Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krisha couldn’t select a ring for Ishaani’s engagement, Shekhar comes there. Kanchal asks them to show it to him as it is for his wife. Ishaani was wearing her dove ring and take it off. Shekhar comes to sit and asks how can he select one, he will have to pay for it. Shekhar says alright, and asks Ishaani to select any ring as he will pay. Krisha asks Ishaani to choose the most expensive one. Kanchal says that such events come really once. Mr. Mehra asks if this was for him. Krisha laughs and he understand it was really for him. Shekhar takes one ring but Ishaani chooses a small one. She says she knows Shekhar takes 8 lacs for a case, but a wedding ring doesn’t tell about what your spouse does? She confirms the ring and takes Krisha to choose some sets matching her dress. Mr. Mehra says

he is proud of Ishaani as she will keep him on earth. Shekhar says one would like to be the best person in the world after getting Ishaani as a life partner.
Dewarsh asks the designer to show the best card, it is a big family’s card and asks him to show the most expensive card. The designer shows him a card of 5,000. Dewarsh asks him to make the pubish this card and makes the bill as 10,000. He tells the designer to tell Shekhar Mehra it costs 10,000. He calls Shekhar and tells him he has selected the card and it costs as 10,000 per card. Shekhar agrees, Dewarsh insists that he will pay for half of the cards. He winks at the shopkeeper. Shekhar thinks he has selected the right person, after all Dewarsh is Ishaani’s brother. Dewarsh tells the shopkeeper one has to do everything to do the wedding preparations well. RV comes there and asks what else would he do now. He takes Dewarsh by collar and was angry at him for being dishonest in giving money to his family. He takes Dewarsh out in rain, and asks why he never gave money to family. Dewarsh says he is responsible for their condition, and RV didn’t end his money by spending a few lacs on Dewarsh. RV asks him for answer, he says he is used to be betrayed but Dewarsh betrayed his family. Dewarsh says his family’s condition couldn’t end by those few lacs but he invested those money in Shekhar’s sister to marry her. He tells RV he learnt from Chiraag that one must marry someone for money. RV says he must not do anything with Shekhar’s sister. Dewarsh laughs and says he has double relation with Shekhar. Shekhar loves Dewarsh’s sister as much as he loves his own sister. RV says if he betrays Shekhar, he will… Dewarsh holds his hand and asks why is he being so angry. He asks what he did to RV that he has never seen. Ishaani did the same to him, because RV doesn’t have mind but only money. RV was her driver so Ishaani did friendship with him, she married him because he got money. If he has no money, no one will bother about him. Dewarsh says why can’t he do the same, RV must be happy he got rid of Ishaani soon. Dewarsh says he is a stupid lover, he will be siding Krisha for his lifetime, the bank account named Krisha will always be Dewarsh’s. RV was enraged and beats Dewarsh hard, saying he won’t let anything bad happen to Krisha. Dewarsh still laughs asking why he stopped, is he tired. RV beats him again. Dewarsh still laughs, stands up and says he did this good and leaves. Pratik watches this all.
Ishaani makes the list of invitees. Krisha and Shekhar come runnig, Krisha was holding photo of Ishaani teasing Shekhar if she should show it to everyone. Dewarsh arrives there, everyone is worried. Krisha and Ishaani run to him, Ishaani asks how did he get it. Shekhar asks who did this. Dewarsh says yes, Ranveer did. Krisha drops the cotton, everyone is shocked to hear. Mr. Mehra doesn’t accept. Dewarsh says on the road, in front of everyone. Krisha cries that why RV did so. Ishaani asks Dewarsh to come inside, she wants to talk to him. Shekhar says they will talk to RV first, but Ishaani says she will talk to Dewarsh first.
She brings ointment to Dewarsh and asks if he tell her everything. Dewarsh asks doesn’t she trust him. She says RV won’t hit him without reason. Dewarsh assures her that he has changed, to keep Krisha happy. Ishaani says he must never do anything wrong in future as well. Dewarsh asks why would he do so, he has double relation with this family. He knows all his actions will affect her and Shekhar’s life, he won’t break Shekhar’s confidence. He says RV watched him and beat him badly. Ishaani says she is there and will talk to Ranveer, he won’t do anything. Dewarsh asks her to keep away from Ranveer, he has changed. Ishaani says she knows how to talk to him and leaves. Dewarsh regrets that if RV tells her anything, there will be a problem.
Shekhar tells Ishaani in the way that she won’t meet RV. Ishaani says she will have to, he doesn’t want their marriage and now Dewarsh’s incident… she says this is her fight and she will fight it herself.
Amba asks Ranveer to start the preparations of wedding. RV says wedding planner is coming to them. Amba says it seemed today, he came fighting with someone. She tells him to see Shekhar’s house preparations. RV asks her not to compare his wedding with anyone else’s. Amba asks him to go and talk to Ritika about it, and if he has decided he must marry well. They see Ritika standing there. Amba goes away. RV comes to Ritika and asks if she is annoyed he isn’t preparing. Ritika says she has no complaint, RV says she has a right. Ritika says she has a fear that if he is with her his heart isn’t. RV holds her to himself and hugs her. She hugs him back. Ishaani arrives at their home then and watches them hug.

PRECAP: RV asks Ishaani why Dewarsh is marrying Krisha. Ishaani says he loves Krishaa, but how would RV know about love. RV asks if she knows what love is?

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Today’s episode was good.. Devarsh Got nicely from Ranveer for cheating his Family.. Ranveer laiki nai to say “one should learn to respect love “.. Feeling sad for Ishaani.. Hate Rithika ranveer scenes to the core.. please revesl truth about Rithikaaa soon. Enough of dragging..Promo is interesting. Eaiting for a good episode.

  2. arora

    advance wish u happy birthday shakti arora, heys guys 16th may is shakti’s birthday…….., wish for him,

  3. arora

    and today episode, nice, ranveer i appriciate u, you beat the cheater deversh, yes ur right ranveer, but i feel pity for ishaani, so sad, waiting for good episode

    • Guys aj ke din ranveer ko stupid maat bolo……… because today’s his birthday….. ek big wish to karo shaktiko plzzzzzzzzzz

  4. It’s true,,, the whole Parekh family was with Ranveer for his money,,
    But he was too sensitive towards them and showed love and respect to them no matter how they were,,

    Atleast baa has understood his love for the parekhs’,,,

  5. Stupid dewarsh.. I thought he was a good person … he always supported ishaani then why did he do so can someone tel me ???????????????????????????????

  6. jyo

    wish u happy birthday ranveer nd many more happy returns of theday.
    pleeeeeeeees dont fight with ishani do understand her heart.
    rithika tho breakup cheskoooooo pls ur a hero

  7. preethika

    aarree yaar mujhe kuch samaj me nahi aaraha hai………….. jab in dono ne ek dusre se ithna pyaar karthi hai, phir nafrath ka natak kyun kar raha hai???
    aur ye ishani……. samajtha kya hai apne aapko?? jab usko patha chalgaya ki bacha ranveer ka nahi hai aur sab problems khatam hogaya. toh ye usse sach kyun nahi pathaya? kya bakwas hai ye????

    • Because ishani sabse pyaar karti hain sabke bareme sochti hain ……. ishbar ishani ritikake bareme socha …… iishani ranveerrkoveer ko sach nehi bataya
      …….. waiting for a good epi

    • abc

      usko nhi pata h ki bachha rv ka nhi h….usko bas itna pata h ki rv aur ritika ne shadi nhi ki…..ritika aur rv pati patni h isliye wo unn dono ki shadi karwane ki kosis kar rhi h…

  8. Roma

    Happy Birthday Shakti, many many happy returns of the day May ALLAH give you all the success and happiness in the life. Aameen….

  9. kashish

    A very happy bday to the real hero, shakti arora….god bless u….u r a real gem….!!!!

  10. malvika

    sometimes i think whether it is one of plan of rv’s plan to take the truth out of ishani but then again i get confused when i see him with ritika……..even though he may promise ritika at a later stage that he wont go near shikhar or ishani but everyone knows none can make ishveer apart, not even ishveer themselves……dewarsh got a gud thrashing, he deserved it……y there was pratik, will he later tell all that to everyone???… i hate rv-ritika scenes…

    omg, even b4 falguni’s death, they showed the promo of ritika burning all those photos but still she is shown as “bechari” as ever……y this slow track???……and i guess ishani still has not checked her fon….is it discharged or c lost it, lol……i hope it comes up soon……just irritated with unnecessary dragging on the story……

  11. Wish u many more happy returns of the shakthi .let u lead a happy life with god’s blessings .we all like u a lot. -by an rv fan
    .. ..

  12. dhanu

    I am fine. I think retina on her mehendi fountion day killed chirag but I don’t understand why she is trying to revange in everyone

    • abc

      she is ritika not retina…..btw, c is taking revenge for her father’s death and the humiliation she had to suffer earlier…..

  13. Happy bday to the one n only handsome hunk shakti arora..keep rocking the days as u go along..may u stay blessed in ur life forever g…luv u loads xx muah ???

  14. malvika

    a very happie bday, shakti……enjoy well……may all ur wishes be true come true…….gbu!!!

    • dhanu

      But how chirag and ritika united.I think she had know Chirac is cheated but how is had a affair with Chirac.

  15. XYZ

    Happy Birthday Shakthi!! Yourcharacter is beautifully portrayed and you have enacted very well! Keep up the good work and keep up the aashiqui! Your character is every girl’s dream 🙂

  16. XYZ

    I feel Shikhar is doing all this drama to unite Rv and Ishani. Or all 3 r plotting together to bring out ritika’s truth.

    • abc

      hope this comes true……waiting eagerly for the moment when ritika’s truth will come out…..

  17. XYZ

    I don’t believe that Shikhar wont know the truth of IShani-Rv. If he really doesn’t know, then he is the biggest foolish character and shame on his lawyer profession

  18. rosy

    A VERY VERY HAPPY BDAY TO U SHAKTI ARORA…wish u stay healthy nd fit aftr taking part in nach baliye nd doing da shoot for matsh…hpe u nd neha remain nd u get all da happiness in life…

  19. rosy

    Da real truth is knwn by da jailor she shd cum somehow infrnt of rv…so dat he belives all da circumstances dat happend to ishu nd to him…

  20. dhanu

    Friends I think ritika will trying to separate true lovers and she want to give pain both ishani and rv and she fooling by everyone in Rv house. Specially amba she had gone crazy for ritika.I want to ritika teach a good lesson to amba.and then amba will under stang isaani is so innocent and she loves Rv more than her life.

  21. Rashika

    Hpy bdy shakthi Arora… Today is urs. Tom is mine. Super na. Waaaa.. ??? have a great bdy. Keep rockin.. Have a blast..,????

  22. abhay

    kya serial banake rakha h….aashiqui to h nhi bas dusmani dikhate rehte h…..dono rv aur ishani kyo nhi baat kar lete aapas mei….ek tyag ki devi bani baithi h aur dusra sabke liye mahan banta h……. aur tu shikhar, jaa apne cases dekh…..ek case mila tha tujhe ishani ka aur tujhe uske baare mei kuch bhi pata nhi……kaam pe dhyan dega to client history pata chalegi…..ritika k baare mei kuch jyada pata nhi mujhe par wo kyo aise daayan wale makeup mei rehti h…. dekhke hi vamp lagti h……….arey bahut ho gya, ya to rv aur ishani ko milao ya serial band karo…..bheja kharab kar diya…….
    arey, waise aaj to hero ka bday h—-happy bday shakti ji….

  23. irene yee meimei

    Happy birthday,shakti the series.anyone who loves has to sacrifice and endure a lot of pain.thats the true definition of true love

  24. ayz

    todays rpisode was not too bad or good,in my case..Rv,for what reason you again taking care of that Parekh family..and why both of you cares for each other..l like ur courage Rv,to beat that blo*dy Devarsh..
    Hey guys..i want to know one answer…is Parul has love for Devarsh??
    but wow. …….Shikharrr why you like Ishaani more than you??? like u soooo much..because can’t see the true love anywhr……

  25. Hate ranveer’s character If u can’t live with ishaani try to liv with her memories.pls dont change love as like as’s pls dont kill matsh’s soul

  26. Remzzz

    Ishani is a nice, caring, beautiful and hardworking girl who
    can easily get anyone in her life. She never had attitude
    when she was rich and was completely nonchalant even
    when she didn’t have a penny in her pocket. She dedicated
    all her life to fulfilling everyone else’s wishes and without a
    second thought risked her life to save everyone else.
    Doesn’t someone like that deserve to be happy? Doesn’t
    Ishani deserve someone who loves her for who she is
    without any conditions? It’s true that Ranveer loved her
    unconditionally, but he could never convince his family of
    this love. They ill-treated her and blamed her for anything
    and everything bad and Ranveer simply stood and listened.
    In spite of knowing that Ishani is a criminal and maybe a
    murderer, Shikhar’s family accepts her as their own.
    Normally people love to show that they care for the under
    privileged but in reality they mean nothing of it. But
    Shikhar’s family accepted Ishani as their own daughter in
    spite of knowing her past. Shikhar knows that Ishani
    doesn’t love her, but trusts her blindly. He knows to not
    believe her when she is lying to save someone else. He
    sees beyond the surface, which is exactly what Ishani
    For someone who has lived for others, deserves someone
    who will live for her too, no? Yes Ranveer’s love was pure
    but now that he has another woman in his life he cannot
    sail in two boats at once. Ishani needs someone who thinks
    of only her when she thinks about everyone else. Shikhar
    will complete her and they will indeed make a perfect pair

  27. Hats off to ishaani’s character.such an incredible woman.sacrificing everything for her ranveer and even loyal to shikar.ranveer,u know ishaani from childhood. can’t u understand her feelings? Can’t u know the cause for her each and every movememt?atleast u should have understood that smething is there behind her acts.all the members in shikar’s family r praising ishaani.So ranveer understand that ishaani has not yet changed into a rude girl

  28. manjeet

    I think ranveer should know that ishaani loves him n stop to ishaani irritate. He should know she is doing everything for him

  29. Ranveer is an emotional lover and not like shikar.ranveer darling pls understand ishaani.i cant hate u ya because i m still watching tis serial only for your true and incomparable luv for ishaani.pls ranveer Go to ur babe ishaani.And ranveer pls dont touch that stupid ritika.This serial gives me unbearable pain for past 2 months.will ishveer reunite or not?

    • aami

      HAI SHALINI… what news are u talking about………… will u share the link??? plzzzzzzzzzzz

  30. naima

    Ranvir tries to convince Shikhar of not
    marrying Ishani. He tells him that Ishani has
    deceived him and she will cheat him too. He
    says Ishani is marrying him just for his
    money, and will cheat his love once she gets
    his property. While Shikhar does not believe
    Ranvir, Ishani gets her anger out on Ranvir.
    She asks him not to interfere in her life. She
    says she can marry Shikhar for his money
    and Shikhar is fine with it, then why is Ranvir
    bothering them so much, as if his property is
    at stake. She makes Ranvir jealous by
    bonding well with Shikhar. Shikhar does not
    understand why is Ranvir doing this and
    shows his belief in Ishani. He gets
    mesmerized seeing Ishani in the marriage
    functions. The families meet in the tilak
    rasam and she looks gorgeous. Shikhar
    compliments her. Ishani looks very happy to
    get in a new relation and wants to show
    some attitude to Ranvir. Ritika comes there
    to create some new issue.

  31. why ranveer u cant understand ishani , u know her from childhood , i hate ranveer and ritikas scenes , its too much of dragging in this show ,, ishani why cant u check ur phone….

  32. it wuld be nice if ishani replies him about love nd then he starts digging the chiraag’s matter nd finds the reality nd sonn they patch up………. 😉

  33. Emotional and soft ranveer pls understand ur ishaani’s feelings ya.ishaani’s character is wonderful and she is sacrificing evything fr her ranveer.emotional darling ranveer!u know ur ishu from childhood pls understand the cause for her acts.always waiting fr ishveer scenes and tum hi ho bgm.ishveer’s separation gives me a lot of pain day by day

  34. Manisha

    When will Ranveer come to know abt Ishani?
    When will Ishani read ritikas message?
    When will Ritika show her true intentions?
    Why they are not clearing I dn unds
    First we were waiting for Ranveer ishanis face off.we waited a lot but we didn’t get just sad moments.but atleast at that time we could see love in ranveers eyes for Ishani and and he was missing her badly and ishani was also missing him now the situation is even worst now they are not showing ashiqui just what’s the meaning?that situation was better atleast love was there.

  35. Manisha

    Ritika looks so sick physically and mentally both in all scenes.she doesn’t suit with Ranveer.

  36. Manisha

    Devarsh has no right to insult Ranveer by saying driver ka beta.really I felt so bad.even Ishani also said the same.whatever he was he is now big businessman and he is and he was hardworking person.

    • Rosh

      Actually what is wrong in being drivers son? Not a criminals son I can’t undrestand it at all!!!

  37. iman


  38. I think that chirag is better than rithika.this rithika is soooo disgusting to watch ya.can’t watch ranveer rithika scenes. ishkar scenes r somehow bearble.missing ishaani’s cute smile, ranveer’s joyful face and ishveer’s admirable moments.AND shakti radhika’s performance in TSA Was fantastic.

    • abhi

      u r ryt….even though chirag was a cheater but a gud actor….nice villain acts….but this smriti khanna(ritika) is not gud….cant bear her…. ishkhar scenes are gud but irritating to see rv-ritika scenes……missing ishveer moments…

  39. please Rv you can understand ishani feelings You dont know rithika is worst. Please you understand ishani. Ishani is scrifying his love and happiness to rithika. But rithika is selfish. Please u see ishani then you decide to marry rithika

  40. Stupid rithika How can u ranveer’s name to ur child? Tis girl is characterless and not ishaani.before one man was btween ishveer and now one woman.Finally directors not at all uniting ishveer.

  41. abhay

    though ranveer’s love for ishani is incomparable with anyone, but he himself could not protect her from the tortures of that stupid amba……everytime she insulted her and he could not speak anything….the best part of shikhar family is that they have accepted ishani as their family member, they always care for her……the show is such that after all the drama ishani and rv will reunite but i dont like rv getting cosy with ritika…..though ishkhar are soon going to be married soon, but they dont do such scenes as rv-ritika……
    where is that brave and smart rv who would always tackle the problem without anyone getting clue of it…….of course some of the sacrifices of ishani seem foolish, but i dont understand y once die-hard lover has suddenly turned into a villain???…. y did he never try to know about ritika’s pregnancy?? even if he thinks it is sharman, y did he not talk at least once to sharman about this issue..? even today he everywhere shows ritika as his wife but still wants ishani to be there…..has he accepted ritika or not—-y half state??? if yes, then he can directly stop ishani from all this and if no, he sud marry ritika with all respect and live happy….. whatever it is, i just want one day amba to understand ishani……
    surely after all the truth revelation they will show some romantic scenes which will make audience again fall in love with the couple of ishveer but i want both rv& ishani to have a pure realisation………hope it comes beautifully portrayed…..

  42. Shâžñā

    Lots of emotional love drama goes to unfold within the forthcoming episode of Meri Ashiqui Tumse Hi.

    According to the track, Ritika getsupset on Ranvir for lying to her regarding Ishani.Ritika shouts at Ranvir for breaking her promise perpetually and she packs her bag to depart his house.Ritika tells Ranvir that she simply desires him to respect her as better half at house and even outside too.
    Ranvir feels unhealthy for Ritika and guarantees to her that he won’t meet Ishani and Shikhar (Arjun Bijlani) from these days.
    Ranvir finds troublesome to forget Ishani (Radhika Madan)Ritika feels relaxed to urge Ranvir’s promise and asks him to apologize to Ishani for making the problem ahead of her family.Ranvir desires to check Ritika happy thus he agrees to mention sorry to Ishani.However, Ranvir becomes powerful for Ishani ahead of everybody, however he’s ineffective to forget Ishani as a result of he loves her since childhood.

    Ranvir is confused on his guarantees created with Ritika, asa result of he doesn’t apprehend whether or not he can able to keep himself far from Ishani.

    • abhay

      thank u for the news but i have already seen its video……as everyone knows rv can never make himself away from ishani however hard he tries…… i guess someday this behaviour will someday make ritika do something which will be a clue for others…….anyways, in this, we will watching many ceremonies where lots of drama happens…..nice trp drama!!!!!
      hope that ishani checks her fon soon,,,, i really dont get has she forgotten about it or lost it???……. waiting 4 a gud epi…

  43. Manisha

    We want to see smart and intelligent Ranveer who can find out the truth of Ishani and Ritika both.but they are showing him dumb.he is the hero why they are not showing him thinking abt ishanis behaviour.he knows her since childhood.and don’t like to watch Ranveer Ritika closeness .shikhar Ishani scenes are good.we enjoy their friendship.why Ranveer gives so much importance to Ritika.and why he didn’t try to explain shaman to accept Ritika ?and if Sherman was doubting on Ritika he should find out the truth of ritikas pregnancy.we can understand Ishani is hurting Ranveer so he is very sad but it doesn’t mean he should marry Ritika .and Ritika has no self respect so she is staying with Ranveer after knowing Ranveer loves Ishani a lot and can’t forget her and they both are husband and wife.and she is not trying to reunite ishveer.amba is also responsible for ishanis rudeness.hope they sove their misunderstanding soon.

    • kajal

      ranveer is trying to take revenge of ishani for her behaviour…….such closeness scenes of rv-ritika are result of that…….hope that it does not get much far otherwise it will lead him to the biggest regret……..i wish the witty ranveer return soon and finds the truth………rv-ritikA scenes & amba are just not bearable…… ishkhar scenes are nice as it is only friendship…. they care for each other as friends only….. this pregnancy drama has confused many of the characters—-many are affected due to that…… let at least one of them get a clue so that the story can move further……already dragging so much purposelessly……

  44. abc

    if ishani and shikhar really got married, it will be the same lyk harshad-falguni…..while harshad loved falguni, falguni loved the other but had always respect for harshad….same way ishani will live with shikhar giving him respect, if not love…… mind getting confused whether ishkhar married is gud or not…. rv also not showing any progress…….anyways, the whole drama will be sorted out only after ritika’s truth comes out….. the promo of ritika type girl burning fotos was shown so earlier but still they have not given a single clue about it in the show….. this show is now so boring…..

  45. maya

    while everyone is hoping that after the truth comes out, ranveer and ishani will reunite but its simply not true……the show is named” meri aashiqui tumse hi” because they never meant to unite the real lovers rather they will only show how the lovers suffer in the way of giving happiness to others……i guess ishani and shikhar will marry indeed to prove the extent of the pure love, which is meant to give joy to the loved ones by staying far…. ranveer on the other hand after knowing ritika’s truth and the sacrifices of ishani will repent on himself and will wish happiness for her, but at a distance……..sometimes, i think whether this show like be like aashiqui2 where at the end, the hero dies…and the heroine lives with the name of the hero……… the reasons maybe diffferent in the show but the ending will be same…..both the waghela &parekh family will understand their love then only…..
    the show may or may not portray the same but it is my personal opinion,….

  46. Manisha

    I think ishkar marriage won’t happen.we are just interested in Ranveer ishanis doesn’t mean they should marry to someone else and sacrifice their love.there is no meaning.they must reunite and live happy life with each other.but I don’t wish they show that type of crap where hero dies or sacrifice her for love.they have already suffered a lot they don’t need to prove to each other now.they will realise soon that it’s not one sided love.if Ishani marry to Shekhar then what’s ranveers fault.he loved her since child hood .they should show happy end.this is love story but they can show happy couple also why like ashiqui 2or any other love story which has tragic end.?ranveer has done everything for Ishani and her family.i want to see them happily married and their love scenes.

  47. Rosh

    If they continue butchers RV character like this rate I can’t take it already .
    This show has a soul that is “Ranveer alias RV ” , if they continue doing damage to the person who is most important in this story it is defenitly going to back fire .
    Even I will stop watching , I love RV character , I don’t want to see him falling from grace like this .

  48. Manisha

    Yes right.i love rv character.and because of Ranveer only we are watching this serial.ranveer is the soul of the show.i want to see him very happily married with Ishani but can’t see him in pain always.he has suffered a lot for love but he hasn’t got anything yet.hope they reunite them soon.

    • xyz

      indeed ranveer is the soul of the show…y sud he always get pain?? he must come to know it was not one sided but ishani also loved him……stupid amba always creates a problem, i hope one day she will understand that ishani is the best for rv and how ishani always loved rv more than her life….

  49. Rosh

    Ishani also I love because even though many blame Ishani I don’t see her that bad , l love that character also.
    Now the story is not moving at all there is a celebration always , it end up in misery .
    How come every single function at Shikers house R V there , Ritika also there!!!!!!!
    The lawyer is smart , good funny guy . Good for Ishani the whole family is adorable .
    Ishani’s heart is with RV he is there chasing her always how the marriage will work out?

    Best part Ritika’s pregnancy is like elephant pregnancy , I think 22 months or for ever pregnant ?
    I think some elephant is the father of her baby even tummy look so , fed up of the crap now . When are they going to answer all the question ? Many murders but every one only dancing , singing , fighting & foolishly sacrificing.
    Ishweer calling each other driver , servant, greedy and characterless respectively .
    I am loosing my hope on this drama already

  50. ranveer call ishaani thief infront of everyone because he think that ishaani sold some ornaments which owned on shikhar’s family and get 40lakh rupees but actually it is done by dewarsh ishu think ranveer fall so low to prove her wrong but ranveer think that ishaani really done this but after all this happen shikhar trust&support ishaani blindly

    • Rosh

      I. Pity my Ishani already went jail and now her love try to portray as a thief feel bad yaar .
      RV if she dosent want you just leave her alone

    • maya

      i m happy that at least shikhar still believes ishani….even if u r taking revenge from ishani for her hate-drama, y insulting her in front of all?? at least for the sake of friendship dont do this, mr. rv…. has she suddenly grown money-hunger— do u believe that?? see c still does not do anything wrong with mehra’s, c cud have easily used them too if c was lyk dat… at least for her kind behaviour and co-operating nature, spare her from these insults… just keep eye on ritika if u want that– it will be of use… on the day of falguni’s death, ritika suddenly disappeared and did that… r u checking??

  51. Manisha

    You are right both are just insulting each other.anf both have spoiled their relations because of Ritika and Amba.why they are not thinking deeply?ishani loves Ranveer how will she marry Shekhar ?she must not spoil shekhars life.she can’t forget Ranveer so she must not marry.hope they will come to know abt Ritika before marriage.tired of Ritika and her pregnancy.shakti Arora quit navy value for matsh so we were happy that atleast we would get more ishveer scenes but they are not using shaky is talent in a proper way.all the actors are nice but they are not getting proper role to perform.we have seen in another colors serial kumkum Bhagya in which hero is finding out the truth of her friend Tanu she is also pregnant like Ritika but hero is finding out the truth they are going to show abhis smartness but here they are not showing Ranveers smartness.they are just showing jealousy hatred.i am also tired of this show.everyday thinking that today they will show good episode but after watching we feel as if we have wasted our time and mind also.

    • maya

      i agree dear….instead of insulting each other and creating further misunderstandings, they should try to find out the truth related with each other…….ishani should find about rv’s life with ritika and rv should find about ishani’s past jail days and her present weird behaviour…… i want this to be happy ending…..y cant the real lovers enjoy some nice moments—y always someone comes to spoil the moment???…. even i am tried of this pregnancy drama…. in the other serials, there are other members to keep a check on couple’s fight in case it happens– but here both the families only fight…. stupid amba forcing rv to accept ritika’s child and ishani’s relatives letting her marry shikhar….. at least pratik u can go to ishani &tell the truth of rv-dewarsh fight…. btw, where is sharman?? y did he not find out ritika if he suspected her of being wrong..??

      in one of the episodes, rv was talking to sharman and suddenly took a turn and slapped rishi hard…..and again in other episode, he made chirag kneel down and after taking all the diamonds back, burnt the papers of chirag’s house….. i have always liked that smart and witty rv…..but he is not that same presently…. i want the same smartness to be back and truth to be revealed out soon…… i always wait for a gud episode but they only show one or the ceremony going on which is of no use coz rv-ishani are soulmates indeed….only the truth of ritika can make the story move further…. let at least someone get a clue first….. still waiting…. missing ishveer moments…

      • Rosh

        Exactly I want that RV back not this RV . I don’t know what happened to the writer now?

  52. Manisha

    Once Ranveer go to jail and meet that police lady she will only tell Ishani loves him a lot and she did everything for him only.even Shekhar can also ask.

    • Rosh

      I only watch this one show . Earlier I watched Jodha Akhbar now don’t watch . This one I am addicted now it is getting in to my nerves .
      I tried skip watching this but every time failed. I,am really annoyed with every ones aashiqui in this story. I loved this show . How can he call her thief don’t he value at least friend ship between them ? What Ritika must be called now ? That Ritika was always his darling friend !!!!!
      It is not Ishani who is greedy his mom Amba maid is greedy, characterless is Ritika .
      I am disappointed I thought our old intelligent , smart and dynamic RV is back .
      Look at this what we got.
      Any idea when Ritika’s truth will be revealed ?

  53. Rosh

    Why must RV go to jail even when Ish was there he just abandon her there , why must he go now?

    • komal

      even before ishani was out of jail, he already gave the space of wife to ritika….sharing same room, bed… calling her as wife….. y without divorce ritika was in the same bed with rv?? he cud have kept her in separate room like ishani used to do… this is wrong…

      • Rosh

        Yap , you are right . I don’t know that intelligent RV disappeared suddenly .
        I was very annoyed to see Ra Ri sharing same bedroom !!!’
        Why can’t sleep separate it is disgusting

  54. Manisha

    Yes u r right.he should not give her Ishanis place and he mustn’t share his bed with her Ritika can stay in another room.and he must not call her wife.without marriage he is giving her all rights.i am also upset with this.and I wanted to say Ranveer should search for Ishanis reality and if he visit jail where she was staying he can get more information.he should inquire if Ishani released from jail then who killed Chirag.only that lady police can tell him Ishanis reality.

  55. Manisha

    I am also annoyed to ra ri sharing same room.they both know they aren’t married he must not share same room.

  56. xyz

    shakti arora u r the life of the show, then y r the writers heel-bent to take the life ou ur character(ranveer)??…… dont do this plz…..if he can show his smartness in business by taking shikhar’s company shares, y not in personal life??? he can find about the pregnancy drama of ritika— who is the real father?? and y did u suddenly stop the investigation of falguni’s death?? after u came to know of nirupa’s truth, y did u not still continue with it??

  57. snow white

    This show has now became soooooo boring that I have started hating this drama. There should be a new positive twist in the drama so that the veiwers like the programe. RV must know all the sacrifices that Ishani has made for him. He should understand the pain of ishani.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.