yrkkh main dekhna chati hu karan mehra ki exit itni aache se nhi ki woh jo yrkkh ko aapne 7 years de chuka hai nd jo abhi vishal singh aa raha hai uski entering Switzerland main kar rahe ho it is not fair to karan mehra as well as his fan also .plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz its a humble request mujhe woh wala track dekna hai i really want to want it

  3. Missing Karan Mehra a lottttttt….. ???????

  4. create a more nd more full song vm of our karan nd hina aka naitik nd akshara like wada raha pyar se pyar ka, sab tera , hua hai aaj pehali baar, sanam re, hey sona, ore piya, teri oar , tu jaha main waha, tere sang yara, soch na sake , gerua, iqsh hua , subhanallaha ,kl ho na ho , ek duje ke vaste i reall want all this songs vm on youtube

  5. Naksh's Biggest Fan

    I am not missing naitik by the way. But who is that mystery girl?,whom naksh was helping and what is her name?

  6. Naira kartik gayu ka love triagle zyada dekhana cha hi e & naksh ki new love story bhi

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