Sasural Simar Ka 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sasural Simar Ka 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Sasural Simar Ka 10th December 2013 Written Update

Scene 1
They reach the place and find Shaureya there with jhanvi’s dupatta in his hand they bith scream her name. Police ask Shaureya where is his wife ?
Jhanvi says you can’t do this to me Shaureya. Please get me up I am sacred. Roli and Simar get there with the cops. Roli shouts what have you done to jhanvi. Jhanvi come in. Simar asks are you okay jhanvi and hugs him. She asks what are you both doing here and this police ? Roli says shaureya said.. Are you okay ? jghanvi says answer me first what is police doing here. Inspector says they both brought us here saying that your husband was trying to kill you. Roli says tell the police that he was trying to kill you. Cops says yes tell us has he tried to kill you. Jhanvi says i will tell you everything. She says

i was hanging down on his hand then he said i was joking.
Shaureya says I can’t even hurt you in my dreams I was just joking. Suddenly he loses the control on her and she is hanging on.
Jhanvi says he was trying to save me and got this bruise on his hand. Roli sys i can prove this. I have his call in call log. Shaureya says its not good roli bhabhi i old you about the surprise and you surprised us with the cops. Yes i called you to tell you that we will be late. Inspector says you have to come with us to police station. Shaureya says wait a minute let it go. They are our family we have no problem. I apologize you on their behalf. He says i won’t allow them to drive. Shaureya say okay i can take them home.Jhanvi says thankyou for spoiling the most beautiful moment of my life simar and roli bhabhi.

Scene 2
Prem and Sid enter the house mata ji ask him wher are roli and simar? They says we couldn’t find them anywhere. Mata ji says its too late we should inform the police. Suddenly they see them coming along jhanvi and shaureya. Everone asks them where were they and what are jhanvi and shaureya doing along them ?

Scene 3
Jhanvi says in front of whole family that i can’t believe that roli and simar brought police there and accused him with killing me. Mata ji asks Roli is that true ? Roli says but.. Mata is loud and says I am not asking any explanation. Answer me in yes or no. Simar says Mata ji this is all true. Jhanvi says I won’t tolerate a single word against him. Whole family knows how much he loves me. Stop creating misunderstanding between us. Sujata says how could you botyh do this. At least you should have respected that Its Jhanvi’s birthday today. instead of giving her smiles you filled her eyes with tears. I considered you both my daughters. I think you never considered me your mother. You have hurt me a lot today. Mata ji says the same fire that lightens the temple can set on ablaze the house. You both have been our pride since the beginning but what you both have done today is disrespectful.
Sujata says how can we trust you when all the accusations you have ever put on shaureya have proved wrong. Shaureya says I am sorry maa ji. I am creating problems in this house. I know simar and roli don’t trust me. It would be better if i leave this house. Prem says no you are not going anywhere. Shaureya says no don’t stop me if the distance increase in this family due to me i won’t forgive. Shaureya leaves. Mata ji says only you both are responsible for what is happening in this house.

Precap-Jhanvi says simar and roli have to apologize shaureya other wise i will leave this house witth him. Rajhinder tries to stop him but he says he have thought over this.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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