Kriyam- U r my strength (Episode 02)

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Episode 02
Yuvaan is getting ready to go to his office. Then yuvraaj enter into the room
Yuvaraaj: Yuvaan are going to come with me today becoz today is ur 1st day at the office?
Yuvaan: nahi papa…i will come in my car and I don’t want any special attention.but ha Today u take sayyam with u..he didn’t spend much time with u these days na..
Yuvraaj: yeah sure..come early to the office..
Then sayyam entered to the room
Yuvraaj:Sayyam today i’ll drop u to ur campus take ur bag & come down
Sayyam: but papa..(interrupted by yuvraaj)
Yuvraaj:no..No buts and ifs u have to come..Don’t u like to spend some time ur dad..& don’t u like to go to campus in ur dad’s car..(with a fake sad face) while hugging his father Sayyam: nahi…it’s not like that papa i’ll come with u.(Turning towards yuvaan)Good luck bro…i’m going… c u ltr..
Yuvaan; c u bro lv u..
Both sayyam & yuvraaj left the house. Both of them were talking while travelling..Yuvraaj stopped the car near campus gate.. Yuvraaj; Sayyam after lectures call driver & go home..Sayyam: aree papa don’t worry there is something called public transportation..I’ll go home by bus.. bye papa..sayyam walked inside the campus (this was watching by a old woman. She was hiding)

Sayyam greet his frnds..Gd mrng guys
Frnds: gd mrng dude..
Lucky: are sayyam today we don’t have lectuers Sayyam: what? Sanskar:(while hitting lucky) don’t lie yaar it’s not cancelled yaar. They have changed the time it’ll start at 1p.m
Sayyam: then let’s go to the student center
While going sayyam dashed with a girl
Girl: i’m soo sorry
Sayyam: can’t u keep ur eyes open when u walk. Girls like u wait to get a chance like this to trap rich boys huh..
Girl: but I said sorry na
Both lucky and sanky tried to stop him . and another girl was showing coming to there
Girl2 gd mrng Nandani.. kya huwa…
(all this while sayyam is observering Krishna with open mouth but suddenly he come to his sense)
Nandani: kuch nahi Krishna let’s go it’s a waste of time to speak to these type of ppl
Sayym:stupid girls Krishna:Tumne kya kaha… Sayyam: nothing just get lost..
Sayyam went away while his frnds murmurs a sorry to girls
Krishna: chalo nandani.. do u remember we r going to finalize our assignment today..
Nandani; ha Krishna mujhe yaad hai..

Girls went towards there lecture halls. Sayyam is sitting in a bench and thinking wht happen to him few mintues ago ..Sayyam(thinking) I hate these girls all are same they are after our money.. pir bi I wish god has created someone for me who can be a strength to me..
Dev: Sayyam just forget about ur past yaar. In Dear Zindagi movie SRK ne kaha Don’t let ur past blackmail ur future..(he told it in a filmy way) sayyam and his other frnds laughed for it.. after 3pm in the eveing (their lectures are finished now) sayyam went alone..he went passing a lecture hall but againg come back and peep from the window

Precap: what/ whom did he saw in the lecture hall..

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  1. Nice

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much… It means alot…

  2. So good ?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much sugarpop….glad u liked u like the concept do I need to change anything…is their any suggestions…

  3. Aarti32

    I thought he collided wid Krishna?? but it was Nandini..I think in precap also he saw Krishna..I hope dis time it’s Krishna only??

    1. Shaani

      Haha…yeah I thought that readers will think like that…let’s see whom is saw…i’ll post next part soon…i promised u that i’lll post two parts na…i’m almost done with the next part..i’ll upload it soon after I finish it btw is it interesting… Or do I need to make any changers…give ur opinions..thanks for reading this Aarti32

      1. Aarti32

        It’s vry interesting..Don’t worry..
        N u can call me Aaru, coz Aarti32 is bit long..

      2. Shaani

        Ok Aaru…I have sent the next part…3rd episode’ll be uploaded soon….

  4. For a moment I thought that krishna collided into saiyyam..but it turned out to be nandini….Plz upload the next epi ….. .
    .waiting for it byw the ff was nyc 🙂

  5. For a moment I thought that krishna collided into saiyyam..but it turned out to be nandini….Plz upload the next epi ….. .
    .waiting for it btw the ff was nyc 🙂

    1. Shaani

      Heheiim..just wanted to do something different..glad u liked it…

  6. Sayyam??always shown so rude??in every ff??but this attitude of his is the main cause why I loved him??and good one?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much..yes I also wanted to see his this side..thats why I thought to write this..thankx for likeing it…i’ll update another part soon….

  7. Santhiyalathamanian

    Sorry for late comments good yaar…?

    1. Shaani

      No need to say sorry yaar…glad u like it…

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