Mannat ya Phir Mohabbat ~~~Part -10


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( hi everyone doesn’t look at me in angry plz I know you all are angry for late
Sorry it’s not my mistake the mistake belongs to my bestie champ actually our madness is on peaks so we celebrated our friendship anniversary in a thrilling way so I forgot about FF in thrill

************** its romantic plz read at ur own risk *************

ND champ this a sanskar sanskar is ur twin I hope u won’t call me kiddo again )


Sanskar pov

Ohhh noo! we are surrounded by 10 men’s

” pari’s bhai ” swara yelled in fear by holding my hand

So wt should we do now ” I asked her

But she gulped in fear

They are staring us like devils

I think they gonna hurt as
I seriously don’t know

” who are you ” Pari’s family roared in angry

” I I am. Pari’s friend” she answered

” wt’ s ur name nd who is ur father ” he questioned

” swara gulped by hearing father sentence”

My name is swa… Swamya

Wt she changed her name omg is she crazy
Not bad she know lying also

Who is ur father ” he questioned

” I won’t say plz
” then where is my Pari ” he yelled in angry

” bhai we are sorry but she can’t leave without Adarsh

” so you will decide our family matter” he yelled in angry

She gulped in fear
She held my hand
She is almost in tears
I am unable to see this
I wanna beat him black nd blue
How dare he to make my swara cry

His men moved towards us

I fisted my hand in angry

One person came forward nd tried to pull swara where is swara is hiding behind me

But the other man held swara they pushed her back she fallen on ground

Her right ankle is bleeding more

She is crying in pain
I really don’t know why it is hurting me more

I really don’t like anyone touching my property

I just twisted his hand ND rigged him on ground with full force
He is out

Everyone moved back in fear
But I don’t want to leave them
They need to be punished for hurting my swara

Before I beat one more man this swara stopped me again

” sanskar noo noo fights plz it’s our mistake so we need to bear it ” she yelled with tears

Hoo it means they will beat as we need to bear pain ”

Such great heart you have ” I yelled in distrust

” it’s only right sanskar plz no fight” she requested

” ok as u say I won’t hurt anyone until you say ” I accepted but I had my plan

I stood back by leaning on her car
On her fav car BMW z4

I know this Pari family are beasts they can’t be quit

As we are quite they took it as advantage
One of them came from back to hit me with a stick

I know swara will save me
Yes, she pulled away from car

So the men hit her car
Her BMW boyfriends eye got damaged

Wahhh it’s enough to make her angry

She widened her mouth in shock

After few seconds she realized that

” how dare ur to hurt my boyfriend” she yelled in angry

All men thought she is talking about sanskar

But before they clear confusion

Swara pulled a stick from one of the men all of sudden
ND she hit the men who broken her car front light

” ur died today how can u make my bf blind ” I gonna kill you ” she yelled while hitting him with her tiny hands

Sanskar is enjoying the scene but suddenly the goon dragged the stick from swara ND held her hand

” sanskar come on hit this stupid” she yelled by struggling

” are you sure ” sanskar questioned

” yeah super sure break his eye first ” she yelled in angry

Sanskar has broken all the bones of those men

Finally, all ran away

But swara had fallen on ground as her leg got hurt by a nail

Sanskar moved toward her

” are you ok come lefts go to hospital, ” he said with consent

” noo we will go for workshop I.e garage ” she replied

” wtt ” he yelled in shock

” plz see my boyfriend eye I want is to be set plz sanskar we will go to garage plz plz ” she crying like a kid

” shhh ok cool we will go but first hospital,” he said

” noo it’s just small wound we can do first aid in home ” she yelled

“ok let’s go but I will drive is it ok, ” he said

Swara thought for a while ND nodded a yes

The first time swara let someone drive her car ?

Sanskar drove to showroom they fixed the front light nd had dinner in roadside dhabba

Ngt 9.30

It started raining so they both got into car

Sanskar drove to home
No one in home all left to wedding

It’s raining heavily

Swara got down in winching in pain she is unable to take a step before she realize sanskar picked her in arms

” Wt the hell ur doing leave me ” I yelled in angry

” No baby no one in home so stay calm ” he yelled

” Noo drop me ” I yelled

‘ noo I won’t keep quiet nd open the door ” he roared

I grabbed the key from my pocket nd opened the door

” Gud girl ( he carried me to room nd placed me on my bed )”

“thanks now u can leave, ” I said him

“Are u sure:” he asked hesitantly

“Haa ( suddenly thunder sound made me scared ?

“Sa Sa sanskar u go I can handle ” he seen my fear on my face

” No I am scared of thunders so plz I will stay her until uncle return” he replied

” Wtt ur scared of thunderstorm stop joking” I yelled

“I am serious I am too scared yar” he yelled

“Achaa ok sit “I whispered


third person pov,

Sanskar saw blood on her ankle

” it is this you got hurt badly ” he yelled with consent

“It’s small injury leave it, Frndd,” she said

” Really ( he got first aid box ) wt the need to go back to Pari house for this stupid bracelet u can buy one morena ” he yelled in angry

” I can buy one more but I can’t get the one who gifted mee so its precious” i

” Who gave it ” he questioned

“My friend”

“u such a fool hang in stupid things” he roared

” Ho really I like to be stupid only “I replied

Sanskar got first aid box nd folded her jeans up to her ankles

Sanskar could witness her milky skin on her ankles with is bleeding

He touched her feet with his left hand which caused Goosebumps to her

He placed her feet on his lap nd cleaned the wound with cotton

Swara crushed bedsheet in pain while winces in pain

sanskar was just staring at her .while her hands were shivering she closed her eyes to take a deep breaths

Sanskar Unknowingly kissed her ankles which made swara shock she opened her eyes in shock

she could understand his growing desire
she pulled her leg back from sanskar lap

but sanskar is Sanskar he got down on his knee nd applied ointment on it

Sanskar placed the leg on bed ND moved close to her

Her heart beat raised out “sa..sanskar i wanna sleep if you go i will ” she yelled

“ok sure just one is balance the scratch on ur neck ” he huskily whispered with an eyelock

Sanskar applied ointment on her neck where there is small scratch on it

Swara just lost his touch he seen her expression where she closed her eyes ND clutching his shirt

there is pin drop silence except for the rain sound
Sanskar stared her lips with desire nd a smirk

he is turning on while seeing her
swara realized her position she left the grip on his shirt nd she flinched and looked at him and tries to get up

but before that sanskar pinned her on bed before she realize anything he captured her lips with his

Swara opened eyes in shock

She pushed him back to break it

But sanskar desire is stronger than anything he grabbed her by waist ND kissed her hungry without losing chance

Swara is struggling in his grip but all her trails are on veins
She couldn’t move an inch as he captured her bottom lips between his teeth’. She hit his chest with her tiny wrist and he let her do whatever she want till he is getting what he need’. She was keeping her lips firmly shut so that he can have the full access of her lips but he only chewed her lips,, looks like he is relishing her each nectar’. His one hand went to her nape that has deep cut neck’ and one hand was on her waist squeezing her flesh’ his tongue licked the honey sweetness’.

he just captured her lower lip while nipping it with his teeth and tongue,
his hands are driving crazily on her back
he has bitten her lower lip hard while its hard to her to breath also
she took out a gasp due to pain as she took out sanskar grab the oppurtinity and enter her mouth and started exploring her every corner’s of the mouth passioniately

Tears just skipped down her eyes in pain

he felt her tears on his cheeks but his desire is dominating him more

******to be continued ***************

i really died to write this part if u like plz do comment nd vote


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