Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani hears Ritika saying to RV that she thought he would take time forget Ishaani but now she knows he would take a lifetime to forget Ishaani and when Ishaani is there, his heart apart she can’t have a place in his life as well. Ritika leaves, RV feels devastated. Ishaani feels like going to him then abstain herself from this.
In the car, Ishaani was lost. Shekhar notices this. Ishaani thinks about her moment with Ranveer, and Ritika’s words. She recalls Amba’s words that Ritika didn’t get anything for supporting Ritika. She thinks what to do, she doesn’t understand what is right and what wrong.
Ritika comes home crying. Amba stops her, caresses and asks why she is crying. Ritika hugs Amba and cries, she says she is tired and can’t do it anymore. She is fed up of

dramatizing being RV’s wife, she knows he is a good man and is hurt that she is the reason he is away from his love. Ritika tells Amba that RV loves Ishaani, she feels like a third person in their life. She can’t separate husband and wife for her own child and love. She thinks about going away from their lives. She thought one day RV will adopt her but now Ishaani is back with him. Amba says it isn’t like this. Ritika heads to go to Shekhar’s house, she says today there is Ganesh’s pooja. She will tell everyone there that she will tell everyone that Ishaani is RV’s wife and has a right on him. Amba keeps on stopping her but she doesn’t. Amba dials the phone number.
Shekhar pulls up, then notices and goes to take Ishaani. Ishaani was lost and comes to senses when he calls her name. Shekhar opens the door of car, Ishaani walks lost in her own thoughts. Shekhar says he saw she didn’t talk to him the whole way, it seems she is thinking about what Baa had said to her. He requests her not to say anything to his parents now. He notices she was still lost. Shekhar says it is because of her, firstly he only considered Mr. Mehra as his mom’s husband but now he considers him as a father. He tells Ishaani that they are happy because of Krishaa’s wedding and Baa has also not replied to anything regarding her to them. It is better she also doesn’t tell them about anything. He asks Ishaani to go inside now, Ishaani leaves.
Parekh family arrives at Shekhar’s house. Kanchal goes to wish Baa, Kanchal says she is restless to meet her Ishaani as well because they all want her answer. Ishaani and Shekhar come inside. Mr. Mehra asks Ishaani to take the pooja rituals on, as she is the one who brought all the happiness into this house. He says he considers her as a part of this house. Baa prays that Ishaani says yes to marriage. Ishaani heads towards mandap. Ritika’s words still echo in Ishaani’s mind. She also thinks about Baa’s wish that she marries Shekhar.
Ishaani prays thinking that Shekhar would accept whatever decision she takes. Ishaani prays that she is doing it all for Ranveer, he has taken Ritika in her life but isn’t forgetting his past. Now he must take Ritika’s hand, for himself, Ritika and his child. She turns to see Ritika arrive there. Amba comes behind Ritika with Lakshmi. Shekhar, Mr. Mehra, Baa and Kanchal all exchange looks at their arrival. Shekhar comes to Ritika and asks what happened. Ritika says she has to say something very important. RV just arrives there too. Ishaani says to Shekhar that she wants to say something to him in front of everyone, she moves towards him and says he asked her reply from her; she is ready to marry him. Ishaani says this is the first house where people think about her as a sourse of happiness, she wants to give them happiness for a lifetime being the daughter of their family. Krisha comes and cheers with Shekhar and Ishaani. Shekhar, Kanchal and Mr. Mehra are all happy, so is Ritesh. Shekhar comes to Ishaani and holds her hand, he asks are you serious? Ishaani looks at Ranveer, and then keeps her hand on Shekhar’s. RV stares curtly. Amba is happy, but Ritika isn’t as she looks at RV’s face. Kanchal goes to hug Ishaani and says she doesn’t understand what to bless her with, she might get all the happiness in life. Mr. Mehra also says two happiness have come to this world.

PRECAP: RV proposes Ritika and says he wants a grand wedding for them, on the same day when Dewarsh and Krishaa and Shekhar and Ishaani are getting married.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. suga

    Today’s episode was good. Ishaani is totally confused state. Atlast she took a decision to marry Shikhar.. for the welfare of others.. especially Ranveer.. Today also Ranveer’s jealousy is shown.. I think in the upcoming episode he will be growing jealousy even more.. which will grow to extreme that he will hate Rithikaaa in marrying her.. hope truth will also be revealed..
    Bechara Shikhar.. doesn’t know what will happen to him.. he even ask Ishaani is she sure.. doesnt want him to heartbreaking again.. precap annoying as Ranveer the way he tells Rithika that he will marry her again.. but this is also an anger jealously.. waiting for a good episode.

    • komal

      u ryt, actually rv doesnt want to marry ritika but his jealousy made him propose her……but dont worry, ishkhar will not be married……there are news that rv will create big drama on engagement day by insulting ishani…… feeling bad for shikhar 🙁 🙁

    • sam

      yeah, she gives too many sacrifices and this was one of it…..those words of ritika and that amba affected her…..she wants rv to move with ritika and forget the past life…..but u will really enjoy when ishani will be back in rv’s mansion to claim her wife’s rights….truths will be revealed and a grand drama !!!!

  2. malvika

    ishani finally accepted to marry shikhar– another of her sacrifice :I …….nice expressions by both shikhar and rv at that time…..but friends, its high time they should show ritika’s truth too….the way she cried today can make anyone feel sorry for her……. is she really wrong??…. there are many news that indeed ritika is real vamp but till now she has done no wrong in the show…..

    btw, did u all watch the new video where buas of shikhar come and praise ishani….they liked her as their daughter-in-law…there another video too where ishani comes downstairs in pink sari and shikhar praises her with shayari……..nice expression of jealous rv there……
    wow, the show though dragging too much but gives nice moments to enjoy too…!!!

  3. abi

    ishani get confused that’s why she accepted to marry shikkar but it’s not a true decision

  4. Smitha

    I wonder what will Amba say, when she knows that Ritika’s child is not Ranveer’s. Ishaani will be better off with Shikhar than Ranveer. But then the story won’t be nice.

    • sona

      from some of the previous episodes, i suspect that amba already knows that its not rv’s child….but i m not sure…..though ishkhar have better sense these days, but ishveer is meant to be together at last….. what punishment will ritika get to create all this nonsense—- when rv comes to know that the root of the problem is ritika herself???….. excited!!!

  5. kajal

    when ishani told “this is the first house where i got my happiness, the place where all members think me as the source of their happiness:”, i remembered all those moments when she had to suffer due to that stupid amba……..the way ritika spoke today made me feel about what wrong she has done—i mean she has a clean record in the show…..but i cant comment about what will come next…….rits felt bad when rv bcum shocked listening to ishani’s decision, huh ???…..can ishveer not talk openly to clear out their problems, y so much of drama??? ishveer plz reunite soon……waiting for gud epi..

  6. Rosh

    I didn’t watch the serial but after reading update I just want to knock Ish dumb head yaar. Her dumbness becoming too much , even RV did wrong things but my favorite Ish just jump in to fire every time

    • aryan

      actually, she never learned to go into the depths of things….she never knew y sharman broke the marriage or who actually killed chirag…..c just makes up her own story and thus own endings as well….even if she could have analysed one of the issues properly, c wud not have taken such a drastic step….so stupid ishani……. c cries due to her own reasons…..plz at least some day give her brain to believe ranveer from the core….y to torture??? just leave everything to the situation, y to show extra-smartness?? her so called hidden ashiqi is now turning into idiot tale…..
      plz at least someone sud b there to handle d situation–ishani has lost her mind and rv cant do anything bcoz ishani has left him wid nothing…….so lost was he today..!

  7. OMG why is Ishani so quick in everything,,,
    There Ritika just came to reveal her relationship with RV in front of all for Ishani to accept RV but why did she jump in the middle,, and juz play with shiker’s heart,,,?
    I felt really really sorry for ranveer when he was looking at her with a lost face and especially so much of expectation in his eyes,, !! True yaar no woman should hurt her man to this extent ,, after all without knowing the truth,,,)
    Ranveer was like OMG ,,, like he is just giving Ishani ,, I’m sorry guys I’m not RV supporter I only see the actual side and I don’t anybody to create any unwanted probls.. Whatever comes in their way it’s year both gonna suffer the most,,,
    But I’m happy if he atleast propose to Ritika,.,coz let these two lovers both experience the similar pain in givin up their lovers,,
    But RV is now like dunno what to do doing too much of actions and is kinda over exaggerated lol,,, he is so jeolous ,, after all how can one give up the woman whom he loves since childhood,,,?
    Lol waiting for the day dumbo Ishani find out the truth ,, and atleast think she should give even little happiness to RV,,

    • xyz

      true….both have to suffer a lot….. its like “khoon ke aansu” …..what when rv comes to know that ishani had done all that for his happiness and what to ishani when c will come to know that even after her going, he never forget her….the child is not of rv……omg, this love is giving so much pain…now both will suffer the same pain…but i pity shikhar who is trapped between the two…..

  8. shubham

    too much dragging ..too much ….
    what’s the secret of ritika…atleast show some promos of that , so as to maintain interest in matsh

  9. I hate Ishani’s character only for this,, without knowing the whole picture she will react like a popseed..
    She will never go deep in to the issues,, she don’t analyse the problem fully and take decisions,,
    She takes all these big decisions so so sudden,,
    She just takes instant decisions and will be so stubborn in her decision ,,
    And she should realise that she should not hurt RV so much coz she knows how much he values her in his life ,,, when will she ever learn…? When will she ever learn….!

  10. Ishani eveverytime mistrust ranveer,, it’s the same now,, she thinks its Rv’s baby,, how fool she is,,?
    She lived with RV in one bedroom for several months after marraige even them RV did not misbehave with her,, not even after they confess their love to each other,,
    After all the girl he loved since childhood,, when the real lovers didn’t have any physical movements , how come he be the father of another woman’s kid,,??? Lol
    How cone RV start living physically with another woman as soon as she
    webt to jail, ? if he waited so many years fir ishani will he marry another girl within six months?
    She should have thought this first,,
    Here again she don’t trust him,,,

    • ray

      wat a stupid she is!!! …..the baby they is of 8 months…so does c understand that just after c went to jail, ritika had rv’s child…so baseless…..has god given her no common sense???….
      i know some of u will point about ishani thinking of ritika’s pain and the words of amba but plz clarify has ishani no mind to think of her own??….

      • She will only understand and have concern for third persons pain,, but not her loved ones,, coz of Ritika why the hell is she hurting RV to this extent,, and now started playing with shiker,,,
        Why coz of her dumb decision she is choosing shiker,,

  11. rastogi

    arey stupid ishani if u cant trust ranveer y torturing him??? y eveything and everyone sud b under your control….now r u on ur next mission to destroy shikhar too— at least leave him from your nonsense….. y sacrifice without any knowledge…..i agree that rv has bcum mindless now but it is all bcoz of u only…. see, he still loves u but u continue to hurt him…stay away!!! better he move on with ritika, he will be away from ur crap….c supports him better….go hell ur ashiqi which only gives pain to rv…

    • I agree,,, Ishani u don’t trust him from the beginning but y u torture him to the extent he will go insane soon,,
      He has already lost his control of mind coz of u ,, wired woman how can she hurt her lover so much by looking in to his eyes ,,,
      After all sacrifices to him,, don’t she understand his heart ,,
      We can even assume that RV is trying to show hatred coz now she has worn a cloak around her that she is a bad woman..
      But y she is hurting RV so much knowing all truth about him,,,
      She is too toooo much,,

    • we

      dont pass such comments without thinking…..u sud check both the side…..ishani has also not acted smartly….. rv is so bcoz pf ishani……rv will suffer but again ishani is responsible 4 dat… shikhar sud not marry ishani…..c sud realise her mistake and bear whatever comes next for her..

  12. Rosh

    Not only Ishani even RV has no brain , why can’t he tell of Ritika , I kissed my wife Ishani Wagela you can’t complain like this . I have all the right to prove that infront of Shiker.
    I want to show that she can’t do this .
    You know guys Today I am really irritated ISHANI HAS NO BRAIN BUT RV HAS NO SPINE IN FRONT OF THAT RITIKA WAMP !!!!’
    To tell the truth Ishweer or Sunveer ( as Ranveer passionately call Ish , sunny) made for each other both are equally fools and for watching this I am also fool but addicted to the show I can’t stop it either .
    OMG give us fans a break of this RaRi horror Ekta ma listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2 months waiting of no use , CV s keep on throwing this crap on us

  13. Rosh

    I can’t stand this RaRi torture , I don’t mind Shiker . I never felt sympathy for that woman , really characterless she is torturing that poor RV showing her elephant tummy . You guys notice or not suddenly her abdomen gone small already .,,,..

    • sam

      without even knowing whose baby it is, rv accepted ritika and gave her space in the same bedroom, shared the same bed…..still ritika is always complaining…..u r ryt, y cant he openly tell that ishani is his wife still and he has all the rights whatsoever…y to show jealousy—just go and catch hold of ishani’s hand…….even ishani is doing all this bcoz of that baby….if only reveals of that baby. it will get a nice kick for ritika….
      i dont understand y none is thinking about it???….wat a grand twist if its fake pregnancy…..c told rv that he stays with her bcoz of that baby—well it is ryt only— c doesnt have other way of torturing him….hate u ritika…….

  14. Sonya

    dragging too long. Ishani is one step ahead and trying to be a martyr. Come one these things don’t happen in real life. If you love someone you will go for it and if its not yours just let it go then it will come after you.

  15. way d hell is all dis…. fool ishani why she can’t tell the truth… now ranveer is ready for marry to ri… gud one ishani dsrv dis..

  16. ipsita

    Friends…..ishani nd sikhar ki mrge hogi but ranveer auf ritika ki nae hogi…..rv sb sch jan lega,is se pehle ki wo ishani ko bta payd kch…unki sadi ho chuki hogi

    Rv fir se akela pdjayega.
    …this is the future story

  17. rubyvelonica

    ishaini wht happen it not good for life u r rv wife k . rithika is a evil , rv got jealous and he don t love rithika ,rv don t accept rithika wife

  18. Ruchi

    Wat nonsense.. If a person truly luvs someone one shud hav complete trust on other person.. Tis ishani thinks if she create hatred drama then only rv wil marry rithika but how can she think RV is responsible for rithika pregnancy.. I do understand luv is sacrifice but its goin without any common sense..

  19. rig

    Hate you ishaani you first broken ranveer’ s heart and now you are turning to is full of sacrifices but it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your loved one. Please ishaani don’t marry shikar…..

  20. pinku

    Is this happen In real life… I know its drama still they have to show some realistic things….. When Ranveer n Ishani wil come together….

  21. gaya

    i am very happy ……. intha serialkku romba fans increase aguthu ……. ini positiveaa storya kondu pogalamey…..romba natkala sogamavey poguthu…..

  22. Ishani the great is of golden heart…! No use of having golden or platinum hearts if she can break others heart,,
    She is a woman who plays with others feelings,, everytime she plays with Rv’s feelings by her love and hate drama,, now it’s shiker’s turn,, why should she play with his heart ,, if she really loves RV y she should think of marrying shiker,, we all know she wnt marry shiker , end of the day it’s RV and Ishani ,, poor guy,, giving false promises to everyone,,,
    She didn’t even care about playing with the feelings of the man who loved her 18 long years how will she think of the feelings of the 3 week guy??
    Why is she playing with others feelings for her own stubbornness,, damn woman
    Shiker’s love for Ishani is love with a respect,, but Ranveer’s love is like die heart love for Ishani,, but I don’t know why she has got no brains,,

    • Rosh

      Now only I saw your comment , see friend Ishani is dumb and she did foolish decision always . That poor girl grown up through insults because of her birth , for her sacrificing and living for others is her fate .she doesn’t have self respect and self esteem it was because of her child hood. Ranveer was her best friend he is not there now so automatically she look for alternatives . It happenes and love is not to say who is senior or junior it can’t work with love it just happens .
      Ishani did mistake , then what about RV . He too made mistake. He ill treated her during the hate track and a Ishani fool thought she deserved it . Any woman that kind of situation must walk out . Ishani has no self respect so she stayed on .
      What is RV doing now he shouldn’t give Ritika this importance that is a big problem even bigger than Ish dumbness .
      Ishani really has a golden heart she is not jealous like RV she is happy for him RaRI. He painted that picture for out side world .
      You must see from both side , it is can’t be one sided judgement !!!!!!!!

      • The only mistake of RV was to give tooo much space for Ritika,, he doesn’t know the real face of her,, he just thought she is a good friend and thought of only giving a name to her kid,,
        But Ishani is not a woman like that,, she is just too much ,, that’s all I can tell,,
        I didnt talk about seniority in love,, u just think,, if a person loves somebody for so many long years without any expectation demand or complains,, how much feelings with love would he have for her,, it’s not new love it’s just so so deep in his heart,it is not a debate here about feminism but its about love,, and in love it is so important to respect and value each others feelings,,
        Yeah as u say every woman should walk out in the hate track if it is a ordinary husband wife relationship,, when Ishani knows that ranveer love is so deep for her,, she cannot walk out amidst his mistakes,,,

  23. naima

    think of chirags murder case,how she saved rv…..she loves Rv than anything else……she can do anything for her Rv….

  24. Riya

    Both Ranveer and Ishani are dumb…. even after knowing that Ranveer still loves her and he has not married that rithika, Ishani choose to marry shikar. ..feeling bad for shikar…
    and Ranveer why he is tolerating that rithika…unnecessary overacting and this doesn’t happen in real life….

  25. devi

    I loved this serial but…..its full of mystery did harshed parekh died, who killed chirag n falguni n who is the lady want to take revenge to RV, ISHANNI…..? And now the track is really different……..I hope director has planned this serial for 4 to 5 yrs…….just like ballika vadhu

  26. chandni

    yrr why ishani is sacrifising .she loves rv and now she also know that he is not married.

  27. rosy

    Wat to tl abt ths dumb flop storyline.i dnt hav words to describe it..hwevr evry1 hav forgoten abt falguni’s wat a baseless story…writers aisa love story laate kaha se ho humare pase nahi ati hain…we all r practical enuf to sort prblems wid our patners…sacrifice ki toh nadi bahe rahi he…

  28. abi

    ishani misunderstood rv why she is doing like this please god help her to know rithika’s truth afterglow this problem will be end..

  29. abi

    ishani why you doing like this please god help her to know rithika’s truth afterall this problem will be end..

  30. shruti

    the whole serial go in vain as the serial is itself contradicting ……………………..

  31. abc

    rvThere is going to b a big drama during ganesh pooja…..where pandit asks ishaani & shikher to hold each others right hand & pandit vil b pouring some holy water to ishaanis & shikhers hand……..rv cing dis cannot control his emotions as ishaani & shikher were sitting so closely…..he also goes next to ishaani & even he keeps his hand… vil b ishaanis & rvs eyelock….shikher vik b very furious & angry cing dis

  32. sathya

    wooo wonderful episode and i love it.i wanted this to happen,i want ishaani and shihkar to unite bcoz he loves her so much and he wil definitely take care of her than ranveer.ranveer and his family gave her pain than happiness but shihkar and his family will give her happiness,bcoz kanchal is so sweet and she wil take care.
    nice romance bet ishaani and shihkar.nice exciting expressions of shihkar love u man u r so sweet.let atleast with shihkar she should be happy she has siffered a lot
    pls unite ishaani and shihkar anfd the serial be nice dont leave shihkar in pain pls we cant watch him in pain

  33. sathya

    pls give some more romance and scenes of ishaani and shihkaar pls.their pair is vry nice.alteast if rhy r .ot united also we will enjoy their pair for sometime

  34. riya

    feeling bad for .. shekhar…. she doing all this for ranveer’s sake by making shekhar heartbroken… tooo bad ishaani…. I think a true lover can understand their partner.. wot ediots r these ranveer and ishaanii… they r suspecting each other and doing dramas … y they can’t realize his or her partner can’t do that and all… shekhar u r really superb.. u didn’t blame ishaani even ranveer fill ur ears … u supported her… its the true love… really I want to c shekhar’s happiness… hate that ritika and amba.. both selfish… and now I loved baaa… now she changed to lovely grand mother…

  35. riya

    pls unite shekhar and ishaanii… their pair is soo nice ….dhekhar u have nice expressionn ….. u both r fantastic …

  36. bhumika

    I think on d day of marriage a twist will happen..Ranvir will get married with ishani
    ….Ishani and Ranveer made for each other…
    Rithika will go away from their life!!!

  37. ishveer

    episode was good but why did ishani did like that by accepting shekar though she know the truth ( rithika is not rv’s wife ). she may be in a confusion or she thinks it rithika baby is ranveers baby we dont know

    then why when baa ,
    ask she is wheather happy or not by marring shekar she told yes .then after she told shekar that she is not loving him she make this decesion only to force ranveer.
    but today episode rv acting was excellent his expressions were unbealible . i was exited for the further episodes what will going on and how they both gone reunite and how ishani know the truth about her falgunu dealth .there is high drama the further episodes

  38. bhumika

    I think on d marriage day of ishaani and shikar..there will be twist..Ishani and ranveer gets married again…
    Rithika will go away from their life….Plz ekta kapoor do sum thing like this

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