School adventures (intro)

Ok friends I’m new here writing down my thoughts and here you have to judge them …… +ve & -ve both are welcomed ? but one condition …………… You should be ready to read them back
Just kidding I’m not that bad

Ok so now coming to the story

It is fully based on school life ( I’m sure you all have or are enjoying there school life and if not then no problem enjoy now imagining yourself in place of these characters ?)

So where I was …… Yup …… There will be only fun care love with lots of funny fights and obviously the most important friendship

no villans or -ve characters but yes some hot (jealous)bitter students ? depends on ………… Me and you also how you want ….
But surely no senti talks
Aur ha
Each and every main character will get equal importance ( telling before for my safety …. Dil pe mat le lena ? varna mai mummy se keh dungi)

So now coming to characters

The story takes place in DREAM INDIA SCHOOL (random name) where many students study but highlights are our minions ??(hero heroine)

11th class famous personalities

Sanskar uff sanky (age 18) – no need to describe personality everyone of you is aware of – so naughty(no double minded thinking ) person full of life but a bit short tempered good in studies and captain of basketball team but very bad in handling girls

Laksh ( lucky ) -age 18- funny caring and friendly in nature but but but not at all good in studies what he knows is only flirting and basketball
Best friend of sanskar

Samarth (Sam) -age 17- popular guy of school not only in students but also in teachers due to his hilarious pranks ( want to know what then read more parts ?)

Swara -age 17- happy go girl knows only to smile good with person who are good with her but ……… Worst in her pranks best friend of Samarth

Ragini -age 18- cute sweet innocent girl bought up like a princess never experienced pain in her life doesn’t get angry on someone very easily always happy no matter the situation

Ashi – age 17- cool type of girl with +ve attitude but a little bit arrogant and shot tempered

Sanskar & Samarth in same section maths stream

Swaragini in same section bio stream

Laksh & ashi in same section commerce stream

There will be more minions but will be introduced by time ( die hard fan of minions)

How they meet will all becomes friends or enemies ye to baad me hi pata chalega

Bext part depends on your comments ?

About pairs don’t ask they are still in school let them enjoy there life

Do you guys want it as ff or ss

See you soon till then Tata bye bye ?

Wait One more thing any suggestions or changes you want then you are free to tell I will be glad to add them

Now see you soon this time pakka wala

Nahi ek baar fir wait do you guys want prologue next or direct chapter 1 tell me please ? it will help me a lot to plan further story again please nahi toh ? mera

  1. Anurta

    The concept is really amazing
    I know u ‘ve already informed not to ask about pair but plz make it swasan raglak nd samarth nd ashi plz plz nd sry if I hurt u but I’m a die heart fan of swasan so I’m not able to control myself
    So plz fulfil my wish
    Post next part soon waiting eagerly for it
    The story plot is really amazing and awesome

    1. Minions

      Ary no need of sorry ….. And obviously pairs will be there …… About your suggestions you will get to no it in next part for sure

  2. Fairy

    Loved it…super amaznggggg!!!!keep rockng n stay blessed???????

    1. Minions

      Thank you dear ?

  3. Shibil

    Amazing … part so nice ….loved ur way of writing …..i am expecting more lovable and funny memories…. and too swasan jodi … do continuing ….
    waiting for next part…

    1. Minions

      Thank you dear …. Will hope to stand on your expectations and if not I am here only you can scold me right there ??

  4. Ragini hi q swara or ashi se badi h ye mko acha ni lga bw osmmmmm concpt lve it btt fir b raggg…..

    1. Minions

      Thank you…. And don’t worry about age you will like her character in coming parts

  5. Asra

    awesome dear….

    1. Minions

      Thank you dear

  6. A.xx

    nice post soon xx

  7. Kriya.n

    Your concept is very nice dishu ….. But ha I’m still angry on you don’t forget that ????

    1. Minions

      Ary yaar kitni baar mafi mangu maf kar de mujhe ? varna mai roo dungi sochle ????

  8. Avi009

    Dishu intro is nice and sorry for commenting late I didn’t knew you already posted it Kriya told me about it sorry again ?

    1. Minions

      You will always remain senti only …. Atleast you commented I thought ki th apni eklauti dost ko bul gai ?

  9. Nyc concept dear

  10. Interesting dear

  11. Ragsan or raglak!! Waiting for the next part

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