Meri Bhabhi 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Meri Bhabhi 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Meri Bhabhi 10th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Anand hearing Shraddha and Kittu talking and asking them whats going on. Shraddha is tensed seeing him. Kamini argues with Purshottam and says she cannot accept Shraddha. Anand tells Shraddha to understand what he says and asks her not to make any mistake. He says don’t make Kunal your second mistake of your life. Kittu talks to him. Anand says its not about Kunal and Shraddha, it has your mum in it, she is always insulting Shraddha. He says we don’t want to think about Shraddha and Kunal because of her. Kittu says you are breaking her heart.

Kamini says whats there to think now, you did not believe me when I was telling about them. Purshottam says it happened what was destined to. Anand tells Kittu what do you mean that your mum will accept her happily.

Kittu says think about Shraddha and Kunal. Kamini says I won’t accept her. Purshottam says Kunal was about to die because of you. He says are you doing this for Kunal or your pride. Kamini says yes, I m doing it for myself, I will never agree for this relation. Anand says see Kittu, go and explain your brother to be away from Shraddha. He leaves angrily. Shraddha looks at Kittu.

Purshottam says you will regret a lot Kamini, whatever you do, I will support Kunal. Kamini says fine, let them marry. She says I will kill myself if they marry. She takes a knife and is aboutt o hurt herself. Kunal comes and stops her. Kamini drops the knife seeing him. Kunal comes to his room and closes the door. He cries.

Mummy comes to Papa and talks to him about Shraddha. She says we should have our strength. Papa says yes, if Kamini was good with us, I would have not told no to Kunal. He says Roht also said no to Shraddha, I don’t understand anything. Mummy says I think we are doing hurry, we should not lose our patience because of Kamini. She says I think we should give Shraddha some time. She talks about her divorce. Papa says Kunal wants to marry Shraddha, he loves her. He says Kamini is blaming Shraddha, how can I save Shraddha from all this. Mummy says shall we go out of city for few days with Shraddha. Shraddha will be hurt by Kamini’s words, I have full faith that she will understand that she does not have a future with Kunal.

Dhruv comes to Papa and asks him about Kunal. Dhruv asks him to call Kunal. Mummy says we can’t call him. Dhruv asks why. Papa says I will play with you. Dhruv gets upset and leaves. Kittu is making Dhruv have food. Dhruv is adamant. Shraddha comes and asks Dhruv why are you angry. Dhruv says because everyone are angry on Kunal. Shraddha says no. Dhruv says jaya told me everything. He says even Mummy and Papa are against him. Dhruv says shall I call him. Shraddha says he might be resting. Dhruv insists. Shraddha scolds him.

Kittu says let him talk, he can’t understand these complications, let him talk. Shraddha agrees. Dhruv calls Kunal and puts the call on speaker. Kunal is happy to get Dhruv’s call and Dhruv asks him to come home as he is missing him. Kunal says I can’t come home, we are best friends, but I m busy. Dhruv asks how are you. Kunal says I m fine. Dhruv says Shraddha was crying and went to hospital. Kunal says give the phone to Shraddha. Dhruv says Shraddha is crying. Kunal jokes. Dhruv says when will you come here. Kunal says I will meet you at school tomorrow. Dhruv gets happy.

Kunal says ask Shraddha if she can meet me there outside the school. Kunal requests her. Shraddha says no Kunal. Kunal says please come. Dhruv insists. Shraddha looks at Kittu. Kunal says once, then I won’t ask you again. Shraddha says yes. Kunal gets happy and smiles. He says thanks and ends the call.

Mummy tells Papa that she will talk to Shraddha and will tell him late about their conversation. Papa leaves. Shraddha comes to Mummy and talks about Kunal. Mummy tells her that I was recollecting a bout my divorce, I was with Ishaan like you. Seh says I was much hurt that time. I want to talk to you, I know how much you get hurt when everyone taunt you. She says Kunal is a very nice man, he is good hearted, he will be a good husband but not for you. She says you can’t marry Kunal, it would be good for you to forget everything and move ahead. Shraddha says you are saying this only because of Kamini. She says whats Kunal’s mistake in this. Shraddha says Kunal did not tell me anything, knowing what happened with me.

He did not ask me about my divorce, he wants to accept Dhruv. Mummy says what about Kamini. She says you know her hatred, how can you manage alone. Shraddha says Kunal will be with me. He will support me. Mummy says think about Dhruv. Shraddha says there is one more truth, about you, when you married Papa, no one liked you, we hated you, we did not accept you as our mum, and we did not accept Ishaan also. She says but you have won us and made a space in our hearts by your love. Mummy says you are right, but you were kids. How will you win Kamini, she had much ego. Shraddha says I accept this.

Mummy is shocked and says you were confident about Bobby too, same like this. Shraddha looks on and says yes, I was, I took the wrong decision that time, but I have to decide about my life, even today I will listen to my heart, I have learnt from my mistake. Mummy says if your parents are not with you, then what. Shraddha says who is asking me, a woman or my mum commanding me. She says I know you care for me, you want to save me from all troubles, but please understand me, give me one more chance. She says let me take my decision.

Kunal meets Shraddha and asks her will you and Dhruv spend your life with me. Shraddha looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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