Mmz: fate……. my family…… my strive…… my life…… my fate….. 2nd shot

Thank god you people liked the plot. I know there were lots of typos in the first shot. Sorry for that. I don’t really get time for proof reading. I will do my best to control my errors, and if there is any please forgive me………. Please give me your reviews and silent readers please do comment.

Enjoy the ride…………………….

I got up and pushed the door close. But wait….. my dad was in a police uniform. Was he really my dad? Well I don’t care even if he is. I don’t want him to see my mom’s face.
“baby” he calls me.
I ignored and went inside closing the door. He entered as neil opened the door for him.
He came my mom: finally, she died. Thank god my daughter would be with me now.
I stared at him.

“come baby lets go” he called me.

“get the hell out of here Mishra. I will suck your blood till you are dried up. You dare to talk this way about my mother in front of me. And how did you think that I will come with you? My mom has taught me to live independently. I don’t need your sympathy. Get out of my sight before I do something I shouldn’t.” I yelled.
“baby, listen she is not your mother.”
“oh! Now I get to see a new side of you Mishra. Mala dilip Mishra is not your wife….. wow…… just wow….. I’m amazed. How could you deny your relation with her? If she is not related to you then where did you get me and bhai? We got down from clouds is it? You…….”

I was interrupted by sam.
“radhu please listen to him once.”
She said more like begging. I glared at her, but she held my hands.
“please dear……”
She asked again. I couldn’t deny.
“okay once everything is finished. Let me send ma peacefully. She has strived a lot. Let her not be sad with this too. And I will finish her last rights. Till then if he wants he can stay here or……..” I trialled off.

Ma’s body was taken in the van. I was literally wailing at the point. I just wanted her to get up and call me choti. Neil joined me with the other person who came with dad. I just ignored him. We went to the cremation ground. Ma was kept on a tray like thing and pushed. She was pushed into a tunnel which roared with fire. Her body caught fire instantly. I tried running to get her back. But neil held me.
“calm down chasni” he said in a hoarse voice.

Ma’s skull jumped and I buried myself into neil. He held me tight. After few minutes we came near the car. Neil placed me inside. I was sitting like a living dead body after the day’s events. Neil opened the window for me and went to speak with the other person.
“I told you not to bring her here neil. Why didn’t you listen to me” the person roared.
“I need not ask from you to know what’s better for her Arjun. I know her. It’s better if you mind your business” neil said harshly before getting into the car. He horned to signal him to get in. he took the wheel as he got in.

We were welcomed with my father yelling at sam about me.
“she never listens to me sam. This is the reason I get angry. Girls shouldn’t enter cremating places.”
I was angered by this and Arjun fuelled to it.
“sir, even I asked neil not to get her. But he didn’t listen…..”
I pulled him and threw him out of my house. “out” I whispered.

He looked at me shocked. I turned around and spoke to Mishra.
“mishra, out of my house now” I yelled.
“uncle leave her for a few days. Let her gather herself” said neil.

“okay son. Bye baby” he said caressing my hair. I turned away. He went out with moist eyes. I really didn’t care about it but my heart ached for behaving so. I wanted to apologize but no I won’t. I’m not at fault and radhika Mishra never apologises to someone without her fault.
“neil, I don’t want to trouble you people. You have got to work tomorrow. So go and rest. Aunty would be alone, take care of her. And yes I want to know about that surya asap.” I said.
“but chasni…” sam seemed worried.

“I’ll be fine sam. Just need to rest. I’ll be fine. I promise.” I requested.
“fine. Call us if you need something” neil said and I nodded.

They left and I closed the door with a thud and ran to ma’s room. I had held all my emotions within me since hours. I opened her cupboard to take a pic of ours and slammed the door closing it. A paper fell down from the frame.

“I destroyed you mishras” written on it. It seemed very old. I wondered who may have sent this. After some close observations, I could find it was ma’s hand writing. But why would she write such a thing? She was also a Mishra.
“your mother is a criminal” arjun’s voice echoed in my ears.

“she is not your mother baby” dad’s voice echoed.
But how can I believe them? I was with ma from my childhood. She never left me alone. She was always with me. And she cared for me. If she was not my mother, then who was she? Why will some other woman care for a child which is not hers? My head spun. It’s not even a day since I lost her. I don’t know what to do. I think its better to have a nap. I decided and took some sleeping pills and later I was drifted to a deep slumber.
I got up the next day, the time was around 10. I had just dropped my job for ma. So I had to search a new one for my own life. I sat for a while hugging the frame and later got up from the bed. The bed spread came along. I made up with it and while setting the bed, I got another letter. I wondered where these things come from. I opened to read it. I was shocked reading it.

Dear radhika,
I’m not sure that I’ll be able to tell you this when I’m alive. So I wrote this letter. I just beg your pardon for what I have did to you. I don’t know how you receive this. Child, I’m not your mother. I’m really not. But even after not being your mother I was not able to control my emotions for you. I hated your family and to take revenge I planned kidnapping you. I did the same. After doing many things I got your custody and I got you here. After getting you and your brother, I found myself addicted to you people. Soon your father took saral’s custody. I managed to hold you for myself, instigating you against him. I just hated your family. But never you child, never you. I have heart problem and I wouldn’t survive many more days. I separted you from Arjun as he was the ACP and would find about me. I held things locked in front of nesam. As I remember I have fulfilled all my rights as a mother. Please never hate me child. Never hate me……..

I still hold the grudge. I don’t tell you where and how saral is. Find it by yourself……………….


I was shattered. Who and where is my mom. Dad was right. Arjun…… I just blamed this person who loved me the most. No….. no…… I dropped on my knees crying. I cried and cried and cried. Now I had none to care about me. I remember her telling me that Arjun accepted an offer by dad, asking him to bed me for a promotion. I didn’t trust the person I loved more than myself. I spoke to him harshly, get him out of my house. He didn’t tell me anything. He wouldn’t tell anything even now. He deserved the best and I was an idiot. He would never allow me into his life again. He would never do that. I lost everyone. I didn’t even listen to dad. He was my well-wisher. I didn’t even listen to him yesterday. I’m a bad daughter, bad partner. None will be happy around me. Saral where is he? I wish atleast he is alive. Please god help me get through this……..

After around two three hours I got up. I don’t know how I slept. I composed and made up my self for the future hell which I created myself after listening to that lady. I got freshen up. My head was spinning after so many things. I prepared coffee for myself and stood at the balcony door of the hall. I dropped my coffee mug and ran down as I saw Arjun there still standing. He was still in his uniform, all wet. He was standing here all night in rain coz of my stupidity. I spun opened the door. Tears flowed down at his sight.
“I’m…….i’m sorry Arjun” I say with a trembling voice.
“I really am sorry. I came to know that the lady played a prank on me now. I know she is not my mother. She used me. I know you won’t forgive me after getting insulted from me. I’m stupid. I don’t think twice. I even didn’t respect dad these years. Even he won’t forgive me. I am mad. I don’t listen to anyone……” I said all these with my head hung down with shame.

As I didn’t receive any reply from him, I looked up. He was smiling. This made me sadder. It was as if he was showing his win over me. But everything was my fault. I just turned to go away. He dragged me from my house locking it. He made me sit in his car. He took the wheel and we drove off to where god knows. All the way he held my hand as if I would run away if he let go. I saw out of the window and was confirmed that he got me to his house. I looked at him while he remained emotionless staring the road.
“get down” he said once we reached letting my hands go.

Again he held my hand and dragged to inside of his house. Once inside he ordered me to prepare coffee for both of us and I did I same not wanting to worsen the situation.

He came out of his room after getting freshen up. He was handsome…. Hot….. I slapped my head mentally for thinking these things at this time. I turned around to pour the coffee into the mugs.
I felt his hands around me. He hugged me from behind resting his chin on my shoulder and hands on my stomach. I held his hand and a small sob escaped my lips. I have him for myself. I tried not to let him know I was crying. But a tear drop fell on his hands. Immediately he turned me to him.
“radhu you promised me you won’t cry.” He said reminding me that I promised him long ago.
“I’m sorry Arjun, please forgive me. You may deserve better but I’m not letting you go away from me this time” I said looking into his eyes.

“you deserve the best darling. But I’m too selfish to let you go.”
“never leave me Arjun”

“never ever in my life”
I hugged him tight resting my head on his chest. He soothed me until I was fine.
He took the coffee for us as we walked along he kitchen for the living room. We sat on the couch. After finishing coffee, I resting my head again on his chest and wrapped myself around him and he held me tight and protected.
“did you really believe her when she told you about me?” he asked in a pained voice.
“I trusted her blindly from my childhood Arjun. Tell me what would you have done.”
“maybe I would have inquired.”
“as you know I’m stupid”
“yup you are one big stupid.”
“awe…. I thought you would tell I’m not” I told offended.

He laughed. “darling if you were not then why did you not inquire that with me?”
“I don’t need to answer you” I said turning around with a fake angered face.
“awe….. future wifey….. calm down. Just kidding.” He said hugging me from back.
“would you distrust me ever again?”
I could sense the fear, “never Arjun, I cant handle myself then”
I turned around and again hugged him while he held me.
“would you like to have some samosa?”

“choti would you like to have some more samosa?”
“She will grow fat aunty. Surely”
“huh……” I composed.

“don’t worry about the things you have lost. Live for us radhu…. Please……”
He pleaded. I nodded like a child.
“Arjun I got these from ma’s room” I told him giving the letters, still resting my head on his chest.
He held me with one hand and examined the letters with the other.
“when did you get them?”
“one at night and other in the morning”

“radhu, you’ll stay with me here, in this house”
I nodded. I just wanted him.
My phone buzzed and showed sam’s name.
“yes sam.”
“chasni, there is no surya passed out of stanford five years back, but I have got a pic among the people who left for US on the same day saral left. I’ve sent that to you, you check and tell me if he is the same, I have further information about him and will tell you once you confirm.”
This was the pic of that person surya. I called sam.
“he is the one sam”

“then chasni, he is…………………………………………….
To be continued in the next shot………………..
So how was this? Please let me know your reviews………………………..

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  1. Myra

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    1. Jnana

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