Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Krisha couldn’t select a ring for Ishaani’s engagement, Shekhar comes there. Kanchal asks them to show it to him as it is for his wife. Ishaani was wearing her dove ring and take it off. Shekhar comes to sit and asks how can he select one, he will have to pay for it. Shekhar says alright, and asks Ishaani to select any ring as he will pay. Krisha asks Ishaani to choose the most expensive one. Kanchal says that such events come really once. Mr. Mehra asks if this was for him. Krisha laughs and he understand it was really for him. Shekhar takes one ring but Ishaani chooses a small one. She says she knows Shekhar takes 8 lacs for a case, but a wedding ring doesn’t tell about what your spouse does? She confirms the ring and takes Krisha to choose some sets matching her dress. Mr. Mehra says he is proud of Ishaani as she will keep him on earth. Shekhar says one would like to be the best person in the world after getting Ishaani as a life partner.
Dewarsh asks the designer to show the best card, it is a big family’s card and asks him to show the most expensive card. The designer shows him a card of 5,000. Dewarsh asks him to make the pubish this card and makes the bill as 10,000. He tells the designer to tell Shekhar Mehra it costs 10,000. He calls Shekhar and tells him he has selected the card and it costs as 10,000 per card. Shekhar agrees, Dewarsh insists that he will pay for half of the cards. He winks at the shopkeeper. Shekhar thinks he has selected the right person, after all Dewarsh is Ishaani’s brother. Dewarsh tells the shopkeeper one has to do everything to do the wedding preparations well. RV comes there and asks what else would he do now. He takes Dewarsh by collar and was angry at him for being dishonest in giving money to his family. He takes Dewarsh out in rain, and asks why he never gave money to family. Dewarsh says he is responsible for their condition, and RV didn’t end his money by spending a few lacs on Dewarsh. RV asks him for answer, he says he is used to be betrayed but Dewarsh betrayed his family. Dewarsh says his family’s condition couldn’t end by those few lacs but he invested those money in Shekhar’s sister to marry her. He tells RV he learnt from Chiraag that one must marry someone for money. RV says he must not do anything with Shekhar’s sister. Dewarsh laughs and says he has double relation with Shekhar. Shekhar loves Dewarsh’s sister as much as he loves his own sister. RV says if he betrays Shekhar, he will… Dewarsh holds his hand and asks why is he being so angry. He asks what he did to RV that he has never seen. Ishaani did the same to him, because RV doesn’t have mind but only money. RV was her driver so Ishaani did friendship with him, she married him because he got money. If he has no money, no one will bother about him. Dewarsh says why can’t he do the same, RV must be happy he got rid of Ishaani soon. Dewarsh says he is a stupid lover, he will be siding Krisha for his lifetime, the bank account named Krisha will always be Dewarsh’s. RV was enraged and beats Dewarsh hard, saying he won’t let anything bad happen to Krisha. Dewarsh still laughs asking why he stopped, is he tired. RV beats him again. Dewarsh still laughs, stands up and says he did this good and leaves. Pratik watches this all.
Ishaani makes the list of invitees. Krisha and Shekhar come runnig, Krisha was holding photo of Ishaani teasing Shekhar if she should show it to everyone. Dewarsh arrives there, everyone is worried. Krisha and Ishaani run to him, Ishaani asks how did he get it. Shekhar asks who did this. Dewarsh says yes, Ranveer did. Krisha drops the cotton, everyone is shocked to hear. Mr. Mehra doesn’t accept. Dewarsh says on the road, in front of everyone. Krisha cries that why RV did so. Ishaani asks Dewarsh to come inside, she wants to talk to him. Shekhar says they will talk to RV first, but Ishaani says she will talk to Dewarsh first.
She brings ointment to Dewarsh and asks if he tell her everything. Dewarsh asks doesn’t she trust him. She says RV won’t hit him without reason. Dewarsh assures her that he has changed, to keep Krisha happy. Ishaani says he must never do anything wrong in future as well. Dewarsh asks why would he do so, he has double relation with this family. He knows all his actions will affect her and Shekhar’s life, he won’t break Shekhar’s confidence. He says RV watched him and beat him badly. Ishaani says she is there and will talk to Ranveer, he won’t do anything. Dewarsh asks her to keep away from Ranveer, he has changed. Ishaani says she knows how to talk to him and leaves. Dewarsh regrets that if RV tells her anything, there will be a problem.
Shekhar tells Ishaani in the way that she won’t meet RV. Ishaani says she will have to, he doesn’t want their marriage and now Dewarsh’s incident… she says this is her fight and she will fight it herself.
Amba asks Ranveer to start the preparations of wedding. RV says wedding planner is coming to them. Amba says it seemed today, he came fighting with someone. She tells him to see Shekhar’s house preparations. RV asks her not to compare his wedding with anyone else’s. Amba asks him to go and talk to Ritika about it, and if he has decided he must marry well. They see Ritika standing there. Amba goes away. RV comes to Ritika and asks if she is annoyed he isn’t preparing. Ritika says she has no complaint, RV says she has a right. Ritika says she has a fear that if he is with her his heart isn’t. RV holds her to himself and hugs her. She hugs him back. Ishaani arrives at their home then and watches them hug.

PRECAP: RV asks Ishaani why Dewarsh is marrying Krisha. Ishaani says he loves Krishaa, but how would RV know about love. RV asks if she knows what love is?

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Yes u r right.he should not give her Ishanis place and he mustn’t share his bed with her Ritika can stay in another room.and he must not call her wife.without marriage he is giving her all rights.i am also upset with this.and I wanted to say Ranveer should search for Ishanis reality and if he visit jail where she was staying he can get more information.he should inquire if Ishani released from jail then who killed Chirag.only that lady police can tell him Ishanis reality.

  2. I am also annoyed to ra ri sharing same room.they both know they aren’t married he must not share same room.

  3. shakti arora u r the life of the show, then y r the writers heel-bent to take the life ou ur character(ranveer)??…… dont do this plz…..if he can show his smartness in business by taking shikhar’s company shares, y not in personal life??? he can find about the pregnancy drama of ritika— who is the real father?? and y did u suddenly stop the investigation of falguni’s death?? after u came to know of nirupa’s truth, y did u not still continue with it??

    1. Good question , listen writers we need answers

  4. Yes we all are tired and bored now .they aren’t clearing any questions.

  5. ya we need answer for all writer

  6. This show has now became soooooo boring that I have started hating this drama. There should be a new positive twist in the drama so that the veiwers like the programe. RV must know all the sacrifices that Ishani has made for him. He should understand the pain of ishani.

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