Mere Sang Toh Chal Zara(Shivika FF) by Archiya (PART 2)

Hi Everyone… I am very sorry for the delay in posting the second part. An unexpected deadline came at office which I had to complete.

Link for the first part : Part 1

Here goes the second part
Shivay came out and the sight which he saw, shocked him

Anika sat in the dining table with his family, it was a sight to behold, everyone was so busy in feeding her food, and the happiest was his mom, Pinky. It seemed like everyone knew his love for her and had already accepted her in their family.

He saw the happiness in anika eyes, which he always wanted to see, she was eating everything that everyone was feeding her. He had a beautiful complete family, and he was worried that any gal coming in his life might break this family, but now he knew that anika was the right choice and she would always keep his family happily together. He was lost in these thoughts pinky called out to him

Pinky: Shivay, dekhta hi rahega, ya yaha pe bi ayega.. aa nashta kar (Will you just keep staring, come and have breakfast)

Rudy : choti maa.. bhaiya ko aloo puri deejiye, unki fav hogayi hai(Mom, give bhaiya all puri, its become his favorite)

Everyone laugh at this and shivay blushes

Shivay comes and sits in front of anika, seeing her so happily eating had taken away his appetite, but how could he leave the chance to be in front of her, and just keep seeing her.

Pinky served aloo puri to Shivay, he took and bite and screamed

Dadi : kya hua billu

Om : Dadi, lagta hai Shivay ne mirchi kha li, have water Shivay

Rudra : Mirchi kha li nahi O, Mirchi lag gayi.. Bhaiya , isi baat pe ek gaana arz hai
“Mohabbat hai mirchi, mohabbat hai mirchi sanam.. “

Om & Shivay together: Shut up Rudra, and he makes a puppy face..

Shivay (Gets up) : Anika once u finish come to the library, we will work there

Shivay was just staring at the water in the pool when he sees anika reflection in it and says “BEUATIFULL” almost to himself

They start working together, in between Anika sees him staring at her.

Anika: Sir, I know u are fully fine, then why this drama of not being well and calling me to your home

Shivay (nervously): Anika woh woh I wanted to say that .. I .. I .. I

Anika : I what ??

Om an Rudy are just outside the door

Shivay : Me .. I .. Love …Love .. an he sees towards the door

OmRu signal him something ..

Shivay : oh haaaan main toh bhul hi gaya tha (I just forgot about it)

Anika (Now completely thinks her boss has gone mad) : Forgot what ???

Shivay : This I forgot , He held a small jewelry box in his hand

He kneeled and took her hand in his, and held the diamond ring in the other, “I have a diamond in one hand, something much more precious in my other hand, I have fallen in love with u from the first sight, I can’t live without u
Anika will u marry me?

Anika started sweating profusely and started shaking, she went completely pale

Anika got some flashbacks
“A proposal, sharing dreams, laughter and lots of promises; then that night when everything just broke into pieces including her…”

She pulled her hand from Shivay and just ran out…

Shivay sat there itself, time seemed to have halted, and the ring just fell out of his hand.

OmRu see anika running out an came to shivay an holded him in their arms, their shivay bhaiya seemed so hurt.The great wall seemed to be cracking , but they would not allow that.

Anika literally ran the complete distance, from the OM to her home, entered it and just closed the door shut, an heaving just rested her body on the closed door… Tears now started falling freely from her eyes. and she crashed to the floor

Precap: In a dark room, a lady says to anika you have to forget the past and move on


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  1. Sairan


    |Registered Member

    U r soooooooooo late
    I literally forgot Tha Kya
    Read the last episode
    Continue soon This time

  2. Amayaa


    |Registered Member

    Awwwwww !!!!!!!!!!!
    how cutely our Shivay bhaiya proposes our bhabhi
    Pinky pinky pinky
    U too is very sweet
    But poor SHIVAY BHAIYA
    Heyyyyyy Archiya aka dp queen aka blushing princess
    Waiting for de next part eagerly
    But this 1 is too short but now I can understand writing in TU PAGE is not an easy task
    Definitely it is a difficult work
    But phir bhi
    Hoping de next part will be long
    Luv u Archi 😍😍😍

  3. Bhavana

    Aare yaar tumne hume kitna wait karvaya that i completely forgot the storyline nd had to go through the first epi…
    Well, coming to this part… Its superbbbbbb… Loved it…
    Hope you’ll not make us wait nxt time…😊
    Update asap!😊😊

  4. Anu

    Hey archu.. so cute.. your Shivaay is so bold yaar.. seedha proposal huh? Wah!!
    Waiting for the next one!

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