Muskaan 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan tries to escape

Muskaan 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ronak catching Muskaan. He says you acted innocent, you should have told me that you are a dancer, why did you cheat me. Tabassum scolds Suzaine. She goes. Suzaine calls Jaya and says Aarti left from here. Ronak takes Muskaan with her. He says I can’t tolerate your lie and cheat, sit quiet now. Hanumanth says let her go, we can fall in trouble. Ronak asks him to sit in the car. The men scold Sir ji.

Sir ji says I promise to find Muskaan. Rakhi says give us a chance to end your tension. She calls Sapna there. Tabassum comes and asks did you see Aarti, she is nowhere. Sir ji asks what’s happening here, how can someone disappear. Rakhi laughs and says Aarti and Muskaan are smart, they always fool you, Aarti is acting mad, was this Aarti’s plan. Sir ji says we have to think

how did Aarti get so much courage, we have to get her. Ronak brings Muskaan home. He says Muskaan will get punished for fooling me, how did I get trapped, I will get peace by keeping her here, she won’t dance and get money. Muskaan says you are punishing me. He says you have done this mistake, you didn’t think of me, you broke my trust.

He says its your birthday, I got bangles for you, I got your address, I didn’t know you are a dancer. She says now you know my truth, let me go, my mum is there in their cage, if I don’t go, Tabassum will kill her. He laughs and says you are a drama queen also, you think you will get saved, have shame, don’t use mum’s name. Ghosh and goons come. Muskaan shouts for help. Hanumanth says give her to them. Ronak asks him to take Muskaan with him. Hanumanth says I will fight with them. The goons enter the house. Ghosh sees Muskaan. Ronak points gun at him. Ronak and Hanumanth beat the goons. Ronak threatens Ghosh and takes Muskaan with him.

Ghosh returns to Tabassum. He says you were right, Muskaan was with those guys, they have run away. Suzaine gets glad and thinks that guy won’t hurt Muskaan. Ghosh tells inspector about Ronak. Sir ji shoots at Ghosh. They get shocked. Sir ji sends Ghosh and says some goons attacked here, and shot Ghosh as well, write this in FIR. Police looks for Muskaan. Hanumanth asks where will we take Muskaan. Ronak sees police. He stops the jeep. He asks Muskaan to be quiet. He drives away. Police follows. Aarti reaches some place. Sir ji says Ghosh won’t be hurt, we should think of Muskaan. Inspector informs Sir ji about Muskaan. Sir ji says we will get Muskaan, look after the clients. Aarti knocks door and says I know Muskaan is inside. Jaya meets her and smiles. Aarti makes her aside and looks for Muskaan. She sees a kid sleeping and thinks she is Muskaan. Jaya cries. Ronak runs in the jungle. He drags Muskaan along. He sees an old house and takes Muskaan there. He holds Muskaan in arms.

Muskaan says I have to save my mum, get back, else I will shoot myself. She runs away. Ronak follows. She shouts to inspector.

Update Credit to: Amena

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