Tum Mere Kya Ho – Part 6

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Hi Ishqbaazians,
Im back with an another part of “Tum Mere Kya Ho”. Before starting with it, I would like to thank each one of you for the support and love you all have given to my story by your comments and views. I hope to keep on getting the same or even more love and support. A request to the silent readers(If any) – Kindly comment and share your views, I will be really glad to receive all the views and comments and those who were eagerly waiting for the update(I hope you all must be waiting for the update) Im sorry for such a late update.

Guys many of you were confused whether Shivay has started feeling for Anika, So the answer is No, Shivay have no such feelings for Anika and is thinking about her only because of Sara, he is not able to understand how come Sara who has never been close to any woman except her mother(Amber) and Bua(Prinku) is getting attached to Anika in such a short span.
Recap – Sara and Anika have started bonding. Shivay happy seeing Sara opening herself and getting attached to Anika, Anika providing mother like love to Sara.
Now I begin with Part 6 of “Tum Mere Kya Ho” –

@OBEROI INDUSTRIES (Early Afternoon)

Shivay is continuously thinking about Anika and Sara’s bonding.
Meanwhile at the reception a lady is seen arguing with the receptionist to let her go in Shivay’s cabin.
Lady – Dont argue and let me go in.
Receptionist(R) – Maam please try and understand we are not allowed to send anyone in without appointment
Lady- Appointment? Do you even know who Im.

R – Maam please wait for 5 minutes, I will inform sir.
Lady – No dont inform me, Im here to surprise him.
R – Maam please try and understand, let him inform sir otherwise I wont be able to let you in.
Lady(Shouting on top of her voice)- Who are you to stop me, you know what can I do to you if you try to stop me.
Just then Shivay comes to the reception area and saw the lady shouting at the receptionist. He goes near to the lady
Shivay – Oh God I cant believe its you

Lady(smiling) – Shivay baby
Im sure many of you must have already guessed that the lady is none other than Tia.

– Tia Rana(AKA Tia Kapoor) – College friend of Shivay and Amber, Tia love Shivay from college days but Shivay and Amber fell in love and got married after finishing college, After Shivay and Amber’s marriage Tia’s family got her married and she went to London and settled there , Shivay, Amber and Tia were always in contact and knows everything that has happened with each of them. Tia has now come back after 10 years.
– Dushyant Rana – A businessman settled in London, Dushyant is Tia’s husband, He knows nothing about Tia’s past(That she loved Shivay and wanted to marry him), He is loving and a caring man.
– Ishaan Rana – 6 years old boy, Ishaan is Dushyant and Tia’s only son, He loves both his parents and cant live without them.

Continue –
Shivay – Tia what a pleasant surprise. when did you came back?
Tia – I came yesterday only and thought to come and meet you without informing and surprise you but Im really annoyed with your receptionist, she spoiled the whole surprise.
R – Sorry ma’am I was just following the rules and the orders.
Tia – Its okay but next time be careful.
Shivay – Please Tia, she is just doing her job, leave it, come lets go to my cabin.
Tia – Sure baby.

Shiavy and Tia goes to Shivay’s cabin.

Anika is in her room thinking about her and Shivay’s last night conversation, how Shivay thanked Anika for caring for Sara and how Shivay said that Anika is their own and that the house is even hers. She unknowingly has a smile on her face.

Shivay ordered coffee and then they started talking
Shivay – Tia I still cant believe that you are sitting in front of me, It has been so long that you left the country and now suddenly you are back, I hope everything is fine.
Tia – Shivay baby dont ask how did I live without you for so long, I missed you every second and Im sure you didnt miss me even for once.
Shivay heard Tia and she wanted him to say something but remained quiet when Tia finished saying.
Just then their coffee/Espresso came

Shivay – Tia lets have coffee
Tia – Shivay baby you cant ignore me and change the topic.
Shivay(Having his espresso) – Tia dont start again, Its been a long time and now we both have families to love and focus on, we both are now parent to such wonderful kids so please now grow up and stop discussing all this.

(AN – Guys Shivay knows that Tia loved him since their college days but Shivay had rejected Tia and married Amber but he still consider Tia as his good friend and always stands for Tia in the hour of her need, On the other hand despite Shivay saying to Tia, Tia always misinterpret Shivay’s friendship to be his love toward her)
Tia – Shivay baby tell me how can anyone forget their first love, I know its easy for a man to move on but its not that easy for a woman to forget her first love, especially when the first love is someone like you.
Shivay(Annoyingly) – Tia please stop it. I only consider you as a good friend and nothing else.
Tia (Sadly)- Okay.

Shivay – See because of all this stupid conversation I forgot to ask you about your family, So how is Dushyant and Ishaan?
Tia(Upset about hearing Shivay’s question) – Shivay baby I dont want to talk about Dushyant and Ishaan is fine with his dad, I spoke to Ishaan before coming over here.
Shivay(Confused after listening to Tia) – What do you mean that you dont want to talk about Dushyant, he is your husband after all.
Tia – We are divorced now.

Shivay(Shocked) – What? Im so sorry to hear that.
Tia smiles listening to Shivay.
Shivay(Feeling weird seeing Tia smiling while talking about her divorce) – What happened, Why are you smiling?

Tia – I smiling because you are sorry for whatever happened to me, You know Shivay baby all this wouldnt have happened if you would not have rejected me, we would have been living happily together.
Shivay(Getting irritated)- Tia will you stop talking about all this, try and understand that it was the past and it will be really helpful for you if you accept the reality soon.
Tia(Getting annoyed after facing rejections from Shivay all the time) – Shivay baby you will never understand my pain, you will never understand how does it feel to see your love getting away from you, You know I just wish that you feel the same kind of pain that I feel all the time, the pain to see your love taken away by someone else and you being helpless and that day I will ask you to accept the reality and move on.

Shivay(Shocked after hearing Tia) – Tia whatever
you said I dont see it happening ever, I fell in love with Amber and now after Amber I can never have the same feeling for anyone else. Im very happy with my life and my world with Sara.
Tia(Smiling at Shivay) – Will see to it. Oh Shivay baby how is Sara?
Shivay(Happy after listening Sara’s name) – She is good and by God’s grace is she growing very well. You know after Amber left us Sara had a tough time and I used to be very upset seeing her condition but now because of Prinku she has grown stronger and always makes me proud and lively.
Tia – Im sorry you had to go through so much pain and I was not here with you when you needed me the most.

Shivay – No Tia you dont have to be sorry,I understand you have a kid to look after and truly speaking at that time I didnt need anyone else except Sara to be there with me. You were talking about me falling again in love with someone but you know the reality is that Im living only because I have Sara with me, If she wasnt there with me then I would have died the moment Amber left me. I miss Amber every time but I try to be strong only for Sara and now except for Sara there is no space for anyone else in my life.
After completing Shivay had his eyes full of tears.
Tia(Feeling bad seeing Shivay) – Shivay baby please dont be sad, please be strong and smile.
Shivay smiles and wipes of his tears.

@LONDON(Guys since its afternoon in India, in London its morning time)
A big villa in a posh area of London is shown. Outside the villa, on the main gate there is a name plate written “RANA’S” on it.

Inside the villa, in the living area a man(Dushyant) is sitting on a couch with a kid(Ishaan) who is playing video game.

Dushyant – Beta you have been playing since you woke up, now lets go and have breakfast.
Ishaan(Really Sad) – Dad I will have breakfast with mom, where has she gone, call her an ask her to come, Im missing her.

Dushyant(Upset seeing Ishaan)- Beta your mom has gone to meet your grandma, she will come soon in a few days. you just be happy.
Ishaan – Dad how can mom go without taking me with her, she didnt even meet me before going, didnt she know that I cant live without her.
(AN – Yes guys Tia lied to Shivay that she met Ishaan before going there but in reality she didnt informed or met her son before leaving)
Dushyant – Beta mom had to leave all of a sudden, you were sleeping so she didnt disturbed you and left after kissing you. Dont you worry, see dad is here with you so relax and lets go and have breakfast.
Ishaan – Ok dad but promise me that you will call mom and ask her to come soon adn even let me talk to her.

Dushyant(Giving a small smile to his son) – Sure my child, now lets have breakfast.
Dushyant and Ishaan are having breakfast while watching TV
Dushyant(Thinking) –
Tia left the house at night after Ishaan slept, Dushyant was out for work. Tia before leaving wrote a letter for Dushyant and kept it in their room. When Dushyant came back he didnt find Tia anywhere in the house and then came to their room and found Tia’s letter. He opened the letter and started reading-

Im leaving you and your house and will never return, many a times I tried telling you that I cant stay with you since Im not happy with you but you never took me seriously, you always thought that Im kidding so here is the truth, Im gone for real. My life with you have been so much suffocating that only I know how did I managed to survive for these many years. Im sorry for doing all this to you and today I want you to know the reality, to know why I could never be a complete wife to you or a complete mother to your child. So the truth is I never wanted to marry you, my mom forced me to do so and I was not in my senses at that time because I had lost my most precious thing, my Shivay, my love to someone else and I needed to escape so I married you and came to London. Moving to London with you was my biggest mistake,

I knew that I will not be happy with you but still I came here leaving my Shivay back at home, I had thought that when I will go away from him, he will miss me and will come running to London for me but that never happened and something which I never wanted happened, within 2-3 years I got to know that Shivay’s wife Amber is pregnant with his child, Shivay himself called me to inform about Amber’s pregnancy and he sounded very happy and complete. I was not able to bear it and was in deep pain. After this your(Dushyant) mother asked me for a grandchild and we had a baby, it was not because I wanted to have your child but because I wanted to show Shivay that he doesnt matter to me and if he can have a child and a family then even I can have it. I never wanted a child and so when Ishaan was born I got sad and depressed than been happy.

After Ishaan’s birth Shivay called up and happily wished me and I was so disappointed by his happiness. You know Dushyant it is said that God always give an extra chance to all, He gave me a chance again, 2 years ago Amber died in an accident, Shivay’s sister called me and informed me about Amber’s death. Im not saying that I was not sad hearing about Amber, I was surely sadden because of my friend’s death but somewhere I got happy because I now had a hope, a chance to be with Shivay, my love. At that time only I had planned to go to Shivay but Ishaan fell ill and even you were not in London and had gone out for work so I couldnt go.

No matter what but I can never be so bad to Ishaan that I can leave him all alone at the time when he is ill. Shivay called me last month, it was his first call after Amber’s death and he sounded so sad and broken, he sounded lifeless, Hearing him I couldnt control myself and thought to go back to him and start a life with him, make him the same Shivay who always seemed happy and lively. Dushyant you are a really nice man and Ishaan is a wonderful kid and you both deserve much more than what you expect. Im sorry both of you. Dushyant please always take care of Ishaan, I know he will become a good man like his dad, I will call sometimes to talk to our son.
Hope you will forgive me,
Reading Tia’s letter, Dushyant was shocked to the core, not because Tia loved someone else and left him but because Tia left her own child, the child who loved her the most and went to someone who doesnt love Tia. He kept the letter safely in his cupboard and went.


Dushyant(To himself) – Tia you did very wrong, I didnt expect that you will leave your son like this, why did you not think about your child even for once, I didnt knew that you are so selfish. Why did you spoil his childhood, one day you will pay a big price for doing this to Ishaan.


OBEROI MANSION(Late Afternoon)
Anika is sitting in the living room reading magazine when Sara comes back from school.
Sara – Anika aunty look Im back.
Anika – Oh welcome back my darling, How was school?
Sara – I had a good day at school, How was your day Anika aunty
Anika – Baby I got really bored sitting in the house, I had nothing much to do.
Sara – Oh aunty dont worry, now Im here and we both will do lot of fun things.
Anika(Happily) – Sure angel. But before that lets go and change your clothes and have lunch.
Sara – Okay aunty as you say.

Both Anika and Sara goes to Sara’s room for changing.
Meanwhile Prinku comes to OM and calls for Anika, Shanti(Maid) comes and inform Prinku that Anika is in Sara’s room, making Sara change her clothes, Prinku smiles listening to Shanti and goes to sit on the sofa and wait for Anika and Sara to come down.
After a few minutes Shivay comes back home and sees Prinku sitting in the living area.
Shivay(Going to Prinku) – Oh hello Prinku, when did you came?

Prinku – Hello bhaiya, I came just now and Shanti told me that Anika is making Sara change her clothes so Im waiting for them.
Shivay – Oh okay, but I have a surprise for you.
Prinku(Getting exited listening about some surprise) – What bhaiya, tell me what is the surprise, I cant wait.
Shivay smiles at his little sister and looks towards the door and says
Shivay – Come in
Soon Tia walks in the living area and comes near them and stands next to Shivay, seeing her Prinku’s smile and excitement of the surprise got faded.
Tia – Hi Prinku, How are you dear, Its been such a long time, I cant believe you are married and is a mother.

Prinku(Annoyed after seeing Tia)- Hi Tia, Im good, How are you and your husband and your son(she stressed on saying husband and son)
Before Tia could reply, Shivay said
Shivay – Prinku Tia is divorced and now she wont be going back to London.
Prinku(Shocked after listening about Tia’s divorce) – Oh Im so sorry Tia.
Tia – Its okay Prinku, me and Dushyant were not meant to be together, Im happy Shivay is there with me.
Saying this Tia took Shivay’s hand in her and looks at him. Seeing this Prinku gets worried and upset.

Precap – Tia shouts on Anika, Shivay ask Tia to apologize to Anika.

So guys here I end part 6, Hope you all liked it and didnt find it boring. Sorry for not putting much of Anika-Sara bonding or the family moments, I will surely make the next part more interesting. Waiting eagerly for all the precious views and comments. Hope to receive all your love and support.
Take care everyone
Love you all ♥♥

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