MANZIL… The unknown destination… SHOT 12… FLASHBACK

MANZIL… The unknown destination…


SHOT 12…

Ishaana and Gauri were college/university friends of Omkara & Swayam. When Omkara was in last year, Swayam was in second year and Ishaana and Gauri in their first year. They were from different departments but met each other due to one subject that was common for all of them”BUSINESS STUDIES/BST”. Sometimes for projects at other because of their professors while at rest of the time they came up together for workshops and university festivals. As Omkara had opted for art and Business he use to help in prop preparation and Ishaana being a dance student use to tell him about the requirements during this time both became best buddies of the college as Om did his post graduation from the same college so they were together for nearly 3 years and this much time was enough for them to become bff’s.
On other hand Swayam had passion for cars and learnt business for family business, while Gauri had a great passion towards journalism, for her practice she often use to go around the university in search of content and for interviews in different extremes at this time she met all the three, while Swayam and Gauri turned to be besties of each other, Gauri had close connections with Ishaana and good friendship with Omkara as Swayam and Om often use to hang out together. After end of college all of them had a small split but soon Om, Ishaana and Swayam came back together as Anika had entered Oberoi’s life first as a wedding planner and then as wife of Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Shivaay being dotting and caring had ordered both Sahil and Ishaana to stay in Oberoi Mansion as they all were orphans. One fine day when Swayam had worked on his first car, he was invited for an interview in Coral Channel and surprisingly his host for the night was Gauri he was so elated meeting her that he asked her to join him but as it was late she refused but promised to come the next day.
[For all those who are going to be confused as I had earlier mentioned that Swayam had done his studies in Germany, he did it from there only but post graduation accompanied by PhD and internship. While all of them completed the under graduation in Australia.]


Gauri enters the house and finds Swayam helping Anika in arranging the breakfast in lawn.
Swayam: Gauri!
Gauri hugs him friendly as both met each other with new found zeal.
Anika: Ary… Who is she Swayam?
Swayam with a bright smile: Bhabhi, meet my college friend-cum-junior Gauri Sharma and Gauri this is my pretty beautiful Bhabhi Anika.
Anika slapping him playful: Badmaash.
She hugs Gauri lovingly.
Gauri: Hello, Bhabhi.
Anika: Hi! Gauri. So nice to meet you.
A hand wraps around Anika’s legs as a four years old boy hugs her, she looks down and smiles at her shy son.
Anika: Gauri meet Mr. Shy Singh Oberoi, Shiviaansh, my son.
Gauri bends down to Shiviaansh’s level and forwards her hand: Hi! Shiviaansh.
Shiviaansh smiles and hides behind Anika making everyone chuckle. Swayam comes and picks Shiviaansh from Anika’s back.
Swayam: Mr. Shaitaan now why have you turned so shy. A while back you were irritating us so much.
Shiviaansh passes an angry glares to Swayam who feigns to be scared.
Gauri laughs lightly and pulls Shiviaansh’s cheeks: You are so cute chotu.
Shiviaansh makes an angry pout and all laugh at his antics.

A girl comes from inside the mansion while holding a tray with bread and jumping up and down all the while she is singing happily.
Tu premi (aa ha!)
Main premi (aa ha!)
Tu raazi (aa ha!)
Main raazi…

She places the tray on a chair and comes near Anika and holding her hand starts circling along with her and sings pointing at Anika:
Phir kya Daddy kya Amma
Ek bas tu hi pyaar ke kaabil
Saara jahaan hai nikamma…

Tamma tamma loge
Tamma tamma loge tamma (x2)

All start laughing seeing her dance freely.
Shiviaansh closing his ears: Shut up! You stupid.

Shivika turns to him and making her hands in form of been and sings while doing naagin dance:
(Been bajati hui naagin)


Wo badal gaya!

Shiviaansh closes her mouth with her hand: Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Just Shut up!

Shivika glares him and bites his hand while he moves it back hissing in ouch. Now being angry of her brother she sings even louder and saying it to Shiviaansh:

Rakhun na baby koi bhi shanka
Apne pyaar ka baja doon danka

She runs to Rudra and sings for him:
Tere mere beech mein jo koi bhi aaya
Uski laga doon lanka

Rudra does hi-fi with Shivika, who asks him to continue with her. Rudra spins Saumya, then Anika and finally Swayam and sings:

Chhod chhad ke duniyadari
Bas tere piche pad gaya main
Sapno mein toh already
Ghodi-vodi chadh gaya main

Both IshKara with dadi and elder Oberoi’s Comes there. Shivika jumps in front of them and increases the volume of speaker to full and sings and dances with Janvi and says the following words to her:

Mujhko baby lucky kar
Baat humari pakki kar
Itna kya soche mujhe haan bol ke
Kaam tu nakki kar

Both Shivika and Rudra do the signature steps:
Tujhe zaroorat mere jaise yaar ki
Mujhe zaroorat tere jaise yaar ki (x2)

Shiviaansh being highly irritated pulls off the wires of speaker and smirks at Shivika, who smirks back and shouting loudly ends her complete song:

Jale jo usko aur jalaao
Naacho chhamma chham chhamma…

Tamma tamma..
Tamma tamma..

Shivika jumps on the dinning table and then jumps from it making all gasp but she was in all her fun and even had come down safely making everyone nod in disbelief:

Upar chadhe ya neeche utrein
3… 2… 1… kill it!
Loge… tamma tamma loge tamma

Tamma tamma loge
Tamma tamma loge tamma (x3)

Shivaay who had come from office comments seeing his daughter sing: Office se pata chal Gaya tha mujhe ki tera gana bajana shuru ho Gaya subha Subha.
(I got to know from office itself about your singing campaign.)
Shivika giggles and runs to him, he takes her in his arms and kisses her cheeks.
Shiviaansh being highly irritated: Papa your daughter is mad.
Shivika shouts back: And so is your son.
Shivaay closes his ears from his hand: Guys stop fighting.
Shiviaansh: She started.
Shivika with wide eyes: MMMEEE….
Shiviaansh nods.
Shivika hops out of her dear daddy’s arms in order to settle her scores with her darling brother. Placing her hands on her waist, with narrowed eyes she questions: What did I do? I was just singing and dancing.
Shiviaansh: Hahaha….. Singing…. Hahaha…. Bhagwaan ka khof kar, tun gaati nahi hai usse chilana kehte hain.
(Hahaha… Hahaha… Be afraid of God, that’s not called singing it’s called shouting.)
Shivika: Baat toh aise kar raha hai jaise tun Tansen ka bhatija hai.
(You are talking as if you are relative of Tan sen.)
Shiviaansh: Maybe not but I am not like you, at least.
All together: Ho gaye shuru.
(They both have started now.)
Anika: Silent both of you.
Both look at their angry mother and place finger on their lips.
Anika: When will you both learn to behave? Every time you both are fighting. If now I hear another word from two of you then no chocolates for one full week.
Both widen their eyes and hug each other dramatically.
Shiviaansh: Mumma who is fighting, she is my sweet… cute… Sister…
He says hitting Shivika’s back making her angry.
Shivika: Yup! Mommy we aren’t fighting. After all I am so innocent. Although Shiviaansh is no less then a goon (Shiviaansh widens his eyes as Shivika slaps his cheeks playfully for others but really hard for him.) so what if he always starts the fight (she slaps him again but smiles brightly) I will always forgive him. She again slaps him and he glares her but she passes a big smile in return.
Shiviaansh: Stop it moti.
Shivika narrows her eyes and shouts angrily: Moti! Do I look moti to you.
Anika pats her head: Hye maharo Raam ji, kaisi afatain mere pale dalin hain. Ek baar mai toh kuch samajh hi nahi ata don ko. Kuch toh rehm kiya hota aage ek pati kam tha jhelne ke liye Jo aab ye dono bhi.
All see the elder most drama queen in disbelief.
Shivaay who feels a little offended cross questions Anika crossing his arms: Hye! What did I do?
Anika sighs: Aap toh rehne hi do bagad bille kahin ke.
(You let it be Mr. Wild cat.)
Shivaay: Anika tumhari koi bhi baat ka koi connection nahi hota bas tumhe toh moka chahiye mujhse ladne ka.
Anika opens her mouth wide and placing her hand on her waist glares Shivaay: Aapka matlab ke mai ladai karti hun.
(You mean I like to fight.)
Shivaay chuckles: Ladai toh bohaat chota shabd hai tum toh jaang ladti ho.
(Fighting is a very small word you fight a war, dear.)
Anika’s anger crosses it’s limits and so does Shivika’s both get angry one on her husband while other on her brother. Anika picks up a jar of water while Shivika takes sauce and both do the pleasure of throwing it on the other ones making everyone cup their face who were till now only silent spectators watching Sr. Billu & billi and Jr. Billu & billi doing their cat fight.
Shivaay & Shiviaansh: What the wuck?
Both the girls flung their hair backward and pass a victorious look with smirk.
Shivaay: You are impossible, Anika.
Shiviaansh: So are you, Shivika.
Both look at each other as they said the dialogue at the same time.
Shiviaansh: Buddy, where did you get this daughter of yours from.
Shivaay: I too can ask that. Where did you get this mother of yours fro, buddy?
Both then turn towards girls: You are impossible.
Anika and Shivika: Koi shak / Any doubts.
Both the men hiss is irritation and leave to freshen up. All burst out laughing after the Sr. & Jr. Left.
Gauri: Ary waah! Bhaujai aap toh ek Dum taka tak ho.
(WOW, Bhaujai you are amazing.)
Anika being confused: Bhaujai???? Taka tak??? What’s that Gauri.
Gauri: Ary Bhabhi is called Bhaujai in Bareilly and taka tak means A1.
Anika doing hi-fi with Gauri: Vo toh hum hai.
(That’s me.)
Swayam placing his hand on Gauri’s shoulder friendly says teasingly: Not fear Gauri, you took my Bhabhi from me on first meet only.
Anika chuckles.
Rudra excitedly hugs Gauri: Hello! Hone waali Bhabhi.
(Hello! To be Bhabhi.)
Ishaana being confused: To be Bhabhi? Why?
Rudra: Swayam, you didn’t introduce our to be Bhabhi to us. Not fair bro, you made a girlfriend and you are hiding from the family.
Shivika intriguingly: Girlfriend??? What’s that?
Swayam hits Rudra’s head for doing the stupidity in front of kids.
Rudra gives a cool dude look as all shoot daggers at him.
Rudra: Ary Shivu…. It’s like you and me. I love you (Shivu nods) you love me (Shivika snaking her hands around his neck kisses his cheeks) So we are girlfriend and boyfriend.
He winks at her caring her hair and Shivika being excited hugs him.
Shivika: You are my best bf.
Rudra hugging her tightly: And you are my best gf.
Shivaay: Not bad. Lagta hai koi bada ho Gaya hai.
(Seems like someone has grown up.)
Rudra stands and cribs: Bhaiya….
ShivKaraYa nod in disbelief and say in unison: Koi kabhi bada nahi ho sakta.
(Someone can never grow.)
Rudra passes a sheepish smile and hugs ShivKara and pulls Swayam in: O Bro hug.
Shivika dramatically hugs Shiviaansh: O Twin hug.
Shiviaansh chuckles seeing his sisters Nautanki and slaps her head while she bits her tongue and winks at him cutely, her favourite way to pacify her annoyed brother.
Ishaana pulls Om towards herself: Girlfriend…. Ye Gauri Swayam ki girlfriend kab bani.
Om: Mujhe kya pata mai Swayam ka bodyguard thodi na hun.
Ishaana slaps him lightly according to her: Tujhe pata kya hota hai.
(What the hell do you know?)
Om makes an innocent face as Ishaana pulls him towards the table after a short introduction of Gauri with the family.

After breakfast all leave towards their rooms and Gauri stays with Swayam to spend some time.
Gauri: Sway!
Swayam: Yup!
Gauri: Shall I ask something.
Swayam nods while looking at the grass.
Gauri: Do you like Ishu?
Swayam looks at her shocked: How do you know?
Gauri chuckles: Hit and trial.
Swayam’s frowns making Gauri laugh even more.
Swayam: Seriously Gauri, it’s not funny.
Gauri controlling herself speaks: Oh come on I just saw you ogling at her while breakfast and that so amazing irritated look on your face when Rudra called me your GIRLFRIEND (she emphasises).
Swayam looks at her hopelessly making her laugh again: You are too much.
Gauri: Oh! Come on if you like her then tell her.
Swayam: Yaar I am scared.
Gauri: Umm…. Tell me since when do you love her and why? I mean Swayam Singh Oberoi…. Being an Oberoi you would get so many girls then why only Ishu?
Swayam: That…. That’s the point she doesn’t gives a damn about me being an Oberoi. She doesn’t follows like other bimbo type girls.
Gauri: Umm…. If that’s the reason, then why not me?
She says raising her eyebrows with a smirk.
Swayam looks at her in disbelief: Dude tujhse na sister type feeling hain.
Gauri: Waah! Raakhi bandh wale fir.
Swayam: Itna serious bhi nahi hun mai yaar.
Gauri chuckles and pulls his cheeks: Par cute bohaat hai.
Swayam rubs his cheeks being annoyed.
Gauri: Know I get it.
Swayam being confused: What?
Gauri: That from where Shiv got that irritated face from.
Swayam questions through hands “from where”.
Gauri points at him and he glares her.
Swayam: Stop it haan.
Gauri: No seriously Shiv and you look same while shooing off someone who pulls your cheeks.
Swayam: Fine…. Fine…. Now tell me a way to know about Ishu’s feelings.
Gauri: Mai kun?
(Why me?)
Swayam: Dosti hum nahi todenga…. Tera saath nahi chodenga…..
Gauri covers her ears: Than god you don’t like me.
Swayam stops his crying session: Why?
Gauri: Because I can’t handle such an anti melodious human. Urgh….
Swayam: Okay…. I will stop singing if you tell me two things.
Gauri folding her hands in front of him: Ask whatever you want to but dear you sing.
Swayam: No. 1…. Do you like Om?
Gauri’s eyes become wide while Swayam smirks.
Gauri: Wh…. What…. Are…. Yo…. You sa…sa….say….saying. You are mad.
Swayam chuckles: Then why are you stammering.
Gauri: I…. N…No…. Stamm…. Stammering…
She huffs by the end in disappointment.
Swayam: Fine then I am singing….
Gauri closes his mouth and glares him: No…. I will tell.
Swayam passes a cheeky smile.
Gauri: Fine…. Yes I like your brother.
Swayam: Only like….
Gauri looks pleadingly at him while he sees her sceptically.
Gauri: Yes…. Your brother is my first and only crush.
Swayam interestedly: Why?
Gauri glares him and then nods in disbelief: He is so different, so calm, so generous, down to earth, helpful, sweet, cute…. (she looks at Swayam who is busy passing a teasing look, she spats his shoulder) and has melodious voice not like you phata hua dhol.
Swayam: Oh!!! Ho!!! Gauri Maya ki Omkara puraan.
Gauri blushes and hits him playfully.
Gauri: Fine second thing.
She says in order to get rod of the topic.
Swayam: Fine… Fine…. I want you to find out about Ishaana’s feelings for me.
Gauri glares him.
Swayam: Or I will sing….
Gauri: NNNOOO…. Far is Ishu I will get you married to her I promise but don’t you dear sing.
Swayam smiles and hugs her: You are so nice Gauri.
Gauri sniffs dramatically: Hye! Shankar ji kahan phasa diya hai apne.
Swayam: And find it out soon as I will be leaving with in three weeks.
Gauri: Oh hello! Railgaadi time lagta hai aisi chizon ko.
(Oh hello! Mr. Bullet train such things take time.)
Swayam: Ary, chill only I am leaving Ishu and you will be here only.
Gauri nods.
Ishaana who was seeing all this with Om from terrace assumes them to be in relationship and hugging Om cries dramatically, who pacifies her being irritated.
All O Bahu’s…. Such a drama queen… I tell you! ???….

All the O young couple were arranging the dinner, as they wanted to have moonlight dinner, while kids were playing around them. Ariana comes running and hugs Shivaay’s legs.
Shivaay looks down at her and gets worried seeing her teary eyed.
Shivaay: Kya hua Aru?
(What happened Aru?)
Ariana sniffs, Shivaay turns to look at Shiviaansh and Shivika who came running following Ariana.
Shivika while huffing: Papa…. Aru got hurt. Her finger got cut by a thorn.
Anika sits down and lovingly pulls Ariana towards herself: Show me Aru, where did you get cut.
Ariana sobs and hugs Shivaay without saying a word.
Shiviaansh: It’s on her second finger, right hand.
Shivaay nods and picks up Ariana he wipes her tears: Ary… Aru you are toh really strong na. You had hit the bad ghost too.
Swayam: Bad ghost?
Ariana nods.
Swayam trying to distract her: Who is that Aru?
Ariana while sobbing starts to narrate the previous night story about how she learnt to make the ghost flee as per told by Anika. All smile listening her and Anika tends to her wound.
Rudra: Ary Aru, next time you see a ghost na show him my photo he will run away.
Saumya: Ya… Ya he will run to meet his sibling after all.
Rudra teasingly: Why will he come to you Sumo?
Saumya glares him while rest chuckle.
Ariana notices her finger and pokes Shivaay, who asks what happened by raising his eyebrows.
Ariana: Pain…
Shivaay takes her hand and kisses it while Anika kisses her forehead.
Anika don’t worry Aru this will be fine soon.
Ariana nods in no as few more drops of tears make a way via her eyes.

Om pats her back and makes her stand on the ground while he sings for the little angel:
Itti si haseen itti si khushi
Itta sa tukda chand ka (he points towards sky and Aru looks up and smiles seeing her favourite Chanda.)
He then plucks grass and weaves them together while singing:

Khwaabon ke tinkon se
Chal banayeinn aashiyan

Shiviaansh while singing comes towards her with Shivika and both are crawling:
Dabe-dabe paaon se
Aaye haule haule zindagi

Ishaana turns Ariana towards her self and showing like sealing her lips sings enthusiastically:

Hothon pe taali chadake,
hum taale lagake
Chal gumsum taraane chupke-chupke gaayen

Swayam carries Ariana in his arms and swing her, while Om sings knowing about his brothers terrible voice and pats Swayam’s shoulder:
Aadhi aadhi baatlen aa dil ki yeh zameen
Thoda tera sa hoga, thoda mera bhi hoga
Apna ye aashiyan

Shivaay and Anika sit kneeling beside Shivika and Shiviaansh and kiss the duo affectionately as Shivaay sings:

Itti si haseen itti si khushi
Itta sa tukda chand ka
Khwaabon ke tinkon se
Chal banayeinn aashiyan
Chal banayeinn aashiyan

Rudra shows four walls with his hands and sings:
Na ho chaar deewarein,
Phir bhi zarukhi khuli

Saumya points towards the clouds in the sky who are taking over the sky and sings:
Baadlon ke ho parde,
Sakhi hari pankh chalen

Gauri rounds her hand around Shivika and Shiviaansh and sings while rounding with them:
Naa ho koi takraaren,
Are masti khaake chalen
Pyar ke sikkon se mahine ka kharcha chale

All the Oberoi elders come and sing as the youngsters twirl and kids hug dadi:
Dabe-dabe paaon se
Aaye haule haule zindagi
Hothon pe taali chadake, hum taale lagake
Chal gumsum taraane chupke-chupke gaayen

All make a big circle and swinging while placing their hands on each others back sing:
Aadhi aadhi baatlen aa dil ki yeh zameen
Thoda tera sa hoga, thoda mera bhi hoga
Apna ye aashiyan
Itti si haseen itti si khushi
Itta sa tukda chand ka
Khwaabon ke tinkon se
Chal banayeinn aashiyan
Chal banayeinn aashiyan

That’s it for the day guys. Now please tell me what you peeps want me to write further as I am not getting anything so suggest!
Or I will show few wedding sequences and then the end ?…


Stay blessed
Keep smiling
For now signing off

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