Madhubala 10th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Madhubala 10th December 2013 Written Episode, Madhubala 10th December 2013 Written Update

Part 1

RK opens the door n the girl gets in! RK is driving while cops chase! The girl asks RK if he has hobby of staring at girls??

RK says.. seen u somewhere!

He says say thanks for saving u n she says u rather thank me! She shows a knife to RK! RK says..whats this?? The girl says.. recovery for the torture u put me thru the various movies..of urs! She says.. recovery of cost of time n money…n mental torture.. so take out cash! RK stops the car n says out..! The girl says.. superstar ego hurt?? She says.. its bad day . .lost job n parents refused money! She asks to take out cash… n he says no! She says 500 n he says no. .she says 250? 100 for drinks! RK says.. drinks from my side!

The girl says.. u mite be getting ideas seeing a girl but i m only

fan of myself! RK says. .din get any such ideas.. dangerous girl with dangerous weapon.. sitting next to me..cant think anything wrong! PS: I need drinks! The girl says.. ur party n place mine.. u drink at peace there!

Bittu tells Madhu .. RK is not lifting the phone.. he was on shoot.. n while leaving called ..dunno where he is! He suggests to call RK n Madhu says no.. dun wanna call nor ask where he is!

Bittu says what happened has happened.. why punishing urself? It hurts to see u hurt urself..! He says Doc checked.. u after the fire accident ..n said u were fine so why blame urself? Madhu cries n says.. not blaming myself but the baby was in me.. i talked to it.. felt it.. ! Madhu says forced RK to accept the baby .. n now that he did.. its all lost!

She says. .not a fool nor a stone.. RKs words hurt.. ! She says if i lose my poise.. it will be over between us! She says i need to keep my home n marriage safe..! There are difficulty between us but he loves me. .n it gives me strength to bear all..! Bittu says when our own dun understand us hurts! Madhu says leave it. .lets wait for RK at dinner!

RK n the girl are at the drinks bar n he teaches her how to whistle! She smiles! He asks waiter to get another glass… n the girl is drunk too ..! She says ur eyes are weird n he says.. i speak truth maybe! They lauf! She says din see Ishq n he says good..coz its good movie!

The girl says.. u r a star.. with beautiful wife.. n ur at this dowdy location.. with me. .why? RK says.. drinking! He gives his watch as payment..for the drink!

Part 2

RK is getting in the car but unable to put key in the ignition! He calls the girl as Madhu n says. .dunno where my house is n she says i dunno either! He says.. u should know Madhu! The girl stops a taxi n takes RK with drop him to his home!

Part 3

Bittu thanks Madhu for delicious dinner! He gets call about the girl running off from hosp n talks of RKs accident! RK tells the girl about Madhu n that they are having problems

RK arrives with the girl in tow n calls out to Madhu! Intores Madhu to her ! The girl is holding his hand! Madhu is shocked!They are laufing n giggling.. n RK is totally stumbling ..n Madhu offers to help him stand!

RK introes Madhu again.. then Bittu Madhus chamcha. .Sikky as flop hero . .Dips as flop human being! Radha as tear factory!

Precap — Pabho says jiski parvarish me khot ho. .usse kya umeed karna.. ! If only her mom taught her hubby comes first..! She says but she killed her own hubby! Madhu says enouf.. u did all to trouble me but i din complain..!

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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