Krishna Chali London 16th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Radhe gets drunk

Krishna Chali London 16th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radhe saying I won’t let you go till you answer me. Krishna sees colors and throws at him. She scolds him. He does the same and applies colors to her, saying you have to take the gift after coming to pandal. She angrily slaps him. She calls him an animal and cries. He stops her. Radhe says you are mad in my love, I m not mad to run after you, you should also know the pain of not getting true love. Krishna cries. She leaves. Radhe comes home and says I m the mad guy here, what does she think, I m her Majnu. He gets her saree and recalls her. He cries and says she left her saree here.

Krishna recalls his words. He calls her. She disconnects. He says I will call again, I won’t bear insult. She answers and asks why are you calling, I will inform police. He says

I m not scared of your threatening, why didn’t you take your saree, take this, else I will also complain to police. She asks why, you told me that I shouldn’t come after you, you burn the saree. He says its not an ordinary saree, you may need it, you have worn this saree and told me I love you. She cries. He says I love you…. and hugs saree. He also cries. She says I will think and say. She ends call. He throws the saree. He thinks of Krishna and hugs the saree. He falls asleep.

Krishna and Gajanan get Lali’s check up done. Doctor says reports will come by tomorrow. Gajanan takes Lali. Krishna says I told you all symptoms, what do you think. Gajanan comes and asks is there anything to worry. Krishna asks doctor to tell him, there is nothing to worry. Doctor says reports will come soon. Krishna says take care of Lali. She thanks doctor and goes. She prays. Shukla says minister wants us to arrange Dandiya. Saajan asks does he think that we should play dandiya. He jokes on Shukla.

Shukla says Radhe, its big responsibility to get young couples and make them play Dandiya. Saajan signs no. Shukla says you aren’t coming out of sorrow, leave it. Radhe takes responsibility. He says I m not in sorrow. Shukla says great, Saajan learn something from Radhe. Saajan asks is there any plan. Radhe smiles. Radhe and Saajan distribute the flyers. Some guys ask Radhe about Krishna going London. Radhe scolds the guy. He gives the passes to them. Radhe and Saajan come to the bar. Radhe drinks and asks Saajan to get more for him. Saajan says its enough now, come. Radhe starts talking silly. Saajan says fine, you are a donkey, come. He takes Radhe. Radhe says I invited everyone, but not my wife. Saajan says you will send me to jail again. Radhe says I have to invite my wife.

Radhe comes to meet Krishna and falls down. He gives her invite. He asks will I go in pandal without my wife answer me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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