Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Simran
Happy birthday to you ???
This episode is specifically dedicated to Kiya aka Simran enjoyy your bday babes …..
Enjoyyyy …
Episode 84 …
The Episode starts with twinj returning back home after enjoying whole day kunj went to change while twinkle was sitting on bed after changing …when she sees her phone ringing she smiled as she picked up the call …

T : hello devarani g kaisi ho ????? …
Ma : haha jethani g I am fit and fine what about you Haan …
T : I am fine too ?

Ma : well congratulations Bhabhi ??
T : so you toh got to know about it ..
Ma : Haan yuvi told me just now so I called you to congratulate …

T : ahem ahem seems yuvi wants you to become Chachi soon …
Ma : twinkle Tu bhi nah …

T : oyeee give respect ??I am your jethani okay …
Ma : chal Bey ???you are bff before anything else samjhiiii
T : Haan Haan ????

Ma : well where is kunj Bhai I have to congratulate him too …
T : here he is twinkle said putting the call on speaker as soon as kunj sat behind her …

Ma : happy birthday kunj Bhai and congratulations too to be papa …
K : awe thank you sooo much to be Chachi ???

T : wait wait let’s connect Chachu too on call what say …
K : Haan superb idea …

Twinkle add yuvi on conference he was busy checking the files didn’t notice that was conference call …
Y : Haan chudail bol

T : abey oye ????mein chudail aur Tu Bandar ??
Y : but monkey is Bhai na ..
K : what did you say …
Y : Bhai you are too on call ??

Twinj : not just us but someone else too ..
Y : who still busy in checking files ..
T : my baby’s would be Chachi …

Yuvi coughs while twinj laugh and mahi blushed …he kept the files aside ..
T : you were toh too fast yuvi you told this to mahi too Haan ..

Y : Haan and you were double faster than me …. laughing
K : yuviiiii …
Y : what yuvi Bhai ???

K : let your time comes then I’ll show you beta yuvi ..
Y : Haan Haan we will see …they all continued talking then ended the call …
Few days later :::
Kunj has turned very much possesive towards Twinklee taking care of her every needs not letting her feel that she is away from family …he is taking instructions from usha and Bebe and was taking care of twinkle very much …as he didn’t wanted anything to go Wrong …twinkle mood swings got double ..she was very much blessed seeing kunj care towards her …

One fine morning as usual it was kunj who woke up early he smiled seeing twinkle them went to get freshen up ..after sometime he came out and sees his sleeping beauty still sleeping peacefully …

K : Hayee babajiii khud toh hai hi khumbkaran pata Nahi mere baby ko b wahi banakar chodegi …he went near bed and sat there …ohh miss sleeping queen plz wake up nah …

T : huhhuuh kunj you are na let me sleep na plzzz for some more time …
K : no no you sleep panda wake up ??????..

Twinkle opened her eyes and looked at him …
T : you again called me panda ?you sadu Sarna huhuh frustrated she went to washroom while kunj laughed ..

K : shitt man I love her sooo much ..my siyappa queen my panda ???he went downstairs in kitchen after sometime twinkle too came and prepared breakfast while kunj too helped her …they both had their breakfast and kunj went to get ready for office as from few days he was on leave taking care of twinkle ….
@ twinj room :::
Kunj has dressed up in his office attire which twinkle was sitting on bed with a cute pout ..
T : you are going to office today ..

K : hmm yeah I need to go we have to start project soon with Kiara ..
T : Kiara ??hmm okay I’ll be alone at home ..
K : arey twinkle …I have to go today it’s urgent ..

T : hmm I’ll go to shopping today ??
K : noways you are not going out …
T : but ..
K : I said no don’t you dare step out of house okay ..you need to be careful regarding your health …

T : hmm okay with pout kunj came and sat beside her …
K : see twinkle I don’t want anything to happen to you so plzz understand me and stay at home I’ll take you where you wants ..but don’t you go alone okay ..

T : hmm okay ..still miffed kunj hugged her and pecked on her cheek …
K : okay bye I am going ?he pecked her forehead take care ..

T : okay okay i will you go now bye ✋he left from there while twinkle went inside
@ k.s industries :::
Kunj reached office and met Adarsh and Aryan they both were waiting for him only as they had meeting with Kiara they trio went inside ..and their conference started …
On the other side :::
Twinkle was simply sitting in her room after cleaning house when she heard doorbell she opened to find swadheenta and ayush they hugged …

Sw : hey twinkle how are you ???
T : I am fine Yaar you say going somewhere ???
Sw : Haan yeah I thought to go for shopping let’s go na what say …

T : hmm nope Yaar I can’t come ..
Sw : kyu ??? You are fine nah
T : yes kunj ordered not to go out ..
Sw : hahaha ??ohh to yeh baat hai ..okay then I’ll go ? you can tell me if you needed anything ..

T : hmm yeah twinkle thought for a while well I’ll accompany you as I am getting bored only and kunj say not to go alone I am going with you na ?
Sw : Haan get ready ..they both went after sometime to mall …

They entered inside and shopped for the things and groceries they needed …from the other side some goons entered the mall …they shooted the bullet the crowd in the mall got panicked seeing sooo many goons twinkle swadheenta too was shocked to see them …they all gather around the public with guns in their hands …

Goon 1 : don’t you all dare to move from here ??call your nearest officer and ask him to leave our boss …until then the public will be kept captive here …

The receptionist was making the call to cop telling the demand of the goon …with in no time there was hustle bustle all around as the people were panicking …somehow swadheenta manages to message Adarsh …the goons sees her and held her ..

T : swadheentaaaaaa ayush started crying …
Sw : leave me leave ..
Goon : you are acting smart with us Haan he broke the phone ..

Next scene :::
Kunj Adarsh Kiara and Aryan was sitting in the conference room ..
Ki : so guys as we saw the presentations we will have the legal documentation next week then we can start our project ..
K : yep …they were talking when Adarsh sees the message …

Ad : what the hell …(panicked)
K : what happen Adarsh ..
Ad : swadheenta and twinkle went to shopping ..some goons entered there and they are trapped now ..

K : whatttt twinkle ?????? Swadheenta let’s leave …they both hurried there …
@ mall :::
One goon was having ayush in his hands while other one held swadheenta …and others twinkle was standing there …ayush was crying badlyy …
Goon : boss this boy is crying sooo much
Goon 2 : shoot him ..

T : whatttt ????
Sw : ayushhhhh crying ???
Twinkle ran towards the goon somehow she manages to take ayush from his hands while swadheenta pushed the other goon twinkle gave her ayush back but the goon held twinkle and kept her on gun point …

Kunj who just entered there got shocked seeing the scenario the cops too comes there from different side catching the goons …
Goon who was holding twinkle was not ready to leave her and surrender …

Cop : just leave her or else I’ll shoot you ..
Goon : no ways I’ll not leave her everyone stay back …or else I’ll kill her ..
K : Twinkleeeee …
Next scene (India)
@ taneja mansion ..
Misha Kabir Leela RT was sitting in the hall …while Misha was trying to make suhani asleep and abeer was insisting meher to have milk and fruits …

Kab : you know maa when I was taking care of Misha someone was telling me over possessive better half now see ..
Ab : huh hogaya first this meher is not listening to me upper se tuh …

Meh : abeer we just had food I don’t want this …
Ab : maa tell her na ..
L : no it’s your matter ..

Mis : hahaha yeah ?? even kunj condition would be like this …
Kab : yeah Sahi Kaha dont know that siyappa Queens tantrums ??..
L : I am missing her sooo much …
Kab : even we all ???
@ mall :::
A cop slowly tip toes towards the goon and kept gun from backside on his head he was shocked knowing his game finished the cop catched him while he pushed twinkle …she got hit by walk on her forehead kunj was shocked he ran towards twinkle before twinkle could fall he held her she went unconscious …
Kunj tapped her cheeks then lifted her in arms taking her hospital …
Screen freezes …
Huffff ….!!!! Finally completed …
So yess ? how was the Episode??
I wanted to give some action-emotinal track ????…
So enjoyyyy let’s see what happens next thanks to all who commented and liked on last one ..
I am sooner this time nah yeah for Kiya ? as I have to give her gift …
Bye ✋ will be back soon…

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  1. SidMin23

    Nice and I hope u won’t let twinj baby die

  2. Presha


  3. Hi san really it was a surprise thet u posted verry early and I was very happy I will like to have more surprises like this and the epiosde was so twisty plssssss post soon can’t wait to see loved it and love bye take care

  4. Kiya1234

    Thanks thanks thanks thanks raj.. remember ddlj now ???seeing your love ufffffffdddd…,
    Valentine day still have time ?????LoL ???????…. x best hai toh… raj..
    Simran become hell happy and blushing too ??????????????????..:: KYa episode Diya hai mere bday pe awesome men.., thriller ?????????..: loved jitaniji..!chachu???… Yuvi kunj money ?????… ufff Goan ????.: now toh twinkle gai yaar ?????..
    now see your kunj possessive looking forward man Sami… bichari twinkle want more drama please ????.:: again thanks make my day special you I’ll never event forgot this.,.
    Bye raj..
    Simran loves you..

  5. SSK

    Wow…just amazing…loved the action packed drama….lets c whats going to happen next…Plz post soon…will wait 🙂

  6. Vibhu

    Aahaaan … That’s a great Twist .. Amazingly written dear
    Post soon

  7. Amazing…..post soon…..na

  8. Baby

    wowoaaa ?
    osm ?
    loved it ☺
    all going action jackson ?
    love u ?

  9. awesome episode dii
    loved it…twinj yuhi scene was too cute
    but the last part was scary…hope baby and twinkle will be fine
    post soon can’t wait to read it

  10. Wow samy it was superb ????
    Kya drama the ???
    Ab twinkle bhut jyada dant khane wali h kunj se wese bhi kunj bhut possessive h or is drame ke bad toh or bhi jayega!??
    Luved it so much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????????????????
    Post next soon
    Luv u ????

  11. Ananya_DSK

    Oh my good God!! Sam! This must be my lucky day…. I got to read many of your articles today…. And each one was better than the other… Wow!! You’re really a super human!!!! The Mahi-Yuvi incident was so awesome! And Twinj are so adorable!!!! Kunj’s dialogue, “Shit I love her so much!” Damn!! That hit my heart at the right place…. So cute!! So this is what the big shock was about…. Oh my good God!!!! What is going to happen?? Please post quickly Sam!! Can’t hold in my anxiety anymore…. Absolutely loved it!!! And love you loads ????

  12. Twinj2000

    Super duper episode ???
    Loved it ❤️❤️
    Twinj at start ??
    Par te kya goons attack n all ??
    Hope twinkle is fine?
    Waiting ??

  13. Hawww yrrr ye kya ho gya
    Bas twinkle aur baby ko kuch na ho
    Superb fantastic mindblowing episode dear
    Post soon dear
    Luvvvv u

  14. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing superb
    Hope Twinkle will be fine.
    Love you

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