Doli Armaanon Ki 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Doli Armaanon Ki 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
Ishaan and urmi are talking about some minor issues at the hotel, while sandhya taunts to shashi that there are people like urmi, who get by both the arena, house and office perfectly. samrat baregs in with the ring, saying that he finally found it. Damini is shocked as to how he got it. All are shocked. shashi takes it leeringly. she asks him teasingly if he himself hid it. he fumes at her humour and she composes that she meant it as a joke. she keeps asking how this happened. he pretends to be very heroic. He takes it from shashi, and gloats aabout how this is tani’s ring, and hence most important to her. ishaan and iurmi are surprised. Shashi is boggled as to what is smrat upto, first stealing and then giving it himself. Urmi asks where he found it. he names a place. damini asks how is this possible, as tani said that she never took off her ring. But he distracts them all, but urmi is still boggled, as she remembers checking it there itself, and then counters samrat with it. All eye him suspiciously. he asks if she can sworn to irritate him, and asks whatshe needs, to find the ring or not. Shashi too sides with him. ishaan says that they are happy. urmi keeps arguing, while shashi says that what matters is they have the ring. samrat thinks that he managed the ring somehow, now he has to get rid of james somehow.

the next morning, ishaan finds urmi getting ready, for sandhya’s meeting with a dermatologist. she opens the door to find shaurya, with the breakfast table, and wishing a happy mother’s day, and how important this day means to him, for his love towards her. She is overwhelmed with his gesture. They both eat the breakfast, and urmi oemotionally says that this is the best sandwich she has ever tasted.

Scene 2:
Location: Dermatologist’s office
Urmiand sandhya ask about the treatment. Sandhya gets excited hearing about a 20 sitting treatment that would leave her fair. Urmi is hoever skeptical. She and sandhya are shocked when the doctor tells them that each sitting would cost 50000. the doctor leaves to get all the papers regarding the treatment. urmi points to sandhya that this isnt very reliable and that they shouldnt just blindly give away that money. Sandhya however is impressed by the treatment and talks highly about it. Urmi points out that the doctor herself is dark complexioned, and points that ts just a money minting business. When the doctor returns with the pamphlets, sandhya points out the same question to the doctor. The doctor says that she is comfortable with her complexion. Sandhya is satisfied and rolls in. Urmi is tensed, but complies to sandhya’s overenthusiasm.

Scene 3:
Location: Ishaan’s residence
samrat discarsd them off saying that this person is just the Sim Wala. he leaves. Damini asks what was he doing here. Samrat says that he just took a new number. Urmi gets alert when he says that he gets blank calls and had gotten fed up. He talks about how he juust wants to spend his time with tani and her family. She wonders what is he upto, and whats going on. Urmi comes to her room, to find ishaan working. He finds urmi tensed. Urmi tells ishaan that she finds something fishy the way, samrat is reluctant to go to the police, and his suspicious behaviour and she is sure that he is hiding something. He hears tensedly. they connect the dots that this all happened since the day he allegedly had an accident. They try to talk to tani, but then think that she is highly influenced by samrat and wont believe at all. he assures her that everything would be fine.

Later, samrat is taking a relaxation massage at a spa, he gets james’ call from his landline, and he is shocked, as to how he reached his house, where james is cmfortably seated with Damini, sandhya and shashi. he asks him to take his time, as he is enjoying tani’s company. Samrat is super scared. he hastily rushes out of the spa, and then drives his car at sonic speed back home. Samrat rushes inside the home hastily, and is shocked to find james sitting there. James is highly amused at his plight. tani asks samrat why is he panting for breath. samrat is barely able to compose his face. he is shocked when james tells that he too has the same ring as tani’s. Samrat is scared. The screen freezes on his face.

Precap: While rani and urmi aere dusting shaurya’s bed, they find medicinal pills under his bed. Urmi is boggled. She along with ishaan, shows shaurya’s file to the doctor, who tells them that the pills are strong painkillers, and shaurya shouldnt take them at all, as they are highly dangerous to health. Meanwhile, James taunts samrat that merely changing his number wont help him get rid of him.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. fan of the show

    The net is closing in on the rat. I don’t think James will expose him too soon – he has to keep threatening him.

    So, I guess somehow the rat got another ring made?

    And now they have found out how Shaurya keeps getting sick – pills under the bed.,,

    And as usual, Ishaan is too busy to know what’s going on.

  2. Why is Sandya is about to destroy herself.This type of treatment has a lot of side effects.This cause skin cancer in some people and she will not be able to be in the sun.Sandya needs to be evaluated for sociological problems.Learn to love your self.The doctor herself is dark complexioned. .

    1. Maybe this is the lesson, love yourself no matter your complexion. And, these creams are money making schemes, they won’t help instead will make you sick.

    2. fan of the show

      In America there was some white guy who turned himself dark because he wanted to see what it was like; but I haven’t heard of anything that turns dark skin lighter, as advertising claims. Dark wants to be lighter, light goes to tanning salons to make themselves darker. Can’t just make the best of what they have.

      1. Fan do you remember Michael Jackson because of a skin disease called vitiligo .This condition causes the dark pigmentation of a dark skinned person to become white in different parts of the body.Therefore if you have money one can go under this intense therapy and remove all the dark parts to become white and this is why he was so light.

      2. fan of the show

        Poor Michael – he was so cute before he ruined himself with plastic surgery and ended up looking like a turtle. Was not satisfied with what he already had. Too bad his life and talent got wasted too early.

        And nobody can dance or do the moonwalk like MJ.

  3. Fan you came on when I was about to give the same response.I think that ring is a faked zirconia ring.And of course James is at his house and will taunt him until he starts acting crazy.I am wondering if James is acquainted with Damini.I do not trust her because she is sneeky.

    1. fan of the show

      But how does he know the rat’s evil deeds? Is he just saying that to make the rat squirm?

      1. I think James knows Samrat or was informed about him.Or he could be someone’s relative that Samrat did wrong.He did so many evil ,you never know.

      2. fan of the show

        I went back through the written episodes and found that Sushma’s and Tiwari’s son was named Ravi, and his friend was Yash. So it’s not either of those two scouondrels.

        Did they ever cover what happened to the old couple (who gave shelter and solace to Urmi ) after the rat burned their house down?

  4. I am also thinking —–Suppose James tricked him into giving him back the ring and made a fake one.Now Samrat is going to try to get rid of James by hiring some goons to kill him.

    1. James is not dumb, he’s too clever for Samrat. He won’t give up his other leverage in blackmailing him.

  5. Is Kiran for real, she’s really married to Vikram Singhania. She’s not with James.

  6. Amusing episode. Happy to see Samrat’s plight.

    1. fan of the show

      My mother used to say that the same energy you put into doing something wrong you could have put into doing something right, and been ahead of where you were yesterday.

      1. Great advice your mom gave you.

  7. what is really wrong with shauyra why is he taking strong pain killers if he is cancer free please let them find out that it is samrath doing this to shauyra it is about time samrat paid for his evil doings

    1. Gloria I believe those pills were the meds they were giving him as treatment when he was diagnosed.I think they forget to get rid of it and as Urmi finds them she will now try to investigate where those pills came from and link the set up Samrat did with the cancer .

  8. samrat must fry now. let urmi and ishaan fall pregnant.

    1. fan of the show

      It would be great if Ishaan fell pregnant – let the husbands take a turn!

      1. This will be an exciting episode to see Ishaan fall pregnant.This will be humor in uniform.

  9. Friends I hope kiran really exist but not married to vikram shinghania rather must be conspiracy of both kiran and james…..simply the replication of “The killer” emraan hasmi

    1. fan of the show

      So she’s a black widow? Seduces then kills her lovers? She didn’t have to do much to seduce the rat did she? Just cried in front of him making him think she was weak and easily conquered. So if that’s the case, then things are not as they appear, dear rat-ji, are they?

      1. I will keep saying there is a conspiracy going on to catch Samrat.Kiran could be a used woman to bring him down by the business man or it could be his wife ,who knows.

      2. fan of the show

        The rat only ended up at the gym because some merchant saw him gloating over some girls, and told him they don’t fall for stories any more, they want someone with a six-pack.

        So if this is a conspiracy involving Kiran, then the merchant must also be in on it, in order to plant Kiran in the rat’s path at the gym, right?

      3. fan of the show

        Lots of mysteries to be solved. I guess those who find it boring or want to end it don’t keep up with the story very much….it’s got everything – mystery, romance, fighting, goodness, social relevance, great acting – what more you want?

  10. Urmi must fall pregnant and get a cute baby I right? ?

    1. fan of the show

      I really hope not.

  11. Where is 12 May 2015 written update?

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