Twinj:Immortal struggling love (Chapter 29)

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U ppl r right it’s a theme of kanche bt story line differs….as according to me.. Happy reading

Chapter 29:
Twinkle didn’t get sleep she was sleeping on her bed n was thinking something,as she heard someone entering her room. A tall man entered into her room,twinkle could see the shadow.

T:bhai,just leave me alone, I don’t want to talk to u. I really hate u a lottt. …plzzz. ..leave..
Voice:as u wish princess but can u say those words facing me..
T:(thinks)it’s nt uv….kunj!!!!!

With a jerk she jumps out of the bed n runs towards him,yes it’s kunj,he wide opens his arms n twinkle jumped on him n hugged him. He too hugged her tightly.
She caressed kunj’s face n kissed his forehead.kunj smiles
T:i am sry kunj I can’t stop uv, u r fine na???
K:Haa. . Twinkle I am alright u dnt wry.
T:uv stupid who the hell told u to do this stunt? ?
T:yeah ,y u came to me to talk infront of bhai, u should hv left na i told u b4
K:twinkle I knw ur bro he is my senior more over my frnd. I knw her would react like that nly coz hhe loves u soo much bt i wanted to show that I also love you a lott
T:bt it’s nt the way kunj….ya u do all such stunts! !!
K:hmmm….coz I love u .
He says cupping her face. Twinkle smiles.
T:i knw that.

Twinkle blushes bending her head
Kunj smiles n makes her face him. They share a passionate eye lock.
Sajna ve plays in bg
(Missing that song)

Kunj moves his hands on twinkle s waist,n pulls her towards me.

Twinkles pov:
As he touches me i could feel the heaven near my foot. First time we are so close to eo. He is soo gentle as he dragged me towards him thousand s of butterflies flew in my stomach. ..Oh. ..god may this moment lasts fr ever as we were so close to eo. May the earth stop revolving at this moment may the whole world stop at this second. I could smell him, he is awful, his eyes r asking many things which only one knw. As he started moving towards me my breathe went out of controll, heart was abt to come out. It’s was a new feeling bt i wanted it fr ever. He motioned towards my lips as I closed my eyes tightly n parted my lips. It was the most awaited moment fr all couples but my kunj is so nice that I felt his lips on my forehead. I smiled n opened my eyes to see him looking at me with loads of love.

Kunj s pov:
She was confused fr a moment but when I saw her eyes it was full of tears of love n trust. I knw hw much she trusts me. Within no time she captured my lips…Oh god wts happening with me, u couldn’t hold myself as I am feeling like I am on the top of the world. And the whole universe is jealous of me. She was sucking my lips , the fact I couldn’t deny was she is an awesome kisser even I am nt less I took a lead when she tried to depart. Her hands went through my hair as I was busy pressing her waistline. We started motioning making the kiss go wilder untill she was stopped by a wall. We dnt want air also btwn us so we didn’t depart.

When the room doors shot opened we came out of the world.


Whose dat?? Any guess…..
K let the suspense continue
Love u all frnds do share ur views.

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