Mere Sai 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganpat Rao Insults Balal Pant And Kicks Him Out of Drama Company

Mere Sai 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ganpat Rao insults Ballal Pant that he is just an organizer and nothing else, he is promoting woman talent and made woman act in drama for the first time and needs more money and shouts at Ballal Pant to go and take loan from Baba Saheb. Ballal Pant returns after meeting Baba Saheb and says Baba Saheb denied to lend more money as he already knows that drama is going housefull and tickets are already sold for till next month. Ganpat Rao shouts then what happened. Pant says he respects Baba Saheb, so he could not lie and told that money is spent on silk clothes and gold jewelry. Ballal Pant shouts he insulted him in front of Baba Saheb and if he cannot arrange money, what is the use of him Pant says if he interferes in his work, how will he arrange money. Ganpat Rao asks to do whatever he wants.

Pant walks to jeweler and silk clothes seller and says they cannot buy jewelry and clothes now, they can leave. Ganpat Rao shouts how dare he is to insult him and paying his salary kicks him out of job and warns not to reenter again. Pant suggests that whole drama company depends on him, so he should stop overspending and should meet Sai once. Ganpat Rao asks if his speech is over, the can get out. Pant leaves. Anta and Pant watch hiding and laugh that their work is done so easily.

Pant walks on street reminiscing Ganpat Rao insulting words. He clashes with Sai subconsciously. Sai stops him and asks if he everything is alright. Pant says he failed in his work, he can survive somehow, but Ganpat Rao will destroy himself. Sai takes him to Dwarkamayi. Anta and Panta describe whole story to Kulkarni. Kulkarni laughs and says Ganpat Rao’s self-destroyal has started and he wants to participate and help Ganpat Rao in his self-destroying act. Sai takes Pant to Dwarka Mayi and gives him water. Pant says he considers Ganpat Rao as his best friend, so he left his family and sacrificed his life till now for him, he knows Ganpat Rao is artist and cannot manage his finances, so he always protected Ganpat Rao’s finances, but Ganpat Rao kicked him out and broke their childhood friendship Sai says he is coming from Neem Gaon and must be hungry, offers him food. Pant starts eating and apologizes Sai for not taking his permission. Sai says one does not need permission to have food, mother earth does not stop from taking food from her and does her duty, similarly Pant fulfilled his duty and helped Ganpat Rao till now, in this world everyone has to pay for their deeds, Pant will be paid for his deeds and Ganpat Rao for his deeds, it is god’s rule.

Ganpat Rao tries to rehearse, but cannot deliver dialogues. Gopi says he is tired and forgetting his dialogues, so he should rest. Ganpat Rao points sword on his neck and yells if he is also insulting him like Pant, if he tries to act oversmart, he will kick him also out. Sait Gangaram enters and introduces himself as Shirdi’s lonely wealthy man and wants to speak to him something important. Ganpat Rao says he is happy to meet his praises. Gangaram says he wants to invest in his drama company if he wants, he had met Pant earlier and knows whole story. Ganpat Rao thanks him and thinks Pant was teaching him to stop spending, his work is done without Pant.

After finishing food, Pant asks Saiif there is a way to help Ganpat Rao. Sai says loyal friends like him cannot change fate and says when a rider rides elephant, he has to feel turbulence twice, they have feel ups and downs and turbulence in life, they teach lessons to human, even Ganpat Rao will realize his mistake one day, but right now Pant can return home and spend some time with his family. Pant agrees and leaves.

Gangaram gives money to Ganpat Rao and asks to count money. Ganpat Rao says he trusts him. Gangaram asks to sign precautionary papers and smirks Anta Panta who are hiding. Anta Panta laugh saying bird is caught in net. Ganpat Rao signs papers.

Precap: Kulkarni shows papers to Ganpat Rao and says it is clearly written if Ganpat Rao does not return his money on time, he will become Kulkarni’s servant. Sai asks Jhipri’s father if he feels guilty for his misdeed, why he does that.

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