Satrangi Sasural 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Satrangi Sasural 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
The seven pious circles around the fire begin, while nilima goes through it, uncomfortably. The priest finally says that the marriage is solemnised. Nilima finally takes off the hair switch, and falls unconscious in gautam’s arms, while they are all shocked. From the wig, is seen blood, and a lizard twitching around. Nilima’s head is oozing blood. Arushi spots the lizard, and all are shocked. they decide to rush her to the hospital. outside, gautam’s father is happy that their plan worked, and now nilima shall be finished. Gautam’s mother is tensed wondering what he did. Her husband doesnt tell her, and asks her to come along as they have to leave. She thinks that she cant be an alias in this, and that she has done lots os crimes, but not take anyone;s life, and hopes nothing happens to Nilima.

Scene 2:
Location: Hospital
While she is unconscious, nilima is carried on the stretcher, by an extremely worried vihaan, arushi and narmada. the doctor comes and admits her. Vihaan asks if she shall be okay. He asks vihaan to calm down and rushes to her care. Arushi assures that nilima would be okay. vihaan then prays to the lrod to save nilima, as he wont be able to live without her. Arushi comes and vihaan asks if she would be okay. Arushi assures him. She says that they need to prioritise the family too, while nilima is being taken care of. She reminds him of granny’s meds. he then goes to give them to granny, who refuses to eat them, till she gets an update on nilima. He along with arushi assure her to be strong, so that others would also follow suit. granny eyes them all and then takes it. Sarthi comes and informs that the girl has eloped, who was nilima’s hairdresser. gautam says that he knows who is behind this. He is in a rage, while they ask him not to be too brash, as nilima needs him right now. he rushes out. Mini gets this chance to taunt gautam, but arushi stands for him, saying that he would definitely be back, as gautam isnt like this.

later, the doctor coems and says that she is awake now, and out of danger, and that they can meet her. They are relieved and go inside. They are happy to find nilima okay, and try and cheer her up.

Scene 3:
Location: Gautam’s parents
While gautam’s parents are busy trying to pack things, his mother is boggled as to whats happening. before they can escape, an angry gautam barges in with the police. They are tensed. gautam reprimands them for stooping so low. His father begins to break down and confesses to the crime, and apologises for it. They are taken away by the police, as gautam refuses to spare them.

Scene 4:
Location: Vihaan’s residence
Granny asks nilima to rest, while they shall be downstairs, so that she can recover soon. Nilima asks if they wont do the vidaai ceremony. All are tensed and speechless. Arushi complies and says that they were going for its preparations only. Granny too complies and asks arushi to get Nilima ready while they see downstairs. But narmada says that they shall get her ready today, and asks arushi to handle downstairs. All are emotional.

Downstairs, granny is tensed praying to the lord, for nilima’s well being, when arushi comes. She breaks in arushi’s arms, that she doesnt know ho to react to this, as its been such a long time, that a happiness like this has come in their way. Arushi assures them and composes them saying that they shouldnt cry at nilima’s vidaai. They all agree. Just then, vihaan comes and finds them talking. he is distraught and rushes back. granny askas arushi to go and compose him. She rushes after him. She tries to cheer him up, but he asks her not to talk him out of it, as things have changed now, and gautam can stay with them, instead of nilima leaving. Arushi tries o reason but he doesnt relent. she is tensed. Vihaan and arushi come out, to find Nilima taking her Bidaai, while all are emotional. Arushi tells vihaan, that two moments are very special in a woman’s life, first when she gets married and gets the vidaai from her house, and the second when she becomes a mother. She tries to tell him, while he is unable to cope with it. She says that nilima is embracing new relations, by freeing herself from them and that she deserves this freedom. She asks him to look at her, and her happiness, the screen freezes on Vihaan’s tearful face.

Precap: Vihaan and arushi are about to come in, while she is trying to get him to stop crying, she comes face to face with all the mothers, while garnny asks her to stop and stay right there, and not enter in the house. she is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Nice episode maybe now the mother’s will accept arushi n welcome her properly in the house

  2. I hope so and not something else…because they are so damn superstitious

  3. It is high time for Arushi to become a couple.She has done enough to prove that she is the daughter in law .

  4. this serial is moving along one problem is solved now there is the other arushi and vihann come on granny raise your curfew your time is up please let arushi and Vihaan consummate their marriage they are so happy when they are together and poor Vihaan he cannot wait any longer he wants to hold his wife in his arms and make love to her for a whole week locked away from all of you all cant you all see that there is no holding back now writers I just cannot stand the thought of that lizard in eating away at nilimas head all this time what was the purpose of that was it just superstition come on kill that lizard pronto and sanitise nilimas head very good before she goes home one thing I know for sure is that she will never put on another wig again LOL

    1. Some lizards are poisonous because when bitten by one if antibiotics are not taken’ you can become contaminated with tetanus or rabies or something of the sort.If it was superstitious then she would have gone mad or die or maybe epileptic according to the type of evil or spell sent to her.

  5. writers I like how gautaum dealt with his parents he did not hesitate to go for the police first and then take them straight to the house so they can be arrested now put their ass in jail for good and throw away the keys and one more thing the mother is just as bad as the father so leave her there too

  6. Lovely episode.

  7. Arushi ur Sari is Stunning , just Loved it!!!!! Hope all goes well for u, thumbs up !!!!! Job well done in putting 2gether the wedding’ I hope all goes well for u an Vihaan. 🙂

  8. Oh god
    Twisted fingers
    Wat now
    Do dey kick her
    Or welcome her

  9. its an awsm episode..!..I luv ths serial..pls dnt spoil ths serial..! its a requst..!
    pls make it as a meaningful serial…not a nonsense..

  10. Lovely episode

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