Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 11th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ishaani hears Ritika saying to RV that she thought he would take time forget Ishaani but now she knows he would take a lifetime to forget Ishaani and when Ishaani is there, his heart apart she can’t have a place in his life as well. Ritika leaves, RV feels devastated. Ishaani feels like going to him then abstain herself from this.
In the car, Ishaani was lost. Shekhar notices this. Ishaani thinks about her moment with Ranveer, and Ritika’s words. She recalls Amba’s words that Ritika didn’t get anything for supporting Ritika. She thinks what to do, she doesn’t understand what is right and what wrong.
Ritika comes home crying. Amba stops her, caresses and asks why she is crying. Ritika hugs Amba and cries, she says she is tired and can’t do it anymore. She is fed up of dramatizing being RV’s wife, she knows he is a good man and is hurt that she is the reason he is away from his love. Ritika tells Amba that RV loves Ishaani, she feels like a third person in their life. She can’t separate husband and wife for her own child and love. She thinks about going away from their lives. She thought one day RV will adopt her but now Ishaani is back with him. Amba says it isn’t like this. Ritika heads to go to Shekhar’s house, she says today there is Ganesh’s pooja. She will tell everyone there that she will tell everyone that Ishaani is RV’s wife and has a right on him. Amba keeps on stopping her but she doesn’t. Amba dials the phone number.
Shekhar pulls up, then notices and goes to take Ishaani. Ishaani was lost and comes to senses when he calls her name. Shekhar opens the door of car, Ishaani walks lost in her own thoughts. Shekhar says he saw she didn’t talk to him the whole way, it seems she is thinking about what Baa had said to her. He requests her not to say anything to his parents now. He notices she was still lost. Shekhar says it is because of her, firstly he only considered Mr. Mehra as his mom’s husband but now he considers him as a father. He tells Ishaani that they are happy because of Krishaa’s wedding and Baa has also not replied to anything regarding her to them. It is better she also doesn’t tell them about anything. He asks Ishaani to go inside now, Ishaani leaves.
Parekh family arrives at Shekhar’s house. Kanchal goes to wish Baa, Kanchal says she is restless to meet her Ishaani as well because they all want her answer. Ishaani and Shekhar come inside. Mr. Mehra asks Ishaani to take the pooja rituals on, as she is the one who brought all the happiness into this house. He says he considers her as a part of this house. Baa prays that Ishaani says yes to marriage. Ishaani heads towards mandap. Ritika’s words still echo in Ishaani’s mind. She also thinks about Baa’s wish that she marries Shekhar.
Ishaani prays thinking that Shekhar would accept whatever decision she takes. Ishaani prays that she is doing it all for Ranveer, he has taken Ritika in her life but isn’t forgetting his past. Now he must take Ritika’s hand, for himself, Ritika and his child. She turns to see Ritika arrive there. Amba comes behind Ritika with Lakshmi. Shekhar, Mr. Mehra, Baa and Kanchal all exchange looks at their arrival. Shekhar comes to Ritika and asks what happened. Ritika says she has to say something very important. RV just arrives there too. Ishaani says to Shekhar that she wants to say something to him in front of everyone, she moves towards him and says he asked her reply from her; she is ready to marry him. Ishaani says this is the first house where people think about her as a sourse of happiness, she wants to give them happiness for a lifetime being the daughter of their family. Krisha comes and cheers with Shekhar and Ishaani. Shekhar, Kanchal and Mr. Mehra are all happy, so is Ritesh. Shekhar comes to Ishaani and holds her hand, he asks are you serious? Ishaani looks at Ranveer, and then keeps her hand on Shekhar’s. RV stares curtly. Amba is happy, but Ritika isn’t as she looks at RV’s face. Kanchal goes to hug Ishaani and says she doesn’t understand what to bless her with, she might get all the happiness in life. Mr. Mehra also says two happiness have come to this world.

PRECAP: RV proposes Ritika and says he wants a grand wedding for them, on the same day when Dewarsh and Krishaa and Shekhar and Ishaani are getting married.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. feeling sad for shekar

  2. Both Ranveer and Ishani are dumb…. even after knowing that Ranveer still loves her and he has not married that rithika, Ishani choose to marry shikar. ..feeling bad for shikar…
    and Ranveer why he is tolerating that rithika…unnecessary overacting and this doesn’t happen in real life….

  3. I loved this serial but…..its full of mystery did harshed parekh died, who killed chirag n falguni n who is the lady want to take revenge to RV, ISHANNI…..? And now the track is really different……..I hope director has planned this serial for 4 to 5 yrs…….just like ballika vadhu

  4. yrr why ishani is sacrifising .she loves rv and now she also know that he is not married.

  5. Wat to tl abt ths dumb flop storyline.i dnt hav words to describe it..hwevr evry1 hav forgoten abt falguni’s wat a baseless story…writers aisa love story laate kaha se ho humare pase nahi ati hain…we all r practical enuf to sort prblems wid our patners…sacrifice ki toh nadi bahe rahi he…

  6. ishani misunderstood rv why she is doing like this please god help her to know rithika’s truth afterglow this problem will be end..

  7. ishani why you doing like this please god help her to know rithika’s truth afterall this problem will be end..

  8. then only this problem solved

  9. the whole

  10. the whole serial go in vain as the serial is itself contradicting ……………………..

  11. rvThere is going to b a big drama during ganesh pooja…..where pandit asks ishaani & shikher to hold each others right hand & pandit vil b pouring some holy water to ishaanis & shikhers hand……..rv cing dis cannot control his emotions as ishaani & shikher were sitting so closely…..he also goes next to ishaani & even he keeps his hand… vil b ishaanis & rvs eyelock….shikher vik b very furious & angry cing dis

  12. Wel done ishani

  13. hey guys please tell me ishveer song and 11th May rv and ishani song

  14. and ishkar song also

  15. wooo wonderful episode and i love it.i wanted this to happen,i want ishaani and shihkar to unite bcoz he loves her so much and he wil definitely take care of her than ranveer.ranveer and his family gave her pain than happiness but shihkar and his family will give her happiness,bcoz kanchal is so sweet and she wil take care.
    nice romance bet ishaani and shihkar.nice exciting expressions of shihkar love u man u r so sweet.let atleast with shihkar she should be happy she has siffered a lot
    pls unite ishaani and shihkar anfd the serial be nice dont leave shihkar in pain pls we cant watch him in pain

    1. When did RV give pain,,,,? It’s only Ishani gave pain,,, lol are U watching from the beginning?

      1. Both of them gave pain to each other RV always glorifies his pain that is the difference

  16. pls give some more romance and scenes of ishaani and shihkaar pls.their pair is vry nice.alteast if rhy r .ot united also we will enjoy their pair for sometime

  17. You are correct sathya I also love shekhar he is so kind nd love ishani a lot

  18. feeling bad for .. shekhar…. she doing all this for ranveer’s sake by making shekhar heartbroken… tooo bad ishaani…. I think a true lover can understand their partner.. wot ediots r these ranveer and ishaanii… they r suspecting each other and doing dramas … y they can’t realize his or her partner can’t do that and all… shekhar u r really superb.. u didn’t blame ishaani even ranveer fill ur ears … u supported her… its the true love… really I want to c shekhar’s happiness… hate that ritika and amba.. both selfish… and now I loved baaa… now she changed to lovely grand mother…

  19. pls unite shekhar and ishaanii… their pair is soo nice ….dhekhar u have nice expressionn ….. u both r fantastic …

  20. I think on d day of marriage a twist will happen..Ranvir will get married with ishani
    ….Ishani and Ranveer made for each other…
    Rithika will go away from their life!!!

  21. episode was good but why did ishani did like that by accepting shekar though she know the truth ( rithika is not rv’s wife ). she may be in a confusion or she thinks it rithika baby is ranveers baby we dont know

    then why when baa ,
    ask she is wheather happy or not by marring shekar she told yes .then after she told shekar that she is not loving him she make this decesion only to force ranveer.
    but today episode rv acting was excellent his expressions were unbealible . i was exited for the further episodes what will going on and how they both gone reunite and how ishani know the truth about her falgunu dealth .there is high drama the further episodes

  22. I think on d marriage day of ishaani and shikar..there will be twist..Ishani and ranveer gets married again…
    Rithika will go away from their life….Plz ekta kapoor do sum thing like this

  23. May I know ishani married with whom at first..and raveer ishani are loving r not

  24. i think its turninig

  25. i think shikar so happy.

  26. plz ritika stop this nautanki yar. dont cry like a baby.we all know u r the real serpent.

  27. i want to know 12th may episode soon eagerly

  28. stop it ritika.plz dont cry like a baby we all know dt u r the vampire

  29. Please ishaani aur RV KO ek kar dijiye

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