Kalash 14th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 14th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Manju( Ravi’s mother) brings Saket in corner, Saket’s mother comes there too, Manju says Devika’s family have given you second hand ring, she says 5 years before i made ring for Ravi, somedays back Ravi needed money so he sold this ring, and now i saw that Saket is wearing same ring, Saket says there are many rings of same designs, dont waste my time, Manju says the ring which i made has 2010 written on it, she ask Saket to check it, mother ask Saket to check, Saket gives ring to her, 2010 s written on it, Mother says i cant believe this they can do this with us, how dare they give second hand ring to my son, i will talk to Savitri, she leaves, Manju says now it will be fun, Savitri will be insulted.
Saket’s mother cmes to Shweta and shows her ring, Shweta says this is Ravi’s ring, mother is stunned. Saket’s mother comes to Savitri, Devika’s father ask if there is any problem? mother says you have insulted us, you didnt think a minute before doing this? you have fooled us but truth has come out, you have cheated us, Rekha says there must be some misunderstanding, for now leave it, all are looking at us, mother says you think about only your respect, you people have given us old ring, Shkher says this is new ring, Saket says this is polished ring not new one, this is 2nd hand and i have proof of this, REkha says lets go inside, we will solve there, mother says no, Rekha please be calm, Shweta says lets go inside, they all cgo in room, Devika thinks why all are going inside, i should go too, Manju comes and stops her, she says there is nothing wrong, you dont go in room, can you bring drink for me? Devika says yes, Manju thinks thank God i stopped else Saket would have melted seeing her.

Scene 2
Saket’s mother says to Savitri that i have proof that this is old ring, you know Manju she is mother in law of Shweta, shweta have seen that ring earlier, we have seen date on it also, she ask Saket to say something, Shweta says its not his fault, Mother says he is my only son and MLA too, we can find any girl for him but he liked your daughter, he has done so much for you people and what you did? i am ashamed to even think it, i know you people have done this deliberately, she says to Saket that you found only this family? they are greedy and clever people, Saket says what should i think when i know that i have been cheated and given 2nd hand ring, Devika comes there and listens all this, mother says now i know there standard, you people could have told Saket that you cant afford ring then he would have made himself, he has already given alot of jewelry to you people, but no, you people dont have money but want to have fake standard, shame on you guys.
Sanjay comes to Ravi and tells him everything, Ravi goes with him. Rekha says to mother that i dont know happiness matters to you more or this ring? relations are made by heart not by gifts, mother says dont tell us how relations are made, you people have already shown your true colors, whole family is cheater, Rekha is stunned seeing Devika there, Rekha ask her what you are doing here? we are just discussing about future functions, go and take rest, mother says why are you lying to her? she should also know the truth or if she is involved in all this, Devika says to Saket that i wanna talk to alone, Saket leaves with her.

Scene 3
Devika says to Saket that cant you stop your mother, she is insulting my family, whatever be the problem we can solve it, Saket says we cant involve in matters of elders, dont think about it, Devika says they are my family, you are my would be husband, if you dont think about them then who will? Saket says its about rules of give and take, Devika says relations are made from heart,these things doesnt matter, Saket says it matters, its abut cheating, let them talk and if anyone have done mistake then he has to say sorry, he leaves, Devika is shocked.
Saket comes back, he says to Savitri that you people have cheated me, atleast you should have thought about my name, you could have asked me, i would have brought ring myself, Ravi comes there and thinks what happened, i gave them my ring to help them but they are insulted because of this, Saket says to Rekha that i did so much for you people and you guys cheated me, RAvi says enough, how can you allege them before knowing truth, Saket says your mother told me that this ring is yours, you mother have told me, Ravi says i dont know how this ring came here, i just sold it, Saket says they have bought this ring for low price, they have cheated me, this is 2nd hand ring, Ravi says you misunderstood, they have bought the ring but didnt cheat you, infact they got fooled by jeweler, Saket ask what? Ravi says i know them, they cant cheat you people, the jeweler have fooled them by polishing my ring and giving them as new one, he sold it in double price, you without thinking said so much to them, Saket says if this is case then i will close the shop, Ravi says i will go to shop, Saket says i will come with you, Shweta, saket and mother leaves, Savitri says to Ravi what you did, Ravi says this is our secret, leave it here only, Shekhar says we were insulted today, what people must be thinking about us outside, Ravi leaves, Rekha ask DEvika to go and take rest.
Ravi comes to Saket, Saket thanks him, Ravi says its not fine now, you should say sorry to them, this is your family too, you are in hurry for this marriage and they are doing what you want in such short time, Devika hides behind pillar and listens their conversation, Ravi says to Saket that you have not seen their goodness, and insulted them, this is not good, Saket says truth is that i have given 2nds hand ring, and i wil not say sorry, Ravi says how does it matter if ring is new or old, gold or not, infront of engagement’s happiness its nothing, i cant understand you are making relation with girl or with ring? these are mere rituals, he says to Saket that marriage is not done by give and take, marriage is unique relation which join two families by heart, a girl is raised by her family for years with love and care and then they give her to you thinking that you will love her same, this is biggest gift for you, Saket says i have not asked anything, they have cheated me in such small ting and you want me to say sorry, i will not do it, Devika is disgusted, RAvi says so ring matters to you more than engagement, you can break anyone’s heart for this ring? a girl is giving her life to you, her family is having faith on you that you will make her happy but you wanna satisfy your ego, you wanna insult them, i dont think you love them, infact you dont know what love is, you didnt think how Devika will feel when she will know about all this, all you care about this ring, you dont deserve to marry in this family, Saket says i will say sorry because i love Devika, i have never said sorry to anyone, Ravi thanks him, Saket leaves, DEvika in tears looks at Ravi.

PRECAP- DEvika comes to Ravi, he says you must be tired, go and sleep, she ask why you did this? he ask what? Devika says dont act, i know everything, i listened you talking with Rekha.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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