Do you think Woh Apna Sa lost its charm?

Zee’s Woh Apna Sa is one another show, which is managing to stay on air with a dragging plot. Though the show attempts to bring in dramatic twists, stagnancy is hitting the interest. The cat and mouse chase is still going on. Nisha and Jia are trying their best to outdo each other. Jia tries to scare Nisha by a life threatening situation. Nisha is a good player. She doesn’t let Jia succeed. Nisha really proves her wicked mind to Jia. She doesn’t threaten Jia, but shows a live demo to her. She attempts to kill Aditya/Arjun and his family.

Nisha is still playing her old evil self. She creates more problems for Arjun and Jia. Nisha plays a life and death game with Jia, by keeping a condition that if the latter fails, Aditya’s family will fall in risk. Jia tries to get help from Arjun. Arjun attempts to save himself and his family. Jia and Arjun give a tough competition to Nisha. They have lost their lives to Nisha in their last birth. Jia doesn’t want the history to repeat itself. Jia alerts Arjun. The lovers try to fail Nisha’s evil intentions. Its pretty obvious that the lovers won’t get killed by Nisha again. Do you think Woh Apna Sa lost its charm? Let us know your opinion.

  1. After the 20 years leap things have gone haywire. The show started fresh, but there was too many deaths. Nisha has crossed all limits and the story is so illogical

  2. Pranav

    Yes things have gone haywire after the 20 years leap. The story is logical and Nisha crossed all the limits. The leap ruined everything. Yeh Vaada Raha was a better show than this.

  3. Of course it’s charm is lost, more like it went down the sewer. Most illogical waste of time to watch. For me, this serial ended when Jhanvi and Adi died. I’ve never heard of the main characters dying off in any story and carbon copies took over through reincarnation and carried on like things just didn’t happen..and no matter how hard this actress playing Nisha tries, she can never radiate the potency like Riddhi Dogra did.. Riddhi fashioned Nisha’s character and no one can hold the psychotic charm as her…. PERIOD!!!

  4. As production house change recently writers also changed. Different roadmap. Will see. Stars cast is doing lots of hardwork. All the best.

  5. anay bangalore

    long back. you are too late to ask this question

  6. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Yes. I believed that if the writers were to portray nisha’s character a little differently and not soooo psychotic then viewers like myself who craved a better Nisha would have remained loyal to this Serial.

  7. leisa s morris

    Yes its utter one person can do and get away with such evil acts. Plus dis cat and mouse game is so uncalled for that i really tink these writers r pulling storylines outta their as–s. U all have spoilt a perfectly well executed plot where u actually had ppl rootin for nisha despite her ways to havin everyone just want her dead and d show over and done wit. Utter rubbish

  8. Chaaya

    It’s a circular plot and a neverending war of evil and no respite for the viewer. It’s not even subtle and all these serials are similar . . . neverending warped, sick and demented human beings. All the serials are based on some criminality. Sure terechas to be a clear story line with a definite protagonist and antagonist . . ? This is not Shakespeare so there’s no point if there is no clear end in sight.

  9. ChandaMaya

    Seems like the lowliest of human dignity and inhumane ways of belittling a human life and all that an ancient nation believed and believes in in its higher spiritual heritage and quest has been debates by the lowest form of scripts and writing. The dialogues cannot even be compared to anything even amateur. ? This vulgarity of base human soaps is tainted with the lust for cheap, modern and very westernized mimicry which is ultimately devoid of self respect and humanity. What is so-called entertainment jars the mind and affects one’s pyschology as a outright offence to a higher human mind. I don’t follow these soaps but I still see the episode previews and how much more degraded it becomes. Good luck!

    1. ChandaMaya

      There are many ways to write a story . . .The End!

  10. Same crap, different day.

  11. Barbaric storyline . . .going back to the dark ages. Totally disgusting! People should turn this nonsense off. Female abuse, senior abuse, killing, and totally appeals to the pyschotic mind. Agree with you all but why don’t people protest this crap? Is this what you all feed your minds on. A future nation of ruin and violence. I guess India is really in Kaliyuga . . . Lol!!!

  12. Chaaya

    Sick bunch of criminals in all the serials . . .criminal nation that’s allnthe serials. Incontinence know which one is the worst. All the writers copy other and when it’s about amnesia then all theSenses havecthe same theme and when it’s called pyscho woman, then all the serials carry the psychos. All the same ?????.

  13. Chaaya

    Typo is befitting, I meant consistent but incontinence is truly what allnthe serials are about . . .writers diarrhea!!! ?

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