Mere Sang Toh Chal Zara(Shivika FF) by Archiya (PART 1)

Hi Everyone. I am back with an FF this time, it will be a short one, may be around 4-5 parts.
This story is based on my lovely Shivika, but their relation is not what is there in the serial.This is totally different story an setting, but the characters remain the same.

Now without any more delay… here goes the first part

Shivay awoke from his day dream with the round of applause around him. He looked around to find his client forwarding his hand to him and he just shook it

Client: The deal is done Mr. Oberoi.It was a great presentation and smiled looking at the girl who gave the presentation.

Saying this everyone left the room, Shivay looked at that girl Anika who was now gathering her papers and just got lost in his thoughts.

He had fallen head over heels in love with Anika from the very first moment he had seen her playing with some small girls in an orphanage, where he had gone to donate. He just ignored his feeling thinking it was a crush. But for a long time, she was not leaving his mind and heart. So finally, he decided to find her. He went to the orphanage but was told that she had left it a month back. Now he did not know where to find her.

After a few months, he was happily shocked to see her when she came for an interview to his office, he happily gave her the job.
She had been working as his secretary for the past six months now. He started loving and respecting her more seeing her dedication towards her work. Any presentation she gave that deal was done.

But something was amiss, the gal who he had seen before was so cheerful, laughing and playing. But this girl seemed to be someone else, she never moved away from her work. He had noticed that she usually avoided becoming more friendly with anyone. She just smiled (the smile never reached her eyes though) and that was that, no lunch with her colleagues, no outings, She always just kept to her work. It was like she has made a huge wall in front of her which no one could cross.

He always wondered what the reason was, but did not have enough guts to ask her. But today he had decided he was going to ask her out.

His train of thoughts broke when he heard anika clapping her hands in front of him and raised her brows

Anika: Sir, what’s wrong

Shivay: Anika lets go out for lunch

HE saw some panic in her eyes

Anika: Sorry Sir, I have got my lunch.

Saying this she walked out of the meeting room.

Shivay was getting restless, he wanted to know what was the secret behind this gal

But he sure had to do something about it soon, he would go crazy thinking about this gal an about making her his

Next day morning

Shivaay(on phone) : Anika, I am feeling unwell today, so I won’t come to office, u can take the files an come to my home

Anika: uuuurrrrr hommme..

Shivay: Yes, my home, just come asap

And he drops the call

Anika clutches her Duppata tightly and thinks his home, she starts sweating profusely. She just sits down an asks herself to calm down

Shivay was pacing at the poolside, continuously looking at his watch

Just then OmRu come, and they start dancing like a couple

Rudy : intehaaa ho gayi intezar ki (The limit of waiting has been reached)
Om: Aai na kuchh khabar, mere yaar ki (I haven’t heard any news of my beloved)
Rudy : Ye hamen hai yaqeen, bevafa vo nahin (I have faith that she is not unfaithful)
Om: Phir vajah kya hui (Then what is the reason)
OmRu: intazaar ki (behind the wait))

Shivay: will u both just stop it!!!

Just then prinku comes and tells that Anika has arrived

Shivay almost starts running towards the door but is halted by rudy, an rudy starts dancing around him
mera piya ghar aya, o Ramaji mera piya ghar aya (My love has come home, Oh Lord Rama)

Shivaay just somehow runs from there

Rudy : Bhaiy aise bhaag rahe hai, jaise Bhabhi bhaag jayegi.(Brother is running such that, sister-in-law will run away)

Om: Woh aisi kashti pe savar hai, jiska koi thikana nahi (he is in such a boat, which has no destination )

Rudy: whats kasthi dude

Om : just hits him on his head.. Chal Anika se milte hai(come lets meet anika)

Shivay comes to the hall and is shocked to see the scenario..

To be continued….

What must have shocked Shivay???

Here ends the first part.. Hope you all liked it… Please leave your positive/negative comments below an also your guesses

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  1. Nita D

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    Fantastic..Great Start

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    Archii .aww . Amazing epi just like ur dp . waiting for next

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  13. Wow! Tht was simply perfect! I reallly loved the episode! Speciallllllllllly the *intehaaaaaa ho gaeee intezaaaar kiiii* ??? it really cracked me up! I reallly reallly reallly cant wait to read thr next. I loved how, for a change, it was Shivaay being desperate to meet annika. ? Great work and please upload the next soon. I really want to why annika built a wall around herself.

    Waiting for your next!! And could you make it longer next time? ?


    1. Archiya

      hi Awestruck,
      thanks.. will surely try to come up with the next soon, an make it longer as well.
      m glad i was able to crack u up:)

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