Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kanchal takes Shekhar to the room. She tells him she wants to talk to him about Ishaani. Shekhar thinks Ishaani told Kanchal about all his girl-friends. He tells Kanchal what she is thinking is wrong. They are just friends and she is just like his sister. Kanchal says she liked her and wanted to marry him with her. Shekhar asks did she meet her? Kanchal says yes she has. Shekhar wonders did she meet Tina or Sheena or whom? Shekhar says he doesn’t like her at all. Kanchal heads to leave saying if he doesn’t want to marry Ishaani. Shekhar stops her and disbelievingly asks if she is really talking about Ishaani?? Ishaani Parekh?? The one who lives in their home?? Kanchal asks if he loves her? He says she has beautiful hair and eyes. Kanchal says this means he likes her, she judged it after

watching him with her and Baa also noticed them together. Shekhar gets more excited. He reassures from Kanchal if Ishaani would also say yes. Kanchal teases him for having an urge to marry soon now. Shekhar gets serious at once and says Krisha should get married first, he isn’t in an urge to get married. Kanchal laughs at him.
He also laughs and then hugs her saying I love you mom.
Krisha brings Chaitali and Ritesh to her room after showing them her whole house. Kanchal says wow, what a bathroom. Dewarsh is irked while Ritesh goes to correct her that it is bedroom not bathroom. Krisha comes to Dewarsh, Chaitali says she wanted to see this house since day one, but they didn’t get a chance. Krisha leaves the room, Chaitali says to Ritesh that she feels she is in heaven today. She says this is like home. Ritesh says he is worried now seeing all these luxuries, will she be able to live there in our small house. Chaitali says why would Krisha live there, she will come here with Dewarsh as she would not be able to live there in our little house. Chaitali says since Dewarsh can’t live without his parents, we will all live here. Dewarsh tells Ritesh that maa is right, Baa comes there and says to Dewarsh that Shekhar knows all about him and if Ishaani tells Shekhar anything about him, he won’t be able to marry Krishaa.
RV comes finding Shekhar. Shekhar says he is in a good mood today. RV says he is a good friend with him and Ritika, whatever he would says would be for his betterment. He tries to talk about a girl, Shekhar asks RV to stop it if it is about Ishaani. He doesn’t want to talk about Ishaani with him, specially now. He says he may marry Ishaani soon.
Baa takes Ishaani to a side. Baa says she is Baa of this family who never loved her. Baa says she never got the happiness though she sacrificed so much for Parekh family, for Ranveer and never complaints. Ishaani asks Baa not to say this all now. Baa asks her to let her.
RV is shocked to hear Shekhar talking about his and Ishaani’s marriage. Shekhar says there was a proposal from her family. RV says he knows Ishaani, he heard all from her in hospital. He tells Shekhar he loved her, and Ishaani married him only for money. Shekhar says RV only complains about Ishaani, had Ishaani needed the money she would have returned to him. RV says she didn’t come to him because he got Shekhar. Shekhar tells RV that he is jealous because the one who he loved is marrying someone else.
Baa says to Ishaani that she wants her to be happy now. Ishaani says she is happy. Baa says the happiness of a woman is tied to a man who loves and cares for her. She tells Ishaani she wants her to marry Shekhar.
RV tells Shekhar that his love for Ishaani never had jealousy, desperation or greed. He was once ready to marry Ishaani with Chiraag. If he thinks he is jealous of him, he hasn’t love well. RV says this Ishaani isn’t the one he loved. He tells Shekhar he was once there, he didn’t find anything wrong in Ishaani. But one day Ishaani will leave him, he will be left alone. He is telling this all as a friend. Shekhar removes his hand and says to RV that his love wasn’t strong enough, else he would know she could never do so.
Ishaani tries to tell Baa Shekhar never likes her. Baa tells her that she knows Ishaani loves RV but Shekhar loves her and like her papa said his alone’s love would be enough for both.
Shekhar tells RV that he has full trust on Ishaani and doesn’t want to talk any further about it. He brings a box of sweet and says they talked a lot bitter, he must take the sweet of his wedding. RV tells him he has left eating sweet. Shekhar says that is visible, his words have got bitter. He advised him to marry his love and now he himself is asking him not to do so. But whatever he says, this wedding will take place. RV asks if he knows the first rule of friendship, to be there in bad times; no matter the friend takes up enemity against you. He leaves.
Ishaani says she can’t marry. Baa says she can, she is just like Harshid, he was always loyal towards Falguni and if a husband gets loyalty from his wife he can live happily. Not only Shekhar but his family also loves her. She will get the love and respect here. Shekhar comes there and hears the conversation. Ishaani tells Baa that she can’t marry Shekhar, she doesn’t love Shekhar. Shekhar comes in front of Ishaani when Baa leaves. He says he was saying this the other day, she is a woman of integrity and her living here must not affect her decision, he will accept whatever she would decide.

PRECAP: Shekhar comes to a temple house where in a corner Ishaani and Ranveer get intimate.

Update Credit to: Sona


    • komal

      it is true….rv is planning to prove ishani characterless….but i hope it goes in vain…

  1. komal

    interesting precap…..i guess shikhar will still have faith on ishani and will tell rv to stay away from her……hey, ishani be careful from rv—–these days, he is thinking gud 4 u…….
    anyways i liked shikhar way for ishani… 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. arora

    but ithu true va irndalum dream ah irndalum i am very happy, waiting for tommorow episode……,

  3. suga

    Today’s episode was awesome.. Shikhar dialogues was excellent.. commendable.. Expecially “RV you are jealous”..Today Shikhar was just amazing.. last part also nice.. each and every dialogue Shikhar spoke was in heart of every MATSH fans.
    Can’t able to see Shekhar at last scene.. bechara heart broken.. but he will win… precap seems to be Rv to prove Ishaani characterless.. Clearly known.. but hope Shikhar surely will support Ishaani.. Today Baa alao did a good job.. like it.. please reveal truth about Rithikaaa soon.. don’t drag further.. waiting for a good episode..

  4. rv please don’t make shekhar marry ishaani…im with u rv…do anything to stop dat marriage….there is no rules in love n war

  5. Honey

    I loved todays epi. Shikar defending isshani sences are very nice. I think Rv is completely jelous.. Waiting for tomorrows epi..

    • malvika

      true but his ways are not good……..y is he not focussing on ritika and the murder mystery——-that will give him many answers….what if he knows ritika is faking her pregnancy and is the real cause of ishveer separation??

  6. maya

    liked the performance of shikhar today…..truly praiseworthy 🙂 🙂 ……each act and the words seemed so wonderful…… rv is really getting jealous and this is just the start…….the precap is actually plan of rv to prove ishani as characterless but i guess shikhar wont believe that…. he will take away ishani from there and then there will be marriage announcement 🙂 …….btw, when rv will know about ritika??

  7. don’t make rithika’s character negative.i want in future story the day of rv,rithika,ishani,shikhar’s marrige rithika feels labour pain. so all rush to hospital then she deliver the baby and the baby is looklike sharman and they do dna test and prove infront of every one that it is sharman’s baby.then they got married.rv un donokki shadi karayenki.uske baad ishaani sab ke saamne uski feelings accept karenge or voh dono ek hojayenki.but feel sad for shikhar

  8. ishvi

    Did anyone see tis week’s promo…ishaani n RV r such stupids…In their love war thy r hurting the other person’s feelings….tis s not fair at all yr….but anyways pre cap seems to be interesting…..

  9. gayu

    Plzzzz….ishani & RV ya ona seruga pa
    …I dont like ishu with someone & RV with that girl…….I wish that day come soon

  10. Roma

    I don’t know but sometimes I feel that Chiraag is alive and he is behind falguni murder, and also ritika has his child. He is controlling ritika to fool RV and get his property. Just my thoughts.

    • malvika

      its yet not clear whether chirag is dead or not—-so it may be true that he is controlling the situation from a safe distance….but yes, one thing is clear that ritika is carrying chirag’s baby……plz someone tell that to rv…..

  11. hash d gr8

    omg what’s happening here .I really love u shekar.. U r just awesome. wat will happen to him if ranvi and ishani unite??Truly I don’t want to see ishveer united.In fact rv doesn’t deserve ishani .. I was a gr8 fan of rv but now I am with u shekhar I just love your each expressions and dialogues…???

  12. Rosh

    Funny yaar after yesterday’s heated argument every one declares them self . I am a Malayali from abroad , don’t live in India

  13. annie

    Ishaani to fight for Ranveer with Ritika

    Hi, good news for some ishveer fans still left. Life has come full circle for ishaani(Radhika madan)in matsh not in same way but the other. If sources are to be believed, ishaani would come to know about the truth behind her mom falguni’s (Gauri tejwani) death, yes, she will come to know that ritika(Smriti khanna) killed her mom and her real intentions during her mehendi ceremony. On knowing this, she will be outraged and confronts ritika. Adding more to that, she will stop her marriage with Shikhar(Arjun) who would be heart broken on knowing that ishaani loves ranveer(Shakti arora) and not chiraag and all she did is for rv’s happiness. But as an angel for ishaani, he would help her to get back rv in ishaani’s life.
    On the other hand, ritika has turned crazy lover of rv and tells ishaani that this time she wouldn’t give up ranveer like she did before and challenges ishaani that she would kick away her from rv’s life. Ishaani also challenges her she will get back rv as he is the love of her life and she stayed away from him for his happiness only and she would not lose rv this time into her evil hands. And she vows to claim her rights as his wife and to expose her infront of rv.
    But RV who is unaware of all this, believes ishaani plays with him once again and gets angry. He tells ishaani that he believes ritika only after his parents, and she is the best friend he ever had in his life and not the person who wants to see him die. Well, Ekta, the czarina of Indian telly comes with some super gripping twists in MATSH , that’s all we can say. But the burning question is will ishaani succeed in revealing truth about ritika to ranveer or ritika friend turned enemy succeed or RV comes to know about ritika and what will happen to shikhar. Only time will tell the answers, for that stay tuned…

    • malvika

      really a grand twist……ritika has already got full control over rv and rv’s hatred is increasing day-by-day…….he is doing such bad things…..ishani is going to face a real trouble now……but shikhar i dont want u to be heart-broken yaar, its so nice to see u in the show—esp the smile….. plz someone add some sense in the show…

  14. guys ….jo baby ha wo chirag ka ha…..and today episode is good…..and in recaps. …rv prove ishani charterless. ..but shikar will support ishani and rv ko negative role ma kyu la ja raha ho…dont understand…..

  15. Sw

    I feel Shikar is the right person for Ishani ..because what RV has been trying to understand about Ishani since childhood,shikar has understood in a couple of days…if RV really knows everything about Ishani ….then he should have recognised that there is always something meaningful behind ishaanis every act…Shikar believes in Ishani more what RV does!!

  16. ishvi

    I really doubt whether thy ll speak abt wedding in a house where death has occurred so recently. …that too two wedding…ridiculous story line….thy Don care abt other gal who left the house…no work abt baby…ena koduma sir….

  17. I also think that chirag is alive because show ma chirag die avo sence hato j nathi…..soo I think that he is alive

  18. malvika

    in the current track, everyone has started loving shikhar’s character…..but the truth is that show is for ishveer not ishkhar……whatever drama they show but ishveer meant to unite at the end…….only this ritika drama is continuing for so long…….y none is interested in knowing whose baby ritika is carrying??? (at least rv must know that before accepting the baby)………high voltage drama will start when ishani will finally step between rv and ritika….but friends, l also like shikhar, plz dont break his heart……

  19. kowsi

    Today epi was superbb…rv jealous ha ha…aftr tat temple scene rv insult ishaani so tats y ishaani agrees for marry shikar… ishaani announces i will marry will be shocked to rv ..rv gng to bring rithika i want marry u..this will be happy news for amba and devil rithika…three marriage r happng in same day…upcoming ranveer beats ishaani brother dewarsh..bcoz he s gng to marry krishna for him money sake…radhika madan(ishaani) said one interview the marriage sequences will be big twist of matsh..

  20. Rosh

    But how Ishani will get in to RV mansion? RV & Amba hates her. Ritika is really pregnant or not? Ritika must be having a male companion , I don’t think she did both murder alone who it will be? Whether it is Chirag or Rishi or some one else? Any clues?

    • Shâžñā

      I thnk no1 lse thr…bt still in case if some1 lse s thr thn it ll b Chirag oly 🙂

    • maya

      i guess its chirag (maybe he is still alive) and using ritika to have control over rv’s property…. rv still is not divorced so ishani can still ive into his house using legal powers whether anyone likes that or not….shikhar can help her in that (after all, he is smart lawyer)….lets see how everything will be sorted out……waiting for a gud epi..

  21. jiya

    ofcourse i think so ritika unite with some other guy may be tht is rishi.ishiker indha cute pair kita santhosam matumdhan iruku but ishveer lita only crying dhan.i dnt like to cryng drama thts y i love ishiker pair.

  22. sree

    hahaha….funny….almost every one started liking shikar….dats really true….in shikar’s family all r good….n all likes ishaani….in rv’s house….b4 rv alone loves her….remaining all hates her…..nw rv also included in dat stupid batch….dan vat….dey r nt at all deserve to ishaani….i agree rv loved alot…n ishaani hurt him….stupid didnt tell anyting to him….but ishaani just telling him vit mouth dat she hates him….but ranveer did….got ritika as wife frm da same day ishaani left to jail….he did all bullshit tings announcing ritika as wife….he have to get this jealousy pain….hw much ishaani got seeing rv vit ritika….hahaha i lik ishaani n shikar pair….even though its wrng…..

    • maya

      u r ryt,….. even though its wrong to have ishkhar together but it seems ryt nowadays bcoz shikhar shows better understanding than rv, supports and defends her……..btw, y did rv not ask ritika whose baby it is before accepting it??? already there are so many haters of ishani and rv also joined ther….pity ishani……shikhar plz add some sense to these stupids……keep having faith on ishani, u r the only hope left…………..whatever long it takes but when ritika’s truth will come out everyone will left open-mouthed……want to see rv then…….

      • Shâžñā

        Agree wid U…nw a dyz hez juz jealous f ishani wid shikhar….ha ha….vry nyc…jalao

        evn i wanna c Rv’s face aftr Ritika’s truth ll b revealed in front f him 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. guys I think tht sekhar is bettr fr ishaani,cos rv lvs her frm childhood bt wen she says she hate rv hw can he belive such nonsense..he hvnt enquired obt chirags death, n he doesnt questioned ritika obt pregnancy bt when ishani says she hates him hw can he believ so easily!! Day by day sekhar is understanding ishaani well n hoping ishkar to marry soon

  24. kani

    How u know this annie….interesting but rv is not believing ishanni means wat s the use….Don’t know

  25. Oh shekhar how sweet he is. But I don’t like ishaani now, she sacrifices a lot for her love and finally it has turned into big issue.. Sometimes she is like duffer. Too much! RV is sin 🙁

  26. xyz

    it must be chirag, I think… bc, there left the investigation track abrupt. Maybe he is blackmailing ritika since she pushed him down the hill

  27. janu

    Technically , RV and Ishaani are not divorced . May be RV would not give divorce to Ishaani inorder to stop Shekar ish marriage.

  28. The directors are so busy with their twist and turns that they are confused,they have forgotten other characters and scenes like disha,manas,gauli, least the viewers deserve to know whose baby ritika is carrying now, whether sharma or whoever. I know they will forget that ritika is pregnant just like they forgot that rv and ritika were not even married.please directors don’t twist it soo much that it will be difficult for you to straigthen it.

  29. Precap interesting
    But mujhe lagta hain rv ishaniko characterless sabit karna chahati hain
    Because rv is villen in the serial
    I totaly confused
    Aisa kuch bhi na ho I hope so
    Pls rv u go to good way
    I like ishveer
    I not like ishkar
    But it is ekta kapoor’s show kahibhi kuch bhi ho sakta hain
    Par ha rv ki caracter ko ekta kapoor ne pura dhajiya ura di………

  30. Hahahahahaha
    Well said titli
    I olso love ranveer n ishaani pair
    Arjun bijlaani ( shekar) is oll tym mah fvrt since mile jab hum tum
    Feeling really sorry 4 Shekar

  31. maya

    in the new promo, ishani agrees to marry shikhar and then rv proposes to marry ritika on the same day….though many MATSH fans want ishveer to be back, i think its better they dont…………….when ishveer were married, they never had intense moments but after ishani went to jail, rv (without having divorce) accepted ritika’s baby, made her sleep on the same bed, caring her, serving her, giving all those which ishani never got…..even now when ishani has left him, y is he trying to interfere in her life……proving her characterless, speaking bad about her always etc etc… …. though rv ashiqui was gud in the begnning but nowadays it is nothing other than a caricature……i seriously believe he should have some punishment……….there is already so much ishani has suffered…….

  32. maya

    there are many who have asked y ishani never investigated about rv-ri life but tell me one thing, y did rv announce ri as his wife without marriage?? y did rv not ask ri whose baby she is carrying???? in fact, it is not confirmed either that she is pregnant…..yes there were news that its chirag baby but is c still pregnant??….y there is no progress in falguni’s case??? everyone only interested in marriage forgetting everything other……

  33. Preethi Goud

    Mr. Rv was unable to understand ishani even after years of fndshp but shekher is gr8 he is so confident within a small time of meeting

  34. malvika

    in all the videos ahead, rv says “ab tak tumne meri ashiqui dekhi h, ab tum dekho meri nafrat…..dekho kaise mai tumhe barbaad karta hu”…….let it be for him………..there are more chances that only after the ishkhar marriage, truth will come out….rv will feel broken after knowing truth, how he lost his friend whom he trusted so much and she (ri) a vamp destroyed it all,,, how he did not keep up faith on ishani……but it will be late, he could not even get ishani back……but there are many reports which shows that ishani will come back into rv life to save him from ri….rv will not believe, rather will insult her but still shikhar will be there for her……Both the things cant happen, so what to believe??…….plz reply…..

  35. harry

    RV is great who does everything for mota babu ji’s family. every viewer knows how he was insulted and thrown out of the home. If Ishani loves her why she is making drama by insulting him. Ritika was good friend of RV and will not do any harm.She can’t kill falguni. u can think of Amba. Shekar is a lawer without proper judgement. In the same town, same friends circle he could not find the truth about Ishani for bringing her out of jail. Actually RV loves Ishani, but Ishani poses to be good

    • Rosh

      I don’t want to offend you , so I apologize before I start.
      Motta babu also loved Ranveer like his son, it not RV only doing for him. How much he loved Ranveer , your RV was just drivers son nothing else . Uske pas it’s a paisa nahi tha .
      When RV had nothing Mota babu loved him his adopted daughter Ishani was his true friend . When baa scolded Ranveer , Ishani was upset. She was also an outsider. You forgot initial episode how much Mota babu loved Ranveer!!!!!!!!
      It is natural as any good father Mota babu became mad when Ranverr forced to admit he always loved Ishani . Agreed his love for Ishani is love, crazy and it go up to madness for her.
      That is what he want to take revenge on her, didn’t he punished her enough during hate track in his Mahal?
      If a servant son loves masters daughter , they might even kill them in India, how many honoure death happenes every year you have any idea? But I think Parekh fly suffered because of the things they did to Ranveer .
      You must always see both side. But what now RV the great doing is madness leave Ishani alone ,let her live her life . He can play Dady & mommy game with Ritika . I have doubt is that baby really Ranveer or what.

  36. abc

    Ritikas pregnancy is fake I think. She would have paid the doctors for this. These dramas project as though anyone can be bought with money

  37. aish

    But i dnt think she was that much worse. She is gud frnd 4 rv. N i think she loves rv. Than y she lied.

    • $$ pragna $$

      riya please dont call them as assholes.they r also a human like u.and someone is misusing my name was not me who supported u.and riya please dont use such a bad language and if u r hurt iam sorry

  38. Ruchi

    I started watching tis serial After RV n ishani marriage.. Luvd ishveer lot.. But now everything is changed.. For mere twists directors r changing d relationship standard.. Without marrying rithika RV is sharing his room n bed.. Frnds Do care but in tat big house it’s not necessary to share same bed even though they r gud frnds.. Shocked to know tat amba maid is encouraging all nonsense.. She is d one who created big drama when ishani went to meet chiraag.. Now madam rithika is carrying someone else baby n amba is running to spoil RV life.. Hope things to change.. Hope ishveer re unite.. But I lik shikar n his smile.. RV looks so gud whn he is jealous….

  39. Now now no one can fake me cz I know to speak BENGALI !! BUT m not so Stupid like you ullu TAMILIANS.. To speak in PUBLIC !!

  40. Ruchi

    @ Riya let Thm Do whatever they want.. If u r not comfortable readin. Their msgs skip n ignore.. For one or two ppl y r u using profanity for all tamilians.. It’s not gud

  41. Rosh

    I don’t know I am totally confused what is wrong with our RV , why he is hell bent to take revenge? Now he will try to prove her characterless and try to seduce her by kissing.
    Tell me who is characterless a man and woman sleeping together out of wedlock and acting fake love or a woman openly telling she hates him and want to move away?
    I think Sheker is Ishani’s best friend Ranveer was her obsessed lover who can’t take her denial of love.
    Now when RV tries to kiss her she has no choice , Ish has to become some one elses wife so he won’t go near her. She cant sleep with Shekir on his bed without marriage like RaRi.
    Even here RV is pushing Ish to Shiker as he did earlier pushing her to Chirag!!!!!!!!!

    • maya

      i agree with u rosh…..actually again rv is upto his old sense…..y does he not leave ishani alone if he has so many problems with her?? …..rv, u go to ur ritka and have that with her…after all u never accepted ishani… all wife place to ritika only… shameless can it be that u shared same bed without marriage??? at least ishani never ever thought of that… even if ish is married to shikhar, she will move on with marriage only– not like u..
      though rv’s ashiqui was gud in the start, he has spoilt it all…..first rv sacrificed ish for chirag by manipulating ish’s mind and we praised it…..but now when ish is doing sacrifice for ri and the baby after seeing rv acts, y to blame her?? i support u ishani….

  42. rubyvelonica

    ya right u r ruchi . why rv is doing like this , i miss u ishveer . true love never end i will belive that . this serial of rv hero ishani heroini . they are living separated .

  43. ThAnU

    Episod was good…but precap i dont belive cuz rv want to revange by showing her chartcless to shekar but ishani will stand fr it ….and ruby also saying crrect

  44. anisha

    I think in the promo its not ranveer with ishaani or if iys ranveer then he must hav called shikhar to make him jealous and 2 show him ishaanis bad face

  45. süchï

    Guys nw oly i read it in fb tat rv vl kiss ishani to prove she is a charactrles gal bt rithika vl c their intimate n gt shock so rv plan vl b flop 😀 😀

  46. ThAnU

    Hyy suchi….then also ishani would be ready ….why is rv jealous of ishani and shekars matter

    • maya

      yes plan flopped bcoz ri came b4 shikhar…..then ish came out the room and agreed to marry shikhar…..happy for u ish……go u rv!!!

  47. i think Rv you are a gentle man and you loves very much ishani. But you are also a comman man. We dont like it. Because you area a sincear lover . So you Know about ishanis past in which she faced. But you dont know about all those things. Ishani loves u so much . its way ishani kill that guide. but you dont know the reason. Rithika is worst fellow. ithink she is doing all these thing. Please think about ishani and lovem him

  48. ishveer

    this episode was good and precap looks very interesting but the turn in next episode will disapoint all the viewers. rv trys to prove that ishani is characterless .then ishani gets anger with ranvers behaviour and agree to marry shekar .
    but both ishani and ranveer were taking wrong step they playing with the ruthika and shekar feelings
    shekar acting was good but feels were bad when he came to know that ishani is loving ranveer then he would be helpless and heart broken
    i think so that ishani would the truth first that rithika is not really the wife off ranveer and her was not ranveer’s and she is responsible for the falguni dealth .she then fight back to get back to ranveers life .
    but this love story very complicated ishani loves ranveer and ranveer loves ishani but at the same time shekar loves ishani and ritika loves ranveer but any how we gone watch what happens next in upcoming episodes waiting for good episodes

    ishveer is better than ishkar
    both ishani and ranveer are doing wrong they has apoloize each other for their mistakes

  49. Süchï

    RV to kiss Ishani in Meri Aashiqui Tumse hi…!!!
    I think it is to prove Ishani Characterless to Shikhar..but it is Ritika who sees Them Intimate..RV’s Plan flop…
    Ranveer will b*t*h about Ishani to Shikhar but Shikhar will become protective about her. Here Ishani will lash out on Baa about the rishta. Ishani will shout at Baa and Shikhar will hear everything and will get uncomfortable.
    Mehra family will be having a breakfast together .. Shikhar and Ishani will share an awkward look exchange. Mr. Mehra will ask Ishani about the Gujrati rituals which needs to follow at Krish wedding. Ishani will go to get Ganeshji’ idol but because of the off season seller will tell her to go to the godown.
    Here Shikhar will get a call from Ranveer’s phone that he is slouched. Ishani will get shocked to see Ranveer fall. Ranveer will tell her that how bad she is, Ishani will feel humiliated. Than Ranveer will kiss Ishani and Ishani also carries away but later she will realize it. …..

  50. Rosh

    You know Shiker will be heart broken not sure but he will not be help less he will get his love Ishani to get her love back . He won’t try to put her in to more agony like RV does now .

    • maya

      yeah!! actually shikhar after knowing ish true feelings will help her get the love back….not like present rv who is planning to take revenge, destroying it all…….shikhar must remain with ish always as her best friend……y to spoil his cute smile in between all this ashiqui story…..he is already so gud… 🙂

  51. jaya

    hi friends iam new to this page.Iam also Tamil.episode is good but I hate precap.ranveer pls dont hurt ishani she loves you alot and doing this all for u.shikhar pls unite ishveer.Dont drag too much ya waiting for a good episode.

  52. pappu

    janeman jane ja tumsa koi kaha tumse milke me aur ho gya jawan
    tere naal pyar ho gya turu ru turu ru turu ru

  53. Riya you are living in the country that is famous for unity in diversity and even though you are using bad words for tamilians y? Plz don’t do so.

  54. sri

    Hmm its quite interesting now! But RV u don’t b like this..
    But Friends I watched a video in YouTube.. once ritika comes to know tat she’s pregnant on her sangeet she will disappear for sometimes know.. her dad will b looking for her whole night right at tat time ly she will kill Chirag..

    RV will go after he fight with chirag then ritika comes and asks him about her pregnancy.. he tells s its him.. ritika cries hearing tat and y did he make her victim for his revenge with RV and ishani..Then he tries to do something and she will push him down.. tats how chirag is killed and she is the murderer

  55. Süchï

    K jaya great neinga periya padipila padicherukinga ,jaya neinga fb use pandringala

  56. Episode was good. But waiting for ishveer scenes and revealation of rithika s truth… precap super…
    Shikar ishaani ah purinjipaan. RAnveer yen ippadi panra. Nee avala jealous aaka try panni nee than jealous aara… pls stop this Rv. Shikar ku ishaani rv ah than luv panra nu therinja en aaga porano. Pavam shikar…waiting for 2morrow episode

  57. IMAN

    hi ,
    Ilike this serial very much ,request you to please get back ranveer and isshaani together .after all she is her wife and their jodi’s are best …thanks

  58. sai

    rv has said dat.. ish his sir aushiqi since childhood. … Is dis d Way he understood her feelings n intension. … nw a days I’m getting hating twrds rv character. .. r else… is he acting to catch d main culprit. .. to sav ish frm mrg is he proving her as characterless. … Wat d hell s happening yaar? ? Pagal eh kya…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.